Aug 1997, 13 pages>

June 2001, 27 pages


     June 2002, 36 pages; this "Special Collection Edition" came with 2 different covers and 2 different CDs "Hard Rain, A Tribute To Bob Dylan, Vol 1 and Vol 2".

  plastic wrapper   Limited Edition Photo Special, free with Dec 2002/Jan 2003 edition of Uncut. Dylan on cover only (but what a great photo!)

front     back   Sep 2003, 145 pages special: an absolute must !


   Jan 2005, 13 pages; 2 different covers, and 2 different CDs: "Tracks That Influenced Bob Dylan" and "Tracks Inspired By Bob Dylan".

Feb 2006, 3 pages

 Nov 2006, 9 pages [1106]

wrapper   uncut_2007_08.jpg  Aug 2007, 13 pages. Came with a free CD "15 Brilliant Tracks From Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour" . The magazine, the CD and a booklet with many Dylan references ("The Uncut Book Of Revelations: A Compendium Of The Very Finest Rock Facts"), are inside a carboard enveloppe. [0707]

  uncut-drifters-cd-1.jpg Feb 2008, 11 pages, with a free 15 tracks CD 'The Music That Inspired Bob Dylan's John Wesley Harding And Nashville Skyline' [1113]

  Nov 2008, 14 pages; with the CD RADIO BOB Volume 2, "Another 17 brilliant tracks from  Dylan's Theme Theme Radio Hour" [1008]

front   back 

 unfolded map June 2009, 'A Unique Guide to the United States of  Bob' large map of the USA, showing several Dylan related places [0217]

Jan 2010, 8 pages [1209]




   June 2011 'Dylan 70th Birthday Special' came with 4 different covers and a 16-tracks CD: 4 covers and 12 birthday songs. 18 pages [0411]

Sep 2013. Except for its title -New Mornings-, the free CD had no Dylan connnection. [0713]

July 2014. This is the US edition, as the UK July 2014 issue, though having the Dylan article about the 'Lost Decade', comes with Paul Weller on the cover. [0714]

Dec 2014, 10 pages (article by Clinton Heylin). Except for its title -Beyond The Basement- the free CD had no Dylan connection [1014]

May 2015, Special Issue: 'The Ultimate Music Guide' serie, 122 pages [0515]

December 2016, Special Issue: 'The Ultimate Music Guide' serie, 146 pages [0217]

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