"BOB DYLAN L'EXPLOSION ROCK 1961-1966" is an exhibition that took place in Paris, France, at the Cité de la Musique (6 March - 15 July 2012). Mainly a Daniel Kramer photos exhibition -some of them never seen before-, it also showed memorabilia (Hibbing yearbooks, handwritten fac similes, record covers, a guitar that belonged to Bob Dylan, and much more...)

 Jan-March 2012, #68, 4 pages. La Cité de la Musique (in Paris) magazine, 4 pages [0212]

The front of this leaflet was also the official poster of the exhibition. [0312] 

8 pages leaflet [0312]

leaflet for the FIP Dylan radio programme, 9-10 March 2012  [0312]

Press Book for the exhibition, 22 pages [0512]