In Hungarian:

BOB DYLAN, by Barna Imre, Regény Csillag-Könyvek 1986, 230 pages

 BOB DYLAN INTERJÚK, by Jonathan Cott, translation by Balo Andras Marton, Cartaphilus Budapest 2009, 433 pages (The Essential Interviews). [0710]

KRÓNIKÁK ELSO KÖTET, by Bob Dylan, Park Konyvkiado 2005 (Chronicles Volume One)

LYRICS DALOK, 1962-2001, by Bob Dylan, Hungarian translations by Barna Imre, Europa Konyvkiado 2006, Budapest. 125 pages

MIT FÚJ A SZÉL, BLOWIN' IN THE WIND, Arkadia, Budapest 1989, 146 pages, HARDCOVER (Writing And Drawings) 

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