5 Dec 1970 [0608]

15 Nov 1975, 1 page

13 Dec 1975

 25 Sep 1976  [1106]

25 Dec 1976 [1114]

22 Apr 1978, 5 pages

24 June 1978, 5 pages

15 Aug 1981, 3 pages

NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS BOOK OF ROCK - A GUIDE TO ROCK IN THE '70s was part-work. It has 80 pages and the readers collected the parts from successive issues of New Musical Express over 8 weeks, some time in early 1974. One issue of NME included a card cover, as shown here. You could gather your pages together and put a piece of cord through at the appropriate place to form a sort-of mini-encyclopedia.  It was an alphabetical listing of the principal groups and individual performers, with a brief history of each and details of their albums, including a few bootlegs. Other musicians were mentioned under headings such as "Singer/Songwriter, American", "Bluegrass" and "Chicago Blues". There were also record company names and addresses and details of a few music venues. The Beatles got a full page, Dylan a bit less. "Skyline Bob" is there on the cover. Thanks to Ian Woodward for scan and information. [0715]

NME ORIGINALS: BOB DYLAN AND THE FOLK ROCK BOOM 1964 - 1974.  2005, volume 2, issue 5, 146 pages 

 THE NME INTERVIEWS, BEST OF THE 1960s, issue 1/2016; 2 pages about Bob Dylan [0217]  

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