Thanks to Xavier Cunillera for the idea of this page and for the scans of the official items.

Two kind of stamps are shown below: the official stamps made by national Post Office of various countries, and the fantasy items (some call them 'illegal'), just made by anyone from a nice photo, that cannot be used for mailing letters -but more likely to make money on eBay-.



Gambia: 'Rock & Roll Legends, Bob Dylan' [0412]

Guine Bissau: 'Homens Famosos e Suas Motos' (Famous men and their motos). [0215]

 Guine Bissau 2016 'Os Laureados do Premio Nobel' [0317]

Grenada, 1992: 'Grammy Awards' [1212]

Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, 2001: 'Bob Dylan' [0412]

République Centrafricaine: 'Les Lauréats du Prix Nobel', 2016. [0217]

République Démocratique du Congo, 2001: 'Celebrities' [0412]

 République Démocratique du Congo, 2001: 'Personalities Of 20th Century' [0412]

 République de Djibouti, 2011: 'Les Plus Grands Musiciens Américains du XXème siècle' [0412]

 Republic of Kalmykia, 1999 [0412] (below: First Day Issue)

Illustrated enveloppe

 Madagascar 1st Day Cover 2016 [0317]

 Madagascar 1st Day Cover 2016 [0317]

Madagascar 2016 [0317]

Madagascar 2016 [0317]

 Maldives Islands, 2016 1st Day cover [0317]

 Maldives Islands, 2016 1st Day cover [0317]

 Maldives Islands 2016 [0317]

Maldives Islands 2016 [0317]

 République du Mali Prix Nobel 2016 [0317]

 République du Mali Prix Nobel 2016 [0317]

Union of Myanmar, 2001: 'Portraits of Musicians' [0113]

République du Niger 'Les Motos'. Bob Dylan is on the stamp with his 1964 Triumph Tiger 100 [1213

  République du Niger 'Les Motos'. First Day Cover.

 République du Niger 'Prix Nobel 2016' [0317]

République Togolaise, 2011: 'Les Rock Stars Américaines, 70e Anniversaire de Bob Dylan' [0412]

 République Togolaise, 2016 [0317]

 République Togolaise, 2016 [0317]

Republic of  Touva, 1995: 'Grateful Dead' [0813]

Republic of  Touva, 2000 [0412]

 Rwanda, 2009: 'A History Of Modern Music' [0412]

 Sierra Leone 2016 [0317]

Tanzania, 1995: 'The Story Of Rock'n Roll' [0412]

Tatarstan Republic, 2001: 'People Of The Year' [0412]

Udmurtia Republic, 2001: 'Legendary Bands' [0412]

Uman-Ukraine: '100 Famous Jews', no info [1015]

Solomon Islands 2016, Nobel Prize [0217]

 Somali Republic, 2002 [0816]

 USA: The United States Postal Service announced in September 2011 that they intended to honour some living people on stamps: Bob Dylan was one of them. The project seems to have later been cancelled. See [1015] 




The stamps below are fantasy items, not national official stamps; they cannot be used to send letters, but are quite nice and collectible. They can be found on the Internet. [0412]

USA [0813]




 On illustrated enveloppe