Bob Dylan books In English language, M & N letters:

MAMMOTH BOOK OF BOB DYLAN (THE) -THE FULLEST EVER ANTHOLOGY OF WRITING ABOUT ROCK'S GREATEST POET, by Sean Egan, Constable & Robinson 2011, London, UK, 518 pages, softcover.

  same, -THE GREATEST ANTHOLOGY OF WRITING ABOUT ROCK'S GREATEST POET, Running Press 2011, USA, 518 pages, softcover. Note the different subtitles on the US and UK edition 

  same, -THE FULLEST EVER ANTHOLOGY OF WRITING ABOUT ROCK'S GREATEST POET, Constable & Robinson reprint 2017, London, UK, 518 pages, softcover. Has “Bob Dylan, Winner of 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature” printed on the front cover. ISBN 978-1-84901-466-3.

MAN GAVE NAMES TO ALL THE ANIMALS, words by Bob Dylan, illustrated by Scott Menchin, Harcourt Brace Abd Company 1999, 32 pages

MAN GAVE NAMES TO ALL THE ANIMALS, by Bob Dylan, illustrations Jim Arnosky, Sterling, NYC 2010, 32 pages, hardcover with dustjacket, includes a CD with the original recording

 same, 2012.

same, 2015, no CD included.

MAN IN HIM (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Ken Brooks, Agenda Ltd 1999, UK, 246 pages.

MAN IN THE LONG BLACK COAT (BOB DYLAN), by Ben Cruickshank, Agenda 1995, 94 pages.

MAN, THE MUSIC, THE MESSAGE (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Don Williams, Fleming H. Rewell Company 1985, 160 pages

*MANSION ON THE HILL (THE) -DYLAN, YOUNG, SPRINGSTEEN, AND THE HEAD-ON COLLISION OF ROCK AND COMMERCE, by Fred Goodman, Times books 1997, hardcover, 431 pages. ISBN 0-8129-2113-5.

same, Jonathan Cape 1997, London, softcover, 431 pages. ISBN 0-224-05062-1

MANY LOVES OF BOBBY DYLAN (THE), by A.J. Weberman, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform 2017, paperback, 181 pages. ISBN 9781545402740

MASTERS OF THE TRACKS -THE BOB DYLAN REFERENCE BOOK OF RECORDING, by Michael Krogsgaard, Scandinavian Society For Rock-Research 1988, 800 pages. This is the 1st updated version of  TWENTY YEARS OF RECORDINGS -THE BOB DYLAN REFERENCE BOOK.

MEANING OF AN ORANGE (THE) -POCKET TARANTULA, by Robin Witting, Exploding Rooster Books 1996, Scunthorpe, 60 pages

MAY YOUR SONG ALWAYS BE SUNG -(AN INTRODUCTION TO BOB DYLAN’S POETRY), by Joel-Isaiah McIntyre, 2017, 178 pages. ISBN 978-1-387-16728-9

*MESSAGE TO LOVE -THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL 1968-1969-1970, by Brian Hinton, Castle Communications 1995, paperback, 191 pages


same, "Revised and updated edition, includes in-depth coverage of more than 40 newly discovered recordings, plus the new Lost On The River album", Jawbone Press Nov 2014, 326 pages.

MILLION FACES AT MY FEET (A) -1986 TRUE CONFESSIONS TOUR, Famous Etiquette Book, 40 pages. A 9x12 cm photo is pasted on the cover.

MILLION MILES -BOB DYLAN ON THE ROAD 1998.  Not Fade Away Productions, 1998, 60 pages, softcover.

 *MILTON GLASER GRAPHIC DESIGN, The Overlook Press 1983 third printing, hardbound with dustjacket.

MINUTES ..... INTO HOURS -DYLAN IN BRITAIN 1981, by Ian Woodward, B. D. O. 1982, limited edition to 15 copies only, 62 pages.

 *MISS O'DELL -MY HARD DAYS AND LONG NIGHTS WITH THE BEATLES, THE STONES, BOB DYLAN, ERIC CLAPTON, AND THE WOMEN THEY LOVED, by Chris O'Dell and Katherine Ketcham. Touchstone 2010, 416 pages. ISBN-13: 9781416590941 ISBN: 1416590943.

MIXED UP CONFUSION -THE KROGSGAARD COMPANION, compiled by John Roberts, UK 1994, private publication.

*MONK'S RECORD PLAYER (THE) -THOMAS MERTON, BOB DYLAN, AND THE PERILOUS SUMMER OF 1966, by Robert Hudson, William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co (14 March 2018), 224 pages. ISBN 978-0802875204 .


 MOVIN' ALONG -BOB DYLAN'S 2010 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, 2011, 64 pages

 *MUSIC: A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE, by Steven Cornelius and Mary Natvig, Pearson 2011, 256 pages

 *MUSIC FROM BIG PINK, by John Niven, Continuum Books 33 1/3, London, 2012, 160 pages, paperback.

MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN (THE), X-Asity 1990, 48 pages

 MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Chris Wade, Wisdom Twins Books 2015, 202 pages.

MUSICIAN IN THE WIND (BOB DYLAN), Filiquarian Publishing 2008, 104 pages, paperback

 *MUSICIANS & COMPOSERS OF THE 20th CENTURY -PAUL DESMOND-JOAN JETT, by Alfred William Cramer, Salem Press 2009, 360 pages. Part of a 5 volumes set

MY BACK PAGES (DYLAN), by B.Garrett, 39 pages, UK


       same, alternate coloured card covers. [0818]

 *MYSTERY TRAIN, by David Wojahn, .University of Pittsburgh Press, 1990, (Pitt Poetry Series) 85 pages, paperback. Not really a Dylan book: about 50 poems, many of them inspired by popular music, one entitled, "Woody Guthrie Visited by Bob Dylan : Brooklyn State Hospital, New York, 1961". Thanks to Ian Woodward for these details.

 NEVER-ENDING QUARREL (A) -BOB DYLAN AND SOCIETY, Seminar paper. Published by Grin Verlag, Norderstedt, Germany, 2006; paperback, 12 single-sided pages.

same, alternate cover

 *NEVER SAY NO TO A ROCK STAR -IN THE STUDIO WITH DYLAN, SINATRA, JAGGER AND MORE..., by Glenn Berger. Schaffner Press, Inc. July 2016, 320 pages

NEW BARD FOR A NEW GENERTATION (A): BOB DYLAN IN THE EARLY 1960s, by Pelin Savtak. Universitary thesis, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2018. 82 pages (includes the Nobel Lecture). The thesis can be read here. [0518]

*NEW JERSEY FOLK REVIVAL MUSIC -HISTORY & TRADITION, by Michael C. Gabriele, The History Press (December 5, 2016), 192 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1626198241

NEW WAVY GRAVY, by Raymond Pettibon, Lawndale, CA: SST Publications 1985, 28 pages. 

 NIGHT AFTER NIGHT -BOB DYLAN'S 2012 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill and John Wraith, Two Riders Production, private publication 2013, 64 pages

NIGHTINGALE CODE (THE) -BOB DYLAN'S SHOT OF LOVE, A VISUAL RESPONSE, by John S. Cumming, 1984, 10 drawings + text in foldout cover

NIGHTINGALE'S CODE (THE) -A POETIC STUDY OF BOB DYLAN, by John Gibbens, Touched Press 2001, 370 pages.

*NIGHTS IN WIGHT SATIN -AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE ISLE OF WIGHT POP FESTIVALS, by Brian Hinton, Isle of Wight Cultural Service Department 1992, 72 pages.

 *1963, THE YEAR OF THE REVOLUTION -HOW YOUTH CHANGED THE WORLD WITH MUSIC, FASHION AND ART, by Robin Morgan and Ariel Leve, It Books 2013, 256 pages.

*1989 -BOB DYLAN DIDN'T HAVE THIS TO SING ABOUT, by J. Clover, University of California Press 2009, 198 pages, Hardcover (This is a book about the year 1989; the only connection with Bob Dylan seems to be the strange title)

 NO DIRECTION HOME: THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN, by Robert Shelton, New English Library 1986, 573 pages, hardback

 same, Beech Tree Books, NY 1986, 573 pages, hardback

same, Da Capo Press, NY 1997, 573 pages, softcover

same, Ballantine Books, New York 1987, paperback

same, Penguin 1987

 same, Da Capo Press, New York City. 2003

  same, by Robert Shelton, Revised and updated edition by Elisabeth Thomson and Patrick Humphries. With parts of the manuscript not originally included, an updated discography, bibliography and new footnotes, Backbeat Books May 2011, 352 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket

  same, Omnibus Press, Bath 2011 (UK), 359 pages

 same, Hardie Grant 2011 (Australia)

 NOBEL LECTURE (THE), by Bob Dylan, Simon & Schuster USA, (October 31, 2017), hardcover, 64 pages. ISBN 978-1501189401. You can listen to the Nobel Lecture here.

   same, limited signed edition: 'individually signed and numbered, limited to 100 copies, in a protective case with certificate of authenticity'; $2,500 (plus applicable taxes).

 NOBEL LECTURE (THE), by Bob Dylan, Simon & Schuster UK, (November 30, 2017), hardcover, 64 pages. ISBN 978-1471172182

NOTHING BUT MYSTERY (BOB DYLAN), by Colin Waters, Argyll Publishing, Scotland 2010, 127 pages, paperback

 NOTHING TO TURN OFF -THE FILMS AND VIDEO OF BOB DYLAN, by Vince Farinaccio, Lulu Publishing 2008, paperback, 288 pages.