RAGING GLORY, by Dennis R. Liff, USA, 120 pages

RAIN UNRAVELLED TALES, no author's name (Clinton Heylin?), no publication year, 44 pages, UK.


same, Ashes & Sand 1985, 90 + 24 pages: Even More Unravelled Tales.

RAZOR'S EDGE: BOB DYLAN & THE NEVER ENDING TOUR, by Andrew Muir, Helter Skelter 2001, 224 pages. Hardcover and paperback have the same cover.

same, pre-publication cover

REAL MOMENTS, BOB DYLAN BY BARRY FEINSTEIN, Foreword by Bob Neuwirth , Vision On, Omnibus Press 2008, 158 pages, Hardback [0808]

same, Vision On, Omnibus Press 2009, 158 pages, Softback [0512]

book          slipcase

  same, DeLuxe green edition  Genesis Publications 2009. Two different editions, (red or green leather cover), both with gold page edging, cloth-covered slipcase; comes with a 10" x 8" print of Dylan receiving a rose as he exits a 1974 stage. The first 250 copies are numbered, and signed by Barry Feinstein. [0312]

same, DeLuxe red edition, Genesis Publications 2009. [0110]

RECORD SURVEY, by Rob van Estrik, a Dependent Archives Publication 1980, 36 pages [0606]

RECORDED DYLAN, A CRITICAL REVIEW AND DISCOGRAPHY, by James E. Dorman, Soma Press Of California 1982, 124 pages

 same, poor photo from eBay, but seems to be an alternate cover [0813]

 RECORDING SESSIONS 1960-1994 (The), by Clinton Heylin, Saint Martin's Press 1995, NY, hardback, 233 pages

RED ROSE AND THE BRIAR (The), A COMMENTARY ON BOB DYLAN’S FILM “RENALDO & CLARA” by Stewart P. Bicker, 1984, 118 pages  

 REFRACTIONS OF BOB DYLAN: CULTURAL APPROPRIATIONS OF AN AMERICAN IDOL, by Eugen Banauch, Manchester University Press, July 2015, 262 pages, hardcover and paperback have the same cover. [0215]

same, pre-publication cover 

RESTLESS PILGRIM, THE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY OF BOB DYLAN, by Scott M.Marshall with Marcia Ford, Relevant Books 2002, 190 pages

 RE-TRANSMISSIONS 2005 'enhanced CD and book set': 12 audio tracks and 2 video tracks; 72 pages booklet (analysis of Dylan 60's albums) [0410]  

RETROSPECTIVE (A), by Craig McGregor, Morrow Paperback, NY 1972, 408 pages

same, Angus & Robertson, Sydney 1973

same, Picador, London 1975, UK, 281 pages

 same, Picador paperback, publisher’s proof, 1975, 280 pages, single-sided, no index pages. [1114]

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REVOLUTION IN THE AIR, THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN 1957-1973, by Clinton Heylin,  Chicago Review Press (April 2012), 496 pages, paperback [0113]

*RHYTHM, RIOTS & REVOLUTION: THE COMMUNIST MUSIC MASTER PLAN, by Rev. David A. Noebel, Tulsa, Christian Crusade Publications 1966 (The only connection with Dylan (?) is the cover)

RIGHTWING BOB, WHAT THE LIBERAL MEDIA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT BOB DYLAN, by A. J. Weberman, Booksurge, USA 2009, 666 pages, softcover [1210]

 ROAD UNWINDS (THE), BOB DYLAN'S 1990 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Wanted Man 1996, 62 pages  

ROAM THIS OLD HIGHWAY, BOB DYLAN'S 2014 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Two Riders Production 2015, 64 pages  [0615]

 *ROCK DREAMS, by Guy Peellaert (illustrations) & Nik Cohn, Popular Library, 1973. [0512]

same, Pan Books Ltd 1974, London, 1974. First UK Edition

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same, Macmillan, 1976. Paperback [0512]

same, Random House Trade 1982. Paperback [0512]

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same, Macmillan, 1982. Paperback [0512]

same, Alfred a Knopf, 1982. Paperback [0512]

*ROCK DREAMS Taschen 2003, large format paperback with text in English, German and French. 230 pages.[0512]

same, Taschen America, LLC, 2004. Soft cover [0512]

ROLL ON...., BOB DYLAN'S 2013 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Two Riders Production 2014, 64 pages. [1014]

 ROLLING DOWN THE ROAD, BOB DYLAN'S 1996 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Wanted Man 1997, 54 pages

*ROLLING STONE INTERVIEWS Vol. 1 (The), includes Bob Dylan interview by Jann Wenner, June 1969.Warner Paperback Library 1971, 465 pages.

 *ROLLING STONE INTERVIEWS Vol. 2 (The), includes Bob Dylan interview by Ben Fong-Torres, Dec 1967 and Jan 1968. Warner Paperback Library 1973, 430 pages.

ROLLING THUNDER LOGBOOK, by Sam Shepard,Viking Press 1977, NY, 184 pages

same, Penguins Books 1978, 184 pages )

same, Limelight Editions 1987, 184 pages

 same, Da Capo 2004, with new preface by Sam Shepard & new postface by T-Bone Burnett, paperback, 2004.178 pages. ISBN-10: 0306813718 ISBN-13: 978-0306813719 [0217] [0210]

This is probably a pre publication cover.[0217]

 same, publisher’s proof [0210]

 ROLLING THUNDER: PHOTOGRAPHS BY KEN REGAN, Snap Galleries 30 Oct 2015. Limited edition to 750 examples worldwide, 96 pages, hardcover in protective printed slipcase. "Ultra large format" (24"x18", 60x45cm). Ultra large price too, even increasing after 31 May 2015. [0415]

 *ROMANCING THE FOLK, PUBLIC MEMORY & AMERICAN ROOTS MUSIC, by Benjamin Filene, The University of North Carolina Press 2000, 400 pages [0712]

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