Nov 1993, 19 pages

# 32, July 1996

Feb 1998, 19 pages

mojo_1998_11.jpg Nov 1998, 24 pages>

200011_mojo.jpg Nov 2000, no info [0911]

Dec 2002, 6 pages

20031200-mojo-uk.jpg Dec 2003, 12 pages. Came with a free CD '2003, 18 Tracks From the Year's Best Albums' (no Dylan connection)

mojo_2005_09.jpg      Sep 2005, 30 pages, with 'Dylan Covered', an 'exclusive Mojo 15 track audio tribute' of Dylan covers.

200701_mojo.jpg Jan 2007, 20 pages. Came with a free CD 'In My Room, A Tribute to the Genius of Brian Wilson' (no Dylan connection) [1206]

   Dec 2010, 17 pages (with a 15-tracks CD of Dylan related songs) [1210]

201305_mojo.jpg #233, Apr 2013 [0213]

201506_mojo_special_great_magazines.jpgMOJO '60s #3, Dylan '65 Special. June 2015, with Dont Look Back art print, 20 pages. [0615]

#265, Dec 2015 (back cover, Elvis Costello is on front cover)   came with a 52 pages booklet: BOB DYLAN'S BOOTLEG SERIES, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HIS MOST INTIMATE MUSIC, The Mojo Music Guide Volume 1.  [1215]

    #272 July 2016, 25 pages. The CD is Blonde On Blonde Revisited, "a specially commissioned start-to-finish cover of Dylanís 1966 landmark, with interpretations by handpicked contemporary stars including Phosphorescent, Ryley Walker and more".

mojo-2016-07-deluxe.jpg A limited run of MOJOís Blonde On Blonde Revisited comes in a deluxe, high-spec Double Vinyl Edition, including a reproduction of the Milton Glaser Bob Dylan art poster from 1966, and the magazine with a Dylan signature cover exclusive to this package. Only 3500 copies have been pressed, making this the rarest issue of MOJO ever. [0516]

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