COMME UNE PIERRE QUI... a play inpired by Greil Marcus's Book, Dylan At The Crossroad

Press kit for the French play 'Comme Une Pierre Qui...' by Marie Rémond et Sébastien Pouderoux, with the Comédie Française company. Inspired by Greil Marcus's book 'Like A Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan At The Crossroads', the play is about the Like A Rolling Stone sessions: we are in the studio with Dylan and the musicians! Paris, Studio-Théâtre de la Comédie Française, 15 Sep-25 Oct 2015.  [0915]

This 30 pages booklet was given to every spectator entering into the theater; it presents the play and includes the lyrics of Like A Rolling Stone and its French translation, with some extracts of Marcus' book and of Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie, that the actor who plays Bob Dylan recited in its integrity in its English version, at the same speed that Bob Dylan read it at the 1963 Town Hall concert!...  [1015]