In Catalan (Catalan is spoken in the North East of Spain):

BOB DYLAN, by David Castillo, Edicions 62, Barcelona 1993, softcover, 156 pages

   same, Edition 62, Barcelona 2016, with and without obi; 'Premi Nobel de Literatura' printed on the cover. Paperback, 251 pages. ISBN 978-84-297-7567-9. [0217]

BUSCANT EN BOB, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Editorial Barcanova 2003, Barcelona, 2003, Softcover 245 pages [1107]

CRÒNIQUES, VOLUM 1, by Bob Dylan, Catalan translation by Toni Cardona, Global Rhythm Press 2005, Barcelona. Hardcover with dustjacket, 300 pages ISBN 10: 8493421340 ISBN 13: 9788493421342

CRÒNIQUES 1 by Bob Dylan, 288 pages, Malpaso Ediciones, ISBN: 9788416665709. [0217]

JOVE PER SEMPRE, Forever Young lyrics by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Paul Rogers (Catalan and English edition), Blume 2009, hardcover, unnumbered pages. [0410]

 WHEN BOB MEETS EMINEN OR... BOB DYLAN'S 115th DREAM WITH A NIP OF GIN(É), by Jep Gouzy, Trabucaire 2005, Canet de Rosselló.