14 October 2016



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1 I Vitt (?), Sweden (?)
16 Magazine, USA
101 Greatest American Rock Songs, USA

20 Minuten, Switzerland

242 Radio Scotland, UK

2001, Argentina

2016 Year In Review, USA

24 Hours, Australia

371 Stadtmagazin, Germany



AARP Magazine, USA

Abendpost Nachtausgabe, Germany

Acid, Japan

Acorde, Brazil

Acordes De Guitarrista, Mexico

Acoustic, UK

Acoustic Guitar, USA

Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Japan

Acoustic Guitar World, USA

Acoustic Guitarist, France
Acoustic Magazine, UK
Acoustic Player, Germany
Actually..., UK

Actuel, France

AD, Czech Republic

AD Magazine, Holland

Aden, France

Adiós, Spain

Adresseavisen Kultur, Norway


Affiliate, USA

Age (The), Australia

Agora, Norway

Aktie, Holland

Akustic Gitarre, Germany

Album de Guitarra Fácil, Mexico

Album Network (The), USA
Almanacco Musica, Italy
Almanach, Poland

Aloha, Holland

Alternative to Alienation, USA
Am Wochenende, Germany

Amateur Photographer, UK

American Cinematographer, USA

American Heritage, USA

American Songwriter, USA

Ameryka, Poland

Amis du Film et de la Télévision, Belgique

Amped, USA

Ampersands, USA

Applause, Germany

Applause, USA (Austin, Tx)

Applause, USA (Portland, Or)

Aquarian, USA

Arena, Czech Republic

Arken, Norway

ARSC Journal, USA
Art Beat Reader Magazine (The), UK

Arte Magazin, Germany

Arte Magazine, France

Artful Living, USA

Asahi Graph, Japan

ASCAP Today, USA  

At The Shore, USA

ATBP Music Magazine, Philippines

Atlantic City Weekly, USA

AU, Spain

Auckland Great Time Guide, New Zealand

Audio, USA

Audiophile Sound, Italy

Audiophile Voice (The), USA

Aula 2000, Spain
Australian Record Collector

Aviorama, Italy




Ba, Norway

Back Stage, Austria

Back Stage, Holland

Background, Italy

Backstage, Norway

Bam, USA

Banda Rockera, Mexico

Beat (The), UK

Beat (KRLA), USA

Beat, Norway

Beat, Spain

Beat Crew Magazine, Japan

Beatdom, USA

Beatleg, Japan

Beetle, USA

Berlin Ticket, Germany

Best, France

Bicicleta (La), Chile

Big Issue (The):





Bilboard Argentina, Argentina
Biografie, Germany

Biograph, Germany

Biographia, Russia
Bir+Bir, Turkey
Bizz, Brazil

Black & White, Canada

Blackout, France

Blitz, Portugal

Blues & Soul Records, Japan

Blues Matters!, UK

Bologna In Anteprima, Italy

Box Office, Japan

Bravo, Germany

Bravo!, Brazil

Break, USA

Bremer, Germany

Broadside, USA

Broadside Of Boston (The), USA

Buddy, USA

Buffalo News, USA

Bulletin (The), Hong Kong

Buscadero, Italy




Cable Guide (The), USA

Calendar, USA

Calgary Tonite, Canada

Camel Rythm, unknown

Campus Life, USA

Canadian, Canada

Cante Comigo, Brazil

Carlos, UK

Cascadia Weekly, USA

Cash Box, USA

CD Journal, Japan

Central (La), Argentina

Centre Stage, UK

Changes, USA

Chaplin, Sweden

Chatter Box, Germany

Cheetah, USA
Choice, UK

Chord (The), USA

Chorus, France

Christian Life, USA

Ciao 2001, Italy

Ciao Amici, Italy

Cigar & Spirits, USA

Circo, Mexico

Circulo Mixup, Mexico

Circus, USA

Cité Musiques, France

City Pages, USA

City Tele, Austria

Citymag, Germany

Civic Center, USA

Clarín & supplements, Argentina
Classic Rock:


Coast Weekly, USA

Comercio (El), Peru

Common Ground, USA

Compact, France

Conecte, Mexico

Contemporary Christian Music, USA

Cool, China
Correio de Domingo, Portugal
Correo Gallego (El), Spain
Corrier Boy, Italy

Country, Brazil

Country & Western, UK/USA

Country Gazette, Holland
Courrier Mail, Australia

Crawdaddy, USA

Cream, USA

Creem, USA

Crossbeat, Japan

Crossroads, France

Cuadernos Para El Diálogo, Spain

Cult, Brazil

Cultura Vozes, Brazil

Current, USA




Da Boot!, USA

Daily Echo, UK

Daily Planet (The), USA (?)

Daily Sketch, UK

Daily Telegraph, UK

Dark Star, UK

DC Monuments, USA
Debbie, UK
Debris, UK
Dergi, Turkey

Día Siete, Mexico

Diario, Italy

Diario de Terrassa, Spain

Dig (The), Japan

DigiFi, Japan

Dimension, Mexico

Ding (Das), Germany

Disc And Music Echo, UK

Disc Weekly, UK

Disco 45, UK

Disco Actualidad, Spain

Disco Expres, Spain

Disco Música & Moda, Portugal

Disco Revue, France

Discomania, Spain

Discoveries, USA & Canada

Discussions, USA

Dish Magazine, USA

Disk, Holland

DN.Kultur, Sweden

Domingo Semanal, Peru

Domingos de ABC (Los), Spain

Dominical, Spain

Doppiovu', Italy

Dresdner, Germany

DU, Switzerland

Duluth  News Tribune, USA

DVD Total Magazine, Brazil

Dyade, Norway

Džuboks, Yugoslavia




Easy English, Czech Republic

EC Rocker, USA

Eclipsed, Germany

Edwin, Japan

Efe Eme, Spain

Eldorado, France

Elmore Magazine, USA

Encore, France

Entr'Acte, Holland

Epoca, Italy






Esquiú, Argentina

Eurodisc Agenda, Holland

Evasión, Spain

Evening Chronical Special, UK

Evening News, UK

Evening Post, UK

Evening Standard, UK

Excelsior, Mexico

Exclusiva, Uruguay

Exit, Holland

Expreso Imaginario, Argentina

Express, USA

Express (L'), France

Extra, France

Eye To Eye, UK




Fabulous, UK

Falter, Austria

Famiglia Cristiana, Italy

Fanfare, Canada

Fans, Spain

FAQ, Greece

Fare Musica, Italy

FF, Austria

Fifth Estate (The), USA

Fiftyfifty, Germany

Figaro (Le), France

Film en Televisie, Holland

Film TV, Italy

Fire Flate, Norway

Flame (The), USA

Flashback, unknown
Florida Times Union, USA
FM, Japan

FM Guide, USA

Focus, USA

Fokus, Sweden
Folha de São Paulo, Brazil

Folk & Musik, Denmark

Folk Magazin, Germany

Folk Music, UK

Folk News International, UK

Folk Review, UK

Folk Scene, UK

Folk World, USA

Fonorama, Poland

Forte Magazine, Australia
Forum der Letteren, Holland
France-Soir, France
Fränkische Nacht, Germany

Fredag, Norway

Free, Holland

Free Drummer (The), USA

Free Free Times, USA

Freedom, USA

Freetime, USA

Freie Bürger, Germany

Freie Presse, Germany

Freizeit Kurier, Austria

Fresh Weekly, USA

Fresno Bee TV Magazine, USA

Friday, USA

FT Weekend, USA

Fusion, USA




Gaceta Ilustrada, Spain

Gadfly, USA

Galeria, Israel

Gara, Spain

Gas Comics, USA

Gauguin, Japan

Gençlik, Turkey

Gente, Argentina

Gente, Spain

Georgia Straight, Canada

Gids (De), Holland

Gig, France

Gig, Germany  

Giornale Di Como, Italy

Globe Television Magazine, Canada


Go Girl, UK

Go Set, Australia

Gold Star, France

Gold Wax, Japan

Goldberg, Denmark

Goldmine, USA

Gong, Italy

Good News, Switzerland

Good Times, Germany

Good Times, USA

Good Weekend, USA

GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly):



Graffiti, USA

Gran Musical (El), Spain

Granada Hoy, Spain

Grande Rock Video (Il),Italy

Grandi Del Rock (I), Italy

Groene Amsterdammer (De), Holland

Ground Zero, USA

Guardian (The), UK

Guide (The), UK

Guitar, Germany

Guitar Acoustic, Germany

Guitar Acoustic Legends, Germany

Guitar & Bass, France

Guitar Collector's, France

Guitar Legends, USA

Guitar Magazine (The), UK

Guitar Magazine, Japan

Guitar Unplugged, France

Guitar World News, USA

Guitare & Claviers, France

Guitare Live, France

Guitare Magazine, France

Guitare Sèche, France

Guitarist & Bass Magazine, France

Guitarras y Épocas, Mexico




Hannover Live, Germany

Happening Magazine,USA

Hard To Explain, Japan


Heaven, Holland

Hi Folks!, Italy

Hifi & Music, Sweden

High Times, USA

Histo Rock, Argentina

Histoire du Rock, France

Historía De La Musica Rock, Spain

Historia Do Rock'n'Roll, Brazil

History Of Rock (The), UK

Hit, China

Hit Parader, USA

Hits, USA

Hitweek / Witheek, Holland

HMV, Japan

Hootenanny, USA

Horen (Die), Germany

Hörzu, Radio Aktuell, Germany

Hot Press, Ireland

Hot Ticket, USA

Hot Wacks, UK

Hotcha!, Switzerland

HP / De Tidj, Holland

Hugh's Room, USA
Hullabaloo, USA
Humanité (L'), France

Humo, Belgium



I - J

I-Club, Germany

Ice, USA

Idolos Del Rock, Mexico

Iki, Turkey

Im, Hungary

In-Beat, USA

In Music, China

Independent (The), UK

Inédit (L'), France

Informaciones, Spain

Ink, Taiwan

Inne & Ute, Norway

Inrockuptibles (Les), France

Insides, Sweden

Intellectual Digest, USA

Inter Service, France

International Documentary, USA

Intervju, Serbia
Intro, Finland

Irish Times Magazine, Ireland

Iskelmä, Finland

It, Australia

It, UK

Jam, Italy

Japan Jazz, Japan

Jazz & Pop, USA

Jewish Journal, USA

Joepie, Holland

Jornal da Tarde, Brazil

Jornal de Noticias, Portugal

JPC Courier, Germany

Juke, Australia

Jukebox Magazine, France

Jurnalul National, Romania



K - L

K, Greece

Kansas City Star, USA

Katholieke Illustratie, Holland

Khaim Arerim, Israel
Kin Magazine, Germany
KlBladet, Sweden

Kleine Bund (Der), Switzerland

Kudos Magazine, UK

Kulttuurivihkot, Finland

Kulturnews, Germany

L.A. Weekly, USA

Lahiton, Israel

Lake Legal News, USA

Lalsha, Israel

Lam, UK

Late for the Sky, Italy

Latitud, Colombia

Lee-ón, Spain

Leer, Spain
Leicestershire Chronicles, UK

Let It Rock, UK

Lettres Françaises (Les), France

Levende Billeder, Denmark

Leyendas, Argentina

Leyendas del Rock, Mexico


Libération, France

Lid, USA

Life, USA

Lifestyle, UK

Light Music, Japan

Like A Rolling Stone, USA

Line, (The) USA

List, (The) UK

Listening Room, USA

Literaturen, Germany

Literaturkritik.de, Germany
Live Frankfurter Hof Mainz, Germany

Live In Concert, Germany

Live In Italia, Italy

Live! Music Review, USA

Live! Tonight, USA

Long Live Vinyl, UK

Loose Licks, Australia

Los Angeles Free Press, USA

Los Angeles Herald, USA

Los Angeles Times Magazine, USA

Luna de Metropoli, Spain

Lust For Life, Holland

Lyrikk Vennen, Norway




M3, Greece

Mad, USA

Mad City Music Sheet, USA

Mag, Australia

Magascene, Germany

Magasinet, Norway

Magazin (Das), Switzerland

Magis, Mexico

Magpie, UK

Mano (La), Argentina

Mano de Mandioca, Argentina

Marilyn, UK

Martxan, Spain

Marvin, Mexico

Massachussetts Daily Collegian, USA
Mattino Di Padova (Il), Italy
Mavirock, Argentina
Mayfair Times, UK
Médico Moderno, Mexico
Melodía, Mexico

Melody Maker, UK

Melos, Germany

Mercurio (El), Chile

Message, Japan

Metro, USA
Metropolitan Review, USA

México Canta, Mexico

Milwaukee Journal (The), USA

Minnesota Monthly, USA

MM, Japan

Modern Hifi & Music, USA

Modern Recording, USA

Modesto Bee TV Magazine, USA

Mojo, UK

Moldejazz, Norway

Moment, USA

Monde de la Musique (Le), France

Mondomix, France

Monello (Il), Italy

Mongolfiera, Italy

Morgenbladet, Norway

Mosca En La Pared (La), Mexico

Moustique TV Radio, Belgium

Movie World, USA

Moysiki, Greece

Mucchio Selvaggio, Italy

Muito +, Brazil

Multi Music, Japan

Münchner Stadt Zeitung

Mundo Jovén, Spain

Musa Musiikklehti, Finland

Music, Italy

Music Connection, USA

Music Echo, UK

Music Géant, France

Music Home, Holland

Music Journal, USA

Music Life, Japan

Music Magazine, Japan

Music Maker, France

Music News, USA

Music Now, UK

Music Revue, USA

Music World, USA

Musica!, Italy

Música Do Século (A), Brazil

Musica & Musica, Italy

Música & Som, Portugal

Musica Temata, Greece

Musical Meeting, Brazil

Musicalissimo, Portugal

Musicbox, Italy

Musik Express, Germany

Musik Revue, Denmark

Musiker Music News, Germany

Musikwoche, Germany
Muz, Italy

Muziek Expres, Holland

Muziekkrant, Holland

Muzikus, Czech Republic



N - O

Na Przetaj, Poland

Nación (La), (supplements) Argentina

Nashville Panorama, USA

Nashville Scene, USA

Nation (The), USA

Nation Review, Australia

National Lampoon, USA

Neon, Spain

Neon, USA

Neue Zeit, Austria

New Haven Register, USA

New Manchester Review, UK

New Music Magazine, Japan

New Musical Express, UK

New Times, USA

New York, USA

New York Post, USA

New York Times (The), USA

New Yorker (The), USA
Newsday, USA

Newsweek, Japan

Newsweek, USA

Night & Day, UK

Night & Day, USA

Nimham Times Magazine, USA

Nine to Five, UK

Nixos, Greece
Northerner (The), USA

Nouvelle Revue Française (La), France

Now & Then, Sweden

NRC, Holland

Ny Music, Sweden

Nye (Det), Norway

Nye Treff, Norway

Nytt Fra Damm, Norway

NZ, Austria

Official Map And Guide, USA

OK, Germany

Oldie (The), UK

Omaha Rainbow, UK

On Maui!, USA

On Stage, USA

On The Go!, USA

On The Rocks, Spain

Ongaku Senka, Japan

Onion Magazine, USA

Oor, Holland

Optimum (L'), France

Orange Magazine, UK

Oriflama, Spain

Other East Village (The), USA

Otona No Rock!, Japan
Otra (La), Argentina

Out There, UK

Outlook, (The), USA

Over Rock, Sweden

Oz, Greece

Oz, UK




Página/12, Argentina
País Cultural (El), Uruguay

País Semanal (El), Spain

Panorama, USA

Paraíso (El), Spain

Parisien (Le), France

Paroles & Musique, France

Parool, Holland

Paste, USA

Peace & Love, Sweden

Pelo, Argentina

People Weekly, USA

Performance, USA

Periódico De Catalunya (El), Spain

Pia, Japan

Pie Digest, Canada, 3 pages. Read it here.

Piedra Libre, Bolivia

Planète Plus, France

Platat, Finland

Platenblad, Holland

Platesamleren, Norway




Playdate, New Zealand

Plus One, Japan
Poesia, Italy

Pop, Germany

Pop, Mexico

Pop, Poland

Pop, Switzerland

Pop Mix, Holland

Pop Musik Bucher, Germany

Pop Nytt, Norway

Pop Rock, Canada

Pop Rock, Greece

Pop Rock Music, USA

Pop Skandi, Yugoslavia

Pop Weekly, UK

Popaganda, Canada

Popeye, Japan

Popmusic Superhebdo, France

Popster, Italy

Popster, Spain

Popular 1:



Popular Music & Society, USA

Poster Press, Germany

Posterstory, Italy

Prague Resident, Czech Republic

Preview, Connecticut, USA

Preview, Louisiana, USA

Prisma, Germany

Profil, Austria

Projekt Filmprogramm 214, Germany

Provence (La), France
Provincias (Las), Spain

Psicodeia, Spain

PTP, Holland

Publica, Portugal

Publishers Weekly, USA

Puls, Norway

Puls, Sweden

Pulsion, Belgium



Q - R


Que Y Donde, Spain

Qui Giovani, Italy

Quid, Spain
Quotidien De Paris (Le), France

Radio Magazin, Switzerland

Radio Times, UK

Rake (The), USA

Rallying Point, USA

Ram, Australia

Ramparts, USA

Rangefinder, USA

Rare, Finland

Raro!, Italy

Raropiù, Italy

Rave, UK

Ray Filmmagazin, Austria

Razón (La), Argentina
Razón (La), Mexico
Record Beat, USA

Record Collector, UK

Record Collector News, USA

Record Collector's Magazine, Japan

Record Hunter, UK

Record Mirror, UK

Record Songbook, UK

Record World, USA

Recording Engineer Producer, USA

Recording Musicien, France

Register-Guard (The), USA

Relevant, USA

Relix, USA

Rennbahn Express, Austria

Rep (The), USA

Repubblica (La), Italy

Respekt, Czech Republic

Retro, Poland

Revi-Poster, Spain

Revolver, Holland

Rhythms, Australia

Rincón Juvenil, Chile

Rio Show, Brazil

Ritam, Croatia

Rock, France

Rock, Spain

Rock, USA

Rock (Il), Italy

Rock (A Historia E A Gloria), Brazil

Rock - La Musica Los Interpretes, Spain

Rock & All, Czech Republic

Rock & Folk, France

Rock & Pop, Czech Republic

Rock & Roll Disc, USA
Rock & Roll 25 Years, USA

Rock De Lux, Spain

Rock De Primera, Uruguay
Rock Dreams, Germany
Rock En Stock, France
Rock Espezial, Spain
Rock Express, Australia
Rock Folk Songs, USA
Rock Hebdo, France
Rock In Golden Age, Japan
Rock Moto, France
Rock 'n' Reel, UK

Rock 'n' Roll Comics, USA

Rock 'n' Roll Musique, France

Rock Star, Italy

Rock Superstars Poster Magazine, USA

Rock Time Hits, Brazil

Rockawa, France

Rockerilla, Italy

Rockumentar, Norway

Rocky, Germany

Roll, Turkey

Roll, USA

Rolling Stone:





              China (PRC)











Romsdals Budftikke, Norway

Royal's World Countdown (The), USA

Rudie's Club, Japan

Ruta 66, Spain

Rythms, Australia




Saint Petersburg Times, USA

Sal Comun, Spain

San Francisco Chronicle, USA

San Francisco Examiner Magazine, USA

Sanat, Turkey

Sanlian Life Week, China

Satisfaction, Italy

Saturday Evening Post, USA

Saturday Review, USA

Scandaleux (Le), France

Scene (The), USA

Schädelspalter, Germany

Scottish Review Of Books, UK
Season Magazine (The), Thailand

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, USA

Seattle Sound, USA

Seculo Ilustrado (O), Portugal

Seed (The), USA

Segre, Spain

Semaine Radio Télé, France

Sen Ben, Turkey

Senior, Italy

Sette, Italy

Seven Days, UK

Shino Sekai, Japan

Show, USA

Show Bizz, Brazil

Show Business, Sweden

Show Thursday, USA

Showcase, USA
Sick, USA

Sight & Sound, UK

Sing Out!, USA

Situation, Sweden

Smilin' Ears, Holland

Soho News, USA

Soir (Le), Belgium

Soleil (Le), Canada

Solvpil, Denmark
Something For The Week-End, UK

Song Talk, USA

Sonik, Greece

Sorted, UK

SOS, Spain

Sound & Vision, Italy

Soundcheck!, UK

Soundi, Finland

Sounds, Germany

Sounds, UK

Speak Up, Brazil

Spex, Germany

Spiewamy I Tanczymy, Poland

Spin, UK

Spin, USA

Sportweek, Italy

Spotlight, Germany

Spruit, Belgium

Stadt Magazin, Germany
Star Tribune, USA

Starlet, Sweden

StarWeek, Canada

Stereo, Greece

Stereo Hifi, Denmark

Stereophile, USA

Stick, Holland

Story of Pop, UK

Strange Days, Japan

Strange Things, UK

Studio, Holland

Studio Voice, Japan

Subway.de, Germany

Sud Ouest, France

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

Summer In The City, Germany

Summertime, USA

Sun (The), UK

Sunday Express, UK

Sunday News Magazine (The), USA
Sunday Review, unknown
Sunday Telegraph Review (The), UK

Sunday Times (The), UK

Sunnmorsposten, Norway

Suomen Kuvalehti, Finland

Suono, Italy

Super Love, Denmark

Superhebdo, France

Supersonic, Thailand

Sur, Spain

Surprise, Switzerland

Svijet, Yugoslavia
Sweet Potato, USA
Sydney Morning Herald (The), Australia
Syracuse New Times, USA

Syracuse Stars, USA



T - U

Ta Nea, Greece

Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland

Tageszeitung (Die), Germany

Tajo (El), Argentina

Taxydromos, Greece

TBA, Austria

Teen Beat, UK
Teen Scoop, USA
Teen Scrapbook, USA
Teen Screen, USA

Teenbeat, Holland

Teenset, USA

Tele Guia, Spain

Télérama, France

Témoignage Chrétien, France

Tempi Dispari, Italy

Tempo (Il), Italy

Temps Libre, Switzerland

This Week's Show, USA
Tic, Italy

Ticket, Germany

Ticket, USA

Tiger Beat, USA

Time, USA

Time Off, Australia

Time Out, UK

Time Out, Israel

Times Magazine, UK

Times 2, UK

Tintin, France

Tirade, Holland

Tliedboek, Belgium

Today, Australia

Todo Austin, USA

Tokyo Classified, Japan

Top, Brazil

Top 40 Reviewer, USA

TR7, Switzerland

Tragondi, Greece

Tribune (La), France

Triunfo, Spain

Trois Couleurs, France

Tu Música, Spain

Tulsa Alumni, USA

Tutto Milano, Italy

TV & Film,  Norway

TV Book (The), USA

TV Cable Hebdo, France

TV Channel Choice, USA

TV Channels, USA

TV Film, Italy
TV Guia, Portugal

TV Guide, USA

TV News, (Chicago, Ill) USA

TV News, (Edison, NJ),USA

TV Prevue, USA

TV Prevues, USA

TV Week, (Chicago, Ill) USA

Twin Cities Metro, USA

Týžden, Slovakia

Ultimate Music Guide (The), UK

Ultimo, Germany

Ultimo Buscadero é Rock (L'), Italy

Uncensored, USA

Uncut, UK

Ung, Sweden

Utne Reader, USA



V - Z

Valentine, UK

Vanguardia Domingo, Spain

Vara TV Magazine, Holland

Variety, USA

Vecko Revyn, Sweden

Veja, Brazil

Venerdi, Italy

Venue, USA

Verdad (La), Spain

Veronica, Holland

Vi, Sweden

Vi Unge, Denmark

Vibraciónes, Spain

Vibrations, France

Vida Mundial, Portugal

Vif (Le), Belgium

Village Voice (The), USA

Vinile, Italy

Vinyl, Italy

Visage, Japan

Viva Milano, Italy

Vivimilano, Italy

Voice, Thailand

Voir, Canada

Voltaire, Sweden

Volzin, Holland
Vox, UK
Voz De Galicia (La), Spain

Vrij Nederland, Holland

VSD, France

Washington Times, USA

Wave (The), USA

Wavelength, UK
Week (The), UK
Week End, UK
Weekly Standard (The), USA
West, USA

Weta, USA

What's Happening, USA

What's On In London, UK

Where, USA

Where Is Eric?

Whirl, USA

Window Of The South, China

Wir, Germany

Word (The), UK

World, USA

World Literature Today, USA
World Music, Spain

World Traveler, USA

Worms Publik, Germany

WP Collector Series, UK
Year 2005, Portugal

Yellow Press, Japan

Yorcker (Der), Germany

Young Guitar, Japan

Your Tunbridge Wells, UK

Zap 63, France

Západ, unknown country

Zeigefinger, Germany

Zeitmagazin, Germany

Zentralnerv, Germany

Zie, Belgium

Zigzag, UK

Zitty Berlin, Germany

Zona Norte, Mexico

Zoo, Greece

Zoo World, USA

Zurban, France




pie digest magazine Bob Dylan cover story 2018, 3 pages.