Privately edited by Jean Louis Dréau, and given only to 'the happy few' (though the back cover showed a price for subscription) HYPNOTIST COLLECTORS is not really a fanzine, but more a series of booklets devoted to Bob Dylan's official discography, that came before and after Jean-Louis Dréau and Robert Schlockoff's book with the same title.
  After a few issues it turned more into sales catalogues when Jean-Louis Dréau decided to sell his record collection. But even these issues were very interesting for fans as it was the first time that an international detailed discography of Bob Dylan was published, even if it was not widely available.
  The title comes from a line in She Belongs To Me: She's a Hypnotist Collector, You Are a Walking Antique.


hypnotist collector's bob Dylan on CD's Fanzine BOB DYLAN ON CD'S, AN INTERNATIONAL DISCOGRAPHY, 36 pages, A5, 1989. (Illustrated listing of Bob Dylan CDs released in various countries up to the date of publication) 

hypnotist collector's the Dylan collector review Fanzine 52 pages, A5, 1990. (Includes the listing of CDs of 1989 issue)

hypnotist collector's the Dylan collector review Fanzine PARIS-LONDON '90, 44 pages.

hypnotist collector's the bob Dylan japanese discography Fanzine THE BOB DYLAN JAPANESE DISCOGRAPHY #1, Spring 1992; 70 pages, A4, limited edition of 10, numbered from 1 to 10. (Illustrated listing of Bob Dylan LPs,Singles, CDs and Laser Discs released in Japan up to the date of publication) 

hypnotist collector's bob dylan complete collection ep's and singles THE COMPLETE COLLECTION - EP'S AND SINGLES, April 1992, 60 pages


The followings are more sales catalogues than fanzines (see above):

hypnotist collector's catalogue 1 Catalogue 1, April 1995

hypnotist collector's catalogue 2   hypnotist collector's EP's france new zealand usa bob Dylan Fanzine Catalogue 2, June 1995, 2 variants

hypnotist collector's catalogue 3   hypnotist collector's catalog  #3 bob Dylan Fanzine Catalogue 3, September 1995, 2 variants

hypnotist collector's catalogue 4 Catalogue 4, April 1996

hypnotist collector's catalogue 5 Catalogue 5, October 1996

hypnotist collector's catalogue 6 Catalogue 6, Nobody Has Any Respect... (Bootlegs)

hypnotist collector's catalogue 7 Catalogue 7