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  GALILEO'S MATH BOOK, BEING A CATALOGUE OF BOB DYLAN CD BOOTLEG RECORDINGS, by Phill Townsend, composed of  4 loose leaf binders: Volume I, Volume II,  Volume III, & Volume IV. Next 2 Last Publications 1996.

 GENTLEMAN JUNKIE, THE STORY OF BOB DYLAN'S STRUGGLE WITH HEROIN, by A.J. Weberman, Centre For Advanced Dylanological Study 2017, 151 pages, softcover. Another example of AJ's hazy theories... ISBN 978-1539746270. [0917]

 GHOST OF ELECTRICITY (THE), no author's name (John Bauldie?). UK seventies booklet, 36 pages [1107]

GHOST OF ELECTRICITY (THE), by John Bauldie, 1988, 200 copies, signed and numbered by the author. Hardcover, 224 pages.

same, paberback, not numbered.

same, Wanted Man 1993, Paperback

same, The Bridge Aug 2016. The book has been updated and will contain previously unpublished photographs from the 1966 tour. [0616]

GO AN EXTRA MILE, BOB DYLAN'S 2001 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, 2002, 60 pages

GOIN' AROUND, BOB DYLAN'S 1989 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, 2000, 62 pages [0112]

 GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BOB DYLAN (THE), THE OLD, OLD STORY FOR MODERN TIMES, by Michael  J. Gilmour, Westminster John Knox Press Feb 2011, 195 pages, softcover [0111]

GOT TO RUN, BOB DYLAN'S 2003 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, 2004, 60 pages

  GREAT WHITE ANSWERS (THE), by Dominique Roques, Southern Live Oak Productions 1980, 164 pages

*GREAT WHITE WONDERS, THE -A HISTORY OF ROCK BOOTLEGS, by Clinton Heylin, Penguin Books 1994, 441 pages

 GROWN UP ANGER, by Daniel Wolf, Harper 2017 (June), hardcover.  ISBN 9780062451699 [0217]

 same, proof edition [0517]

 GUITAR BEHIND DYLAN AND COHEN (THE), by Ron Cornelius, Gateway Entertainment Inc. 2017. Tin Luck Series, Volume One, hardcover: 144 pages. ISBN-10: 1943157294 ISBN-13: 978-1943157297 [0317]

HARD RAIN -A DYLAN COMMENTARY, by Tim Riley, Alfred A. Knopf  NY 1992, hardback, 356 pages.

same, Alfred A. Knopf,  NY, 1992, paperback uncorrected proof for the first edition hardback. 333 pages. No page numbers to contents, no index.[0512]

same, Vintage Books 1993, reprint, softcover, 368 pages [0212]

same, London, Plexus 1995, softcover, 357 pages

same, Da Capo Press 1999, "updated edition", softcover, 366 pages

HARD RAIN SLOW TRAIN, PASSAGES ABOUT DYLAN, by Michael Anton Miller, Jupiter Hollow Media Llc (April 2011), 262 pages [0811]

 HARD RAIN, OUR HEADLONG COLLISION WITH NATURE, by Mark Edwards and Lloyd Timberlake, lyrics by Bob Dylan  Still Pictures Moving Words Ltd 2006.

same, 2nd edition, Hard Rain Project 2007, 183 pages, [0611]  

same, 3rd edition, Hard Rain Project 2009, 167 pages [0611]

*HARMONICAS, HARPS, AND HEAVY BREATHERS, THE EVOLUTION OF THE PEOPLE'S INSTRUMENT, UPDATED EDITION, by Kim Field, Cooper Square Publishers Inc.2000, paperback 392 pages [0912]

HEADING FOR ANOTHER JOINT, BOB DYLAN'S 2016 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Wanted Man 1993, 54 pages

*HEARTS OF FIRE, by Larry Milne, New English Library 1987, 124 pages

 HERE AND GONE, BOB DYLAN, WOODY GUTHRIE & THE 1960s, PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN COHEN. Steidl 2014, 152 pages, hardcover. [0515]

HIBBING: VIGNETTES, by Carl Bonn, 34 pages

HIDDEN LIFE (A), by F. Bennet, Vagabond Press, Canada, 1996

HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED, by Mark Polizzotti, 33 1/3 Continuum International Publishing Group 2006, 168 pages [0806]

same, alternate cover [1214]

HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED, by Colin Irwin, Legendary Sessions, Flame Tree Publishing Co Ltd 2007, 256 pages [1207]

 same, Billboard Books 2008, hardback [0309]

 HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED: BOB DYLAN'S ROAD FROM MINNESOTA TO THE WORLD, by Colleen J. Sheehy, Univ Of Minnesota Press June 2009, 312 pages [0509]

same, hardback [0212]

HIS UNRELEASED RECORDINGS, by Paul Cable, Scorpion Publ. Ltd / Dark Star 1978, UK, 192 pages, hardcover. ISBN 0-905906-16-0 [0517]

same, softcover. The softcover is 1 cm shorter than the hardcover; they have the same ISBN. ISBN 0-905906-16-0

same, Schrimer Books 1980, USA, 197 pages. ISBN 0-02-870360-X


 same, alternate cover [1012]

 HOLLYWOOD FOTO-RHETORIC, THE LOST MANUSCRIPT, by Bob Dylan (text) and Barry Fernstein (photos), UK, Simon & Schuster 2008, 141 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN 978-1-84737-467-7. [0717]

 same,  USA, Simon & Schuster 2008, 141 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN 978-1-4391-1250-2. [1208]

 same, USA, Simon & Schuster  2010, 141 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-1-4391-1255-7. [0811]

*HOOT: A 25 YEARS HISTORY OF THE GREENWICH VILLAGE MUSIC SCENE, by Robbie Wolliver, St Martins Press 1994 [1214]

HOW DOES IT FEEL, ADVENTURES ON HIGHWAY 61, by Al Kooper, GWSC 1977, 26 pages

HOW DOES IT FEEL? ELVIS PRESLEY, THE BEATLES, BOB DYLAN AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF ROCK AND ROLL, by Grant Maxwell, self published, Nashville Tennessee, 2015; paperback, 289 pages. [0915]

HOW DOES IT FEEL: REFLECTIONS ON BOB DYLAN, by Joe Ladwig, CreateSpace 2011, 160 pages [1211]

HOW FAR IS THE JOURNEY?, BOB DYLAN'S 2016 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Two Riders June 2016, 54 pages. [0417]

 HOW TO ANALYZE THE MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN, by Teresa Ryan Manzella, Abdo Publishing Company 2011, Essential Critiques collection, 112 pages [0911]


 HUNG UP: BOB DYLAN'S KIND OF FREEDOM (AND THE THINGS IN THE WAY), by John Shakespear. Boston University Academy 2008 Senior Thesis – High Honours, booklet, 40 pages [0512]

HUNGRY AS A RACCOON, BOB DYLAN TALKS TO HIS FANS AND OTHER STRANGERS 1966 AND 1978 Transcripted and annotated by John B. Way 1993, 114 pages

HYPNOTIST COLLECTORS by Jean-Louis Dréau & Robert Schlockoff, Media Press Editions 1989, 118 pages, hardback

same, working document (hand written), given to the contributors of the book and personalised with their initials. This is my copy noted “MP”