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Painting & Ironworks

2007- 08 Drawn Blank Series, Chemnitz
2008 Drawn Blank Series, UK
2009 Drawn Blank Series, UK

2010 Drawn Blank Series, UK

2010 The Brazil Series, Copenhagen
2010 The Brazil Series, London
2010 Bob Dylan On Canvas, UK
2011 Drawn Blank Series, UK
2011 The Asia Series, NYC
2012 Drawn Blank Series, UK
2012-2013 Revisionist Art, NYC
2013 Revisionist Art, London
2013 Side Tracks, UK
2013 Drawn Blank Series, UK
2013 Face Value, London
2014 Drawn Blank Series, UK
2014 Revisionist Art, UK
2014 Mood Swings, UK
2016 Face Value, Chemnitz
2016 The Beaten Path, UK



2004 Keep Your Eyes Wide, SNAP, UK

2005 Bob Dylan Unscripted, USA

2006 Bob Dylan par Jerry Schatzberg, Paris

2006-2007 American Journey, NYC
2007 American Journey, Minneapolis
2008 American Journey, Los Angeles

2008 Real Moments, SNAP, UK

2011 There Is No Eye, Paris

2012 L' Explosion Rock 1961-1966, Paris

2012 Blood In My Eyes, London

2012 Nothing Is Revealed, NYC
2012-2013, Daniel Kramer Photographs of Bob Dylan, London
2016 Homage To Bob, by Jon Wealleans


 One-Day Events

1979-1996 The Bob Dylan Conventions

1983 Fidèles à Bob Dylan, Paris

1991 Hard Times In New York Town

2002 Grammy Awards, USA

2005 Colloque Université de Caen, France

2005 Talking Bob Dylan Blues tribute, UK

2006 Internationaler Bob Dylan-Kongress, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2015 MusiCares Person Of The Year
2016 The Great American Songbook



1967 Don't Look Back

1972 The Concert For Bangladesh

1973 Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid

1978 Renaldo & Clara

1978 The Last Waltz

1987 Hearts Of Fire

2003 Masked And Anonymous

2005 No Direction Home

2007 I'm Not There


Flyers & Promos

1965 Columbia press kit

1983 Infidels promos, France

1992 Great Time Guide, Auckland, N-Z

1985 'We Are The World', Japan

1988 Calgary Tonite, Canada

1997 Time Out Of Mind French press kit

1998 Bob Dylan 1966, FNAC, France

2005 Chronicle Volume One paperback publicity pack, UK

2010 Bob Dylan On Film, Japan

Japanese flyers & leaflets for LPs & CDs

Japanese flyers & leaflets for DVDs & films


Sales Catalogues

Discussions, USA

Genesis Publications, UK

Glitterhouse, Germany

Helter Skelter, UK
Hobo, Germany

Icon Collectibles, USA

My Back Pages, UK
Official Merchandising
Rolling Tomes, USA

Tower Records

Wax Vinyl Records, UK


Comme Une Pierre Qui..., France, 2015

Dylan: Words & Music

Engel für Dylan, Germany



Artrock, USA

Bob Dylan Photo Sleeve, 1965, UK

Bob Dylan Tree (Eye poster), 1967


Box Of Vision, USA

1979, Holland
1994, Q Rock'n Roll, UK
2004, USA
2010, HMV, UK
2012, UK
2009-2011, 'Remembered', UK
        2013 Calendars
        2017 Ganymede's Calendars

Catherine Jackson's designs

Greetings Card

Jigsaw Puzzles

Duluth Directories 1944 & 1955
Hibbing Directories
Hibbing High School Yearbooks
Hibbing Telephone Books

No Direction Home artwork proofs


Phone Cards

Playing Cards

Rolling Stone 1969 reprint


Street Legal legal file of lyrics
Tablecloth & Menu

Tour Itineraries

Trading Cards

Trevor Wright's lithos, USA

Twelve Tribes booklets

Wikipedia "books"



A5 sized spiral-bound tour itineraries, printed in the USA; they include tour dates, venue information, hotel and travel arrangements for both band and crew, and more. Card cover and clear plastic protective sheets front and back. Most of the time, Bob required his name not to be printed on the cover in order to protect his security. Information from http://eil.com  [0409]


The “True Confessions Tour” itinerary includes performances from June 8 to July 6, 1986, when Bob Dylan and Tom Petty appeared in San Diego, Costa Mesa, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, and more: 30 cities in all. 49 pages, A5 [1211]

Cesar Diaz Personal Bob Dylan Itinerary from the 92 Australia New Zealand Tour. Cesar has his own hand written lyrics in the book. [1212]

1987 European Tour [0816]



DiFranco Tour Itinerary, A5, includes tour dates, venues, hotel & travel arrangements plus amusing cartoons, annotated in places with the pages originally folded by a bored member of the production office. [1111]

26 pages



70 pages        part2 [1111]

35 pages

65 pages

38 pages

 Japan / Australia 2001 Rare original 48-page A5 sized spiral-bound tour itinerary book for the 23rd February - 1st April Japan & Australia 2001 tour. Iincludes, tour dates, venue information, hotel & travel arrangements for both band& crew and more, complete with the original front cover and front & back clear protective cover. This copy comes with a set of 4 genuine unused and unissued Tour Passes and a Japanese promotional only sticker sheet from the Japanese 'Best Of Volume 2' release, plus a truly remarkable band-member hand written running commentary about the tour, including injuries, earth quakes, good shows, bad shows, Bob's opinions, comments and chord changes as well as the politics behind Bob's Oscar win for best song at the Academy awards that year! [1111]

US 2004; This 45 page book includes: tour dates from Oct. 13 thru Nov. 21, 2004, venues in WI, IN, OH, PA, MI, NY, RI, NH, MA, IL, IA, MO, KS, CO, and CA., contact info for management, accountants, travel agencies, sound, trucking/lights, transportation (buses), freight, & catering (it does NOT contain band contact info for obvious reasons). Each venue (1 per page) contains before/after show travel info, hotel(s) info, venue info, promoter info, & key times (ex: soundcheck, band onstage times, etc.). Gig days are on white paper and days off are on gray paper. Booklet measures approx. 6" x 8 1/2" [0113]

51 pages [0113]