TAKE TO THE ROAD, BOB DYLAN'S 1997 CONCERTS , by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith, Two Riders production 1998, 58 pages

TALKIN' BOB DYLAN 1978, Pink Elephant Production


TALKIN' BOB DYLAN 1984 & 1985, (SOME EDUCATED RAP), by Stewart P.Bicker, 1986 66 pages

TANGLED, A RECORDING HISTORY OF BOB DYLAN, by Glen Dundas, 2004, 470 pages.


TANGLED UP IN TAPES, A RECORDING HISTORY OF BOB DYLAN, by Glen Dundas, SMA Services, Thunder Bay 1999, 334 pages

TANGLED UP IN TAPES REVISITED, by Glen Dundas, SMA Services 1990, 278 pages

TANGLED UP IN TAPES, THERECORDINGS OF BOB DYLAN, by Glen Dundas, SMA Services 1994, Canada, 366 pages, hardback 

 TANGLED UP IN THE BIBLE, BOB DYLAN AND SCRIPTURE, by Michael J. Gilmour, Continuum Pub Group 2004

 TANGLED UP IN TUNES, BALLAD OF A DYLANHEAD, by Howard F. Weiner, Pencil Hill Publishing, 268 pages, paperback [0112]


Tarantula is an experimental prose poetry collection by Bob Dylan, written in 1965 and 1966 and published in 1971. It employs stream of consciousness writing, somewhat in the style of Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg. One section of the book parodies the Lead Belly song "Black Betty". Reviews of the book liken it to his self-penned liner notes to two of his albums recorded around the same time, Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited.

Dylan would later cite Tarantula as a book he had never fully signed up to write: "Things were running wild at that point. It never was my intention to write a book." He went on to equate the book to John Lennon's nonsensical work In His Own Write, and implied that his former manager Albert Grossman signed up Dylan to write the novel without the singer's full consent... Although it was to be edited by Dylan and published in 1966, his motorcycle accident in July '66 prevented this.

The first 50 copies were printed on A4 paper by the Albion underground press of San Francisco in mid-1965. The type-written pages were bound in yellow paper with a large red tick-like arachnid pictured on the front. Numerous bootleg versions of the book were available on the black market through 1971, when it was officially published to critical scorn. (Wikipedia)

   TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Macmillan original galley or printing proof . The text is the same, but there is more text on each page than released. It is said that the first bootleg editions were made after galley xeroxes like this one; 78 pages, probably with plastic ringbound. (info Magne Karlstad) [0310]

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Macmillan, 1966 uncorrected proof, 68 pages. These proofs - of which only "a few copies" were produced, according to publisher Macmillan's press release - are dated 3 July, 1966 ("376"). A copy, offered for sale ($10,000) in Nov 2013 wears "pub. date: Aug 1966 Price: $3.95 (tent.)" in holograph ink at the top of the front cover. The proofs were printed five years before the book was actually published. Read more about it: www.booktryst.com [1113]

  TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, 76 pages. Early bootleg of the advance copy of Tarantula by Bob Dylan, printed and distributed in the East Village in NY sometime between 1967-1970  by A.J. Weberman. This edition was not stapled: the pages are loose, 38 sheets enclosed in a file folder which is rubber stamped in ink, 'Bob Dylan Tarantula'. It includes two items that do not exist in any other bootlegs: 1) 'D.L.F. Buffalo Position Paper -This two sided essay (yellow page) written by Mike Drobenaire, self proclaimed 'D.L.F. Yippie', outlinesthe beliefs and goals of the D.L.F. (the Dylan Liberation Front). The end of the position paper contains contact information for the D.L.F. at the State University of Buffalo. 2). 'A Dylanological Introduction to Tarantula'-This essay, written and signed by Weberman in facsimile (with a hand correction in pen), offers an introduction to Tarantula from Weberman's unique perspective. He discusses 'Dylanological' symbolism in the book, and even gets into his 'garbology' analysis. Weberman is out to lunch in this introduction, touching on topics ranging from Dylan's "late-night suicidal motorcycle accident" to the prescription bottle Weberman found in Dylan's garbage, to a request to contact him "if anyone knows how I can get a sample of Dylan's urine". [0613]

   TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, repeatedly stamped “TARANTULA by ROBERT ZIMMERMAN” in red and black inks on the front, blue and black on the back. [0112]

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, "by Robert Zimmerman", London, UK, 1969/1970

front    back  TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, "by Robert Zimmerman", UK. Includes an interview between Bob Dylan and Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone dated December 1969. A4 size, 61 printed pages. [1214]

same, alternate [0217]

 blank front cover    inner page   TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition. UK, Wriptoff Books Edition From London.

TARANTULA -A FRAGMENTARY NOVEL, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, Booklegger Presss 1970, "somewhere in Albion"... 500 copies  (thank you Paula for the info).

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan. Broadside magazine handbill with anextract of the book. [0217]

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, Wimp Press, Hibbing, Minnesota USA 1970. Noted on the cover: "Author's rotalties for the sale of this book are being donated to the Caladan Free School. Publisher's profit will contribute to the furtherance of Woodwtock Nation" [1214]

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, Wimp Press, USA 1971, 2nd edition, 1000 copies [0210]

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, 2-9 dec 1970, Canada, 15 pages, supplement of the magazine Georgia Straight, selected parts of Dylan's book.

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, USA 1971. AJ Weberman produced edition with cover by underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson [1214]

same, alternate colour

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, White Press, Amsterdam 1970, 79 pages [0210]

same, White Press, Amsterdam 1971, 79 pages

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, no info, 61 pages

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, no info [0217]

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, 96 pages, Madison, Wi., 1971 [0217]

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, Hot Cha! Switzerland 1971, with brief commentary in German

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, DJ copy [0109]

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, no info, 61 pages

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bootleg edition, no info [0210]

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, The Macmillan Company 1971 (third printing) original copyright 1966, hardback, 137 pages

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, NY, Bantam Books 1972, paperback, 149 pages

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Taiwan 1971, 'Macmillan', 1st pressing, hardcover. This is probably a pirate edition, only legal in Taiwan when published. [0417]

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, MacGibbon & Kee, London 1971, 138 pages, hardback.

same, Panther 1973, 124 pages

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Panther reprint 1975, different cover

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, NY, Penguin Books 1977, paperback, 137 pages

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Panther 1979, 124 pages

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Panther reprint 1982, different cover

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, St Martin's Press 1994, USA 137 pages

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, bilingual swedish/english edition, with Klas Burling interview CD, Bakhall 2000, 192 pages

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Scribner, New York City. 2004.(Advance Uncorrected Proofs – Not For Sale) thanks, Arie !

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Scribner Book Company 2004, 160 pages

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Flamingo Oct 2005

TARANTULA, Harper Perennial 2016, 116 pages, softcover. ISBN: 978-0-00-721504-1. Has "WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE” printed on front cover. [0217]

TARANTULA IN ME (The), BEHIND BOB DYLAN 'S NOVEL, by Craig Karpel, Klonh, 1973, 32 pages

TARANTULA: THE FALCON'S MOUTHBOOK, by Robin Witting, Exploding Rooster Books,Scunthorpe 2005, paperback, 72 pages. [0215]

 TEMPLES IN FLAMES, by Georg Stein, Palmyra 1991, Hardback. Translation in English of the German book (same title) [0409]

TEMPTATION ?, by Lee Andersen Right'Stone, no info.

 THERE, I  SAID IT: BOB DYLAN IS OVERRATED, edited by Joshua Shelow, Amazon Digital Services LLC 2016, 126 pages ISBN: 1540536297 [0317]

THERE'S A NEW DAY AT DAWN, A ROUGH GUIDE TO STREET LEGAL, by Robin Witting, Exploding Rooster Books 1996, 82 pages

 *THREE SONGS, THREE SINGERS, THREE NATIONS, by Greil Marcus, Harvard University Press, 2015. Paperback, 154 pages, uncorrected proof. From the author’s Massey lectures at Harvard; approximately one third of the book is about Dylan’s Ballad of Hollis Brown. Information John Baldwin. [1015]

book         slipcase   clothe bag  THIN WILD MERCURY, TOUCHING DYLAN'S EDGE, by Jerry Schatzberg, Genesis Publications Ltd 2006, Hardcover in slipcase in cloth bag, 294 pages, limited edition of 1500 copies signed by the author [1106]

  THIS WAS NOT WRITTEN IN TIN PAN ALLEY, by Dave Percival 1989, 336 pages. A small (10cm x 14,5cm, but thick book!)

 TIME OUT OF MIND, THE LIVES OF BOB DYLAN, by Ian Bell, Mainstream Publishing 2013, Edinburgh. Hardcover, 576 pages [0813]

same, Mainstream Publishing 2014, Scotland [0217]

 TIME OUT OF MIND, THE LIVES OF BOB DYLAN, by Ian Bell, Pegasus Books Oct 2014. Hardcover, 574 pages. "The second volume in Ian Bell's magisterial two-part biography of the ever-evolving and enigmatic Bob Dylan". [1014]

 same, paperback, 'Advanced reading copy, not for sale, publication 10/15/14'. 576 pages [0715]

TIME PASSES SLOWLY, PHOTOGRAPHS AND MORE. Included in ANOTHER SELF PORTRAIT, THE BOOTLEG SERIES VOL.10 4-CDs box set (Aug 2013), hardcover, 146 pages. The 4 CDs are presented in another hardcover 33-pages book "featuring revisionist liner notes penned by Greil Marcus".[1113]

  TO LIVE OUTSIDE THE LAW, A GUIDE TO BOB DYLAN BOOTLEGS, by Clinton Heylin, Labour Of Love Productions 1989, UK, 96 pages.

 TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE, A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH THE MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN, by Chris Morris, Rothcopress, Los Angeles, paperback, 161 pages. [0816]


TOUR 1974, by Stephen Pickering, 1974 USA, 58 pages

TOURS '74-'81 (THE), by Dick Verschuur, Holland. Only 5 copies made. Here is a transcription of the first page: "This book contains a number of cross-referenced concert scheme's of Bob Dylan's heavy touring dates from January 1974 (the tour with The Band) up until the summer of 1981 (the European Tour). It contains, of course, also a lot of stupid mistakes and type-failures (please do bother to correct!). This book is one out of a number of five which were made to be given as a gift to those Dylan collectors who were so kind and helpful to supply me with some of these very rare collectors-items. This book is also to be meant as a try-out, in hope to get some reactions from those collectors which it is given to. And, of course, to get corrections which are needed for the "official" printing which is gonna be sold to every Dylan-maniac who can't sleep at night if he hasn't got it! This book, number 00004, is given as a present to Jacques Van Son, who is probably the most active hard-core Dylan fanatic in the world (in Europe for sure!). This book is to be meant as thank for the supplying of tapes to all those hungry Dylan-adepts who depend on his work! "Hardstikke bedankt." 15 pages. Some decennies later, the author of this booklet stole a whole part of this site and published it elsewhere under his name. [1211]

 slipcase        book 

 TREASURES OF BOB DYLAN -EXPERIENCE THE EXTRAORDINARY CAREER OF A TRUE SONGWRITING GENIUS THROUGHT THIS UNIQUE BOX-SET WHICH CONTAINS A FULLY ILLUSTRATED COLOUR BOOK AND FACSIMILES OF RARE BOB DYLAN MEMORABILIA, by Brian Southall, Carlton 2012, UK. 63 pages, with a lot of artifacts and fac-similes inside. 'Unofficial and Unauthorized'. Hardback in a slipcase. ISBN 978-1-78097-104-9. Published also the same year (2012) by Sevenoaks, under the title BOB DYLAN TREASURES. Published again by Carlton in 2014 under the title BOB DYLAN -EXPERIENCE THE WORLD'S GREATEST SONG-WRITER and again in 2015 by Sevenoaks under the title BOB DYLAN, THE WORLD'S GREATEST SONGWRITER, both 2014 and 2015 editions are without the slipcase and fac-similes. (information John Baldwin and Peter Oudejans) [0317]

same, pre publication cover #1, with text falsely attributed to Andy Gill. [0312]

same, pre publication cover #2, with text falsely attributed to Andy Gill. Thanks to Isis for the scan. [0912]

TROUBADOUR, EARLY AND LATE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN, by Andrew Muir, Woodstock Publications 2003, UK, 330 pages 

*TRYING TO GET TO HEAVEN, POEMS ABOUT, TO, & INSPIRED BY BOB DYLAN, by Glenn W. Cooper, Blind Dog Press 2008, softcover, 56 pages [0709]

*TURN IT UP I CAN'T HEAR THE WORDS, THE BEST OF THE NEW SINGER / SONGWRITERS , by Bob Sarlin, Coronet Books 1975 , 240 pages

 same, Citadel press 1992, 222 pages.

20/20 OCTOBER 10 1985, ABC News Official Transcript

 TWENTY FIVE YEARS OF RECORDING (TO QUOTE A PHRASE), BOB DYLAN SHOWS, by Clinton Heylin, 1986, 18 pages [1010]

TWENTY POUNDS OF HEADLINES, AN INTERNATIONAL BOB DYLAN BIBLIOGRAPHY, by Hanns Peter Bushoff, first edition 1988, 50 numbered copies, 18 pages [0806]

TWENTY POUNDS OF HEADLINES, WRITINGS ON AND BY BOB DYLAN, by Hanns Peter Bushoff, second edition 1996, 72 pages (unnumbered).

TWENTY POUNDS OF HEADLINES, READ BOOKS REPEAT QUOTATIONS, by Hanns Peter Bushoff, second edition 1997, 50 pages (unnumbered) [1214]

TWENTY YEARS OF RECORDING, THE BOB DYLAN REFERENCE BOOK, by Michael Krogsgaard, Scandinavian Institute For Rock-Research 1980, 608 pages.