Documents and information: Wil Gielen, many thanks to him.

THE LAST WALTZ, 2 Sided Japanese cinema handbill, year ??? [1211]

  THE LAST WALTZ,Cine Libre Ikebukuro, 2 Sided flyer for Japanese filmweeks from Saturday 29 April until Friday 16 June (year ???). [1211]

RENALDO & CLARA 1978 Promotional flyer for the film [1211]

DONT LOOK BACK 1983, 2-Sided promotional flyer for one of the Donít Look Back VHS video (catalogue number Pack-In-Video RVM-1) [1211]

 WE ARE THE WORLD 1986, original 2 sided promo flyer for We Are The World cinema release.[1211]

 THE LAST WALTZ 1987, Rare Japan 2 sided 26x18cm cinema release flyer. [1211]

 WE ARE THE WORLD 2002, 2-Sided Japan full colour A4 promo flyer for We Are The World Japanese DVD release. (Release date 4 December 2002, cataloguenumber Dream Time Video DEBR-13601).[1211]

 WE ARE THE WORLD 2004, 2-Sided Japan full colour promo flyer for We Are The World Japanese DVD release (Release date 26 November 2004, catalogue number Dream Time Video DEBR-12801). [1211]

     THE CONCERT FOR BANGLADESH 2005, 4 Page promo leaflet for the 2CD and DVD release (2CD = Sony/Epic MHCP 896-7, 2DVD = Apple/Warner/Rhino WPBR 90530/1) [1211]

NO DIRECTION HOME 2006 Promo only, folded leaflet advertising the Japanese 2DVD release of  Non Direction Home with catalogue number Paramount PPF 111184, released on 23 June 2006 [1211] [1211]

NO DIRECTION HOME 2006 Japanese mini poster/flyer, 10 inches x 7 inches (25 cm x 17 cm) [0113]

NO DIRECTION HOME 2006, 2-Sided flyer for the film release. [1211]

 NO DIRECTION HOME 2006, Little promo leaflet with 4 pages that open out to larger size, for the documentary film release.[1211]

MASKED AND ANONYMOUS 2005 Japanese DVD mini poster/flyer -front [0113]

same -back [0113]

MASKED AND ANONYMOUS 2006 Japanese DVD mini poster, 10 inches x 7 inches (25 cm x 17 cm) [0113]

DONT LOOK BACK 2007, 2-Sided Promo only flyer for the 2007 Japanese 2DVD release Donít Look Back with catalogue number Sony MHBP 95-96. Japanese release date for the 2DVD was 24 May 2007. [1211]

 I'M NOT THERE 2007, 12 Page folded CD booklet size promo leaflet for the I'm Not There Japanese Dylan themed film release. [1211]

I'M NOT THERE 2007 Japan Promo B5 2 sided flyer for Bob Dylan themed film. [1211]

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR Official 2007 Japanese promotional only one sided 6Ĺ" x 8Ĺ" glossy full colour handbill flyer issued to promote the DVD release, featuring an image of the artwork along with details about the release, on the reverse is a great caricature image of Bob and advertising the 'Talkin' About Bob Dylan' book - all text in Japanese. [0113]