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IN FINNISH: (Finland)




Musa Musiikklehti




Suomen Kuvalehti





20 Minutes, France Aujourd'hui en France, France Acoustic Guitarist, France

Actuel, France

Aden, France

Amis du Film et de la Télévision, Belgique

Arte Magazine, France

Best, France

Blackout, France

Chorus, France

Cité Musiques, France

Compact, France

Crossroads, France

Disco Revue, France

Eldorado, France

Encore, France

Express (L'), France

Extra, France

Figaro (Le), France France-Soir, France

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Gold Star, France

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Guitar Collector's, France

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Guitare & Claviers, France

Guitare Live, France

Guitare Magazine, France

Guitare Sèche, France

Guitarist & Bass Magazine, France

Histoire du Rock, France

Humanité (L'), France

Inédit (L'), France

Inrockuptibles (Les), France

Inter Service, France

JDD, France

JL, France

Jukebox Magazine, France

Lettres Françaises (Les), France

Libération, France

Monde de la Musique (Le), France

Mondomix, France

Moustique TV Radio, Belgium

Music Géant, France

Music Maker, France

Nouvelle Revue Française (La), France

Optimum (L'), France Parisien (Le), France

Paroles & Musique, France

Planète Plus, France

Popmusic, France

Provence (La), France

Pulsion, Belgium

Quotidien De Paris (Le), France

Recording Musicien, France

Rock, France

Rock & Folk, France

Rock En Stock, France Rock Hebdo, France Rock Moto, France

Rock 'n' Roll Musique, France

Rockawa, France

Rolling Stone, France

Scandaleux (Le), France

Semaine Radio Télé, France

Soir (Le), Belgium

Soleil (Le), Canada

Sud Ouest, France

Sud Peps, Belgium

Superhebdo Popmusic, France

Télérama, France

Témoignage Chrétien, France

Temps Libre, Switzerland

Tintin, France

Tribune (La), France

Trois Couleurs, France

TV Cable Hebdo, France

Vibrations, France

Vif (Le), Belgium

Voir, Canada

VSD, France

Zap 63, France

Zurban, France





20 Minuten, Switzerland

371 Stadtmagazin, Germany

Abendpost Nachtausgabe, Germany

Acoustic Player, Germany

Akustic Gitarre, Germany

Am Wochenende, Germany

Applause, Germany

Arte Magazin, Germany

Back Stage, Austria

Berlin Ticket, Germany

Biografie, Germany

Biograph, Germany

Bravo, Germany

Bremer, Germany

Chatter Box, Germany

City Tele, Austria

Citymag, Germany

Ding (Das), Germany

Dresdner, Germany

DU, Switzerland

Eclipsed, Germany

Falter, Austria

FF, Austria

Fiftyfifty, Germany

Folk Magazin, Germany Fränkische Nacht, Germany

Freie Bürger, Germany

Freie Presse, Germany

Freizeit Kurier, Austria

Gig, Germany  

Good News, Switzerland

Good Times, Germany

Guitar, Germany

Guitar Acoustic, Germany

Guitar Acoustic Legends, Germany

Hannover Live, Germany

Horen (Die), Germany

Hörzu, Radio Aktuell, Germany

Hotcha!, Switzerland

I-Club, Germany

JPC Courier, Germany

Kin Magazine, Germany

Kleine Bund (Der), Switzerland

Kulturnews, Germany

Literaturen, Germany

Literaturkritik.de, Germany Live Frankfurter Hof Mainz, Germany

Live In Concert, Germany

Magascene, Germany

Magazin (Das), Switzerland

Melos, Germany

Münchner Stadt Zeitung, Germany

Musik Express, Germany

Musiker Music News, Germany

Musikwoche, Germany

Neue Zeit, Austria

NZ, Austria

OK, Germany

Pop, Germany

Pop, Switzerland

Pop Musik Bucher, Germany

Popular 1, Germany

Poster Press, Germany

Prisma, Germany

Profil, Austria

Projekt Filmprogramm 214, Germany

Radio Magazin, Switzerland

Ray Filmmagazin, Austria

Rennbahn Express, Austria Rock Dreams, Germany

Rocky, Germany

Rolling Stone, Germany

Schädelspalter, Germany

Sounds, Germany

Spex, Germany

Spotlight, Germany

Stadt Magazin, Germany

Subway.de, Germany

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

Summer In The City, Germany

Surprise, Switzerland

Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland

Tageszeitung (Die), Germany

TBA, Austria

Ticket, Germany

TR7, Switzerland

Ultimo, Germany

Welt (Die), Germany

Wir, Germany

Worms Publik, Germany

Yorcker (Der), Germany



LA life Weekend 2001 Bob Dylan cover story 14 September 2001. Signed copy.