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PLEASE NOTE: An *asterisked book means it is not entirely devoted to Bob Dylan

This is '2.0 version' of the site, if we forget the sad failure described below. It would not have been possible without the help and advices of John Baldwin.



Many people contributed for years to Come Writers And Critics, sending scans and informations:

Thanks to Susanna Agati, Analoguer, Lars M.Banke, Martin Barrack, Clive Barrett, John Bauldie, G÷kalp Baykal, Guido Bieri, Giorgio Brianese, Andrea Brillo, Hanns Peter Bushoff, Randy Chase, Xavier Cunillera, Renaud Depierreux, Arie de Reus, Anneke Derksen, Wiebke Dittmer, Martin en Roos, Manfred Endtner, Christian Fiot, Michael Gray, Federico Guglielmi, Franšois Guillez, Jeremy Heist, Knut H÷gvall, Antonio Iriarte, JŘrgen Jahreis, Artur Jarosinski, Masato Kato, Andrew Keeble, Jeff Klepper, Les Kokay, Catherine Lapierre, Patricia Lapierre, Kristine Lebreton, Larves, Ferdinand Lubberts, Magne Karlstad, Scott Marshall, Jean-Pierre Mercier, Serge Mironneau, Yann Pinguet, Stephen Pickering, Paula Radice, Sergio Mariano Romay, Robert Schlockoff, Shep, Jon Sievert, Paolo Vites, Juergen Wasser, Martin Williams, Paul Williams, Jens Winter and Ian Woodward for their great scans & help...

Special thanks to Peter Oudejans, who gave me access to his impressive lists and sent so many scans, Wil Gielen who was the best 'scan hunter' ever, and John Baldwin for his regular and invaluable contributions! Great thanks to Virginie Lavaud-Galy for the technical help on this version of the site.



During three months, November 2016 - January 2017, this site appeared as a database; after some VERY hard times, we are back to the 'old site', with a new display and a general upgrade.

Here are some explanations:

In July 2016 I received a mail from the webmaster* of a site devoted to Dylan covers (songs), who had added a 'Magazine Covers' leg to his site, as for him they were 'also covers'.
He pretended to have just discovered the existence of Come Writers And Critics, though some similarities between the 2 sites were very suspect to me. As a professional webdesigner (more than a Dylan-concerned person), he offered me to help turn CW&C into a database and a more modern site. It was a really hard work - that I was quite reluctant to start - as every information of my site had to be rewritten in the new one. But he was persuasive and I accepted. His help was offered for free. I thought we would build together a site that would belong to both of us, he being in charge of the display, me of the content. A kind of perfect team.

It took more than 3 months to make the job.
As the navigation in the site was very slow, I was asked to move it to HIS server: I trusted him and accepted...this was a big mistake. When the site was built, I was asked in a VERY insistent way to 'refund' in time of work for his site what he had spent on CW&C.
This I could not do: I helped as I could, but it was never enough, and I had no time to lose in adding useless walls to an already labyrinthic site.

On January 30th 2017, 3 months of work were lost in 1 second when the person who "offered his free help" locked me out of the site we had built together: he removed all my codes and passwords so that I had no more access to the administration to make the updates...

CW&C has been my hobby for more than 20 years, I do not earn any money with it : it cannot become a source of problems and stress for me.
I deeply regret that ridiculous conflict; I really thought we were a team as it was initially supposed to be. I just discovered a dismissive, self-satisfied, perverse and aggressive person who finally stole the whole Magazine section ('other kind of Covers, you know') and has now published it elsewhere with my scans and comments, but in the slow motion way that characterizes its databases. So stay here if you want a fast reacting site, first hand information, and a webmaster who knows what he is talking about...

It also must be noted that the core of  the stealer's first site, about cover versions of Bob Dylan songs, is not his own work either, but a recuperation of late Dave Plantus's: the stealer knows how to build a website, but it is then much easier for him to feed it with other people's work! The nickname he uses is 'Nobody': that is well chosen, as that is exactly what he is.

MANY thanks to the friends who, aware of the situation, offered me their help during the troubled period and to all those who stay faithful to the genuine site and sent me messages of sympathy...

*I did not want to give his name, but as mine appears now in the newsletter he sends, I am talking of Dick Verschuur.



But let's turn the page. As the owner of the domain's name, I have immediately put the 'old' CW&C on line again. Now completely upgraded, daily updated, with a new display and the possibility to show large images when available.

What is here and nowhere else is the possibility to select items (copy/paste) and print for your own use, the sight in a glimpse of all the covers in a category (all books of a specific country, all the covers of a magazine, etc...). The navigation here is fast (not like on the pirate site!), easy, everything is clear, and here the webmaster is a collector for decennies, well known in the Dylan community!

Thank you all for your help, support, and advice.


CONTACT: Michel Pomarede.