1961 Nov 4, Carnegie Chapter Hall

1962 September 22, Carnegie Hall

1963 April 12, Town Hall, NYC

1963 May 17-19, Monterey Festival

1963 July 26-28, Newport Festival

1963 August 19, NYC, Forest Hills

1963 October 26, Carnegie Hall

1964 February 8, Atlanta

1964 May 17, London

1964 June 17, Ravinia Festival

1964 July 23-26, Newport Festival

1964 October 31, Philharmonic Hall

1964 November 20, Chicago, Ill

1965 April 24, Seattle

1965 May 9-12, Royal Albert Hal

1965 July 22-25, Newport Festival

1965 October 1st, Carnegie Hall

1966 April, Australia Tour

1966 May, Europe Tour

1966 May 24, L'Olympia, Paris

1966 UK, unofficial

1969 Aug 31, Isle Of Wight Festival

1976 January 25, 'Hurricane II'

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1978 July 15, Picnic At Blackbushe

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2000 June 15, Portland, Or

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BOB DYLAN IN HIS FIRST NEW YORK CONCERT. Carnegie Chapter Hall, Saturday November 4, 1961.
Located at the 5th floor of Carnegie Hall in New York; 53 tickets were sold, while the hall could have held 200.


Very simple programme: 4 pages, just a 20,5 cm x 27 cm folded sheet of paper. Back/front & inside:

Bob Dylan 1961 folklore center nyc  Programme

    "Billed as Dylan’s 'First New York Concert' it was, more accurately, Dylan’s first concert anywhere. Prior to this show he’d only played club dates and a few guest spots on multi-artist bills. Dylan arrived in New York on January, 21, 1961 and began playing hoots at clubs like Gerdes Folk City almost immediately. His first “break” was a two weeks stint opening for blues giant John Lee Hooker at Gerdes in April of that year. On September 26, Dylan began another two week engagement at the club, opening for the much better known Greenbriar Boys. Though Dylan was the opening act, New York Times music critic Robert Shelton focused entirely on Dylan in his review of the opening night. The impact was immediate, and a few days later Dylan was signed to Columbia Records by legendary A&R man John Hammond (who had discovered/signed Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Count Basie, and later Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Ray Vaughan.)
     Five weeks later, Izzy Young presented Dylan “In His First New York Concert” at Carnegie Chapter Hall, a 200 seat room that was part of the Carnegie Hall complex. Reportedly only 53 people attended, but it was the start of a touring career that continues today. Dylan expert Clinton Heylin notes that he sounded 'extremely nervous and uncertain of himself'.
     The handbill / program, an 8 1/2” x 11” sheet printed on both sides and folded in half, was distributed in advance of the show by Izzy Young in an effort to drum up attendance. in excellent unworn condition. It features a ridiculous biographical sketch of Dylan, drawn from an interview he gave to Young. Dylan exaggerates for effect, claiming he got his start playing in carnivals, was raised in Gallup New Mexico, and was given a scholarship to the University of Minnesota—all completely untrue". Information Recordmecca.

    Bob Dylan performed 22 songs at the Chapter Hall concert. The first seven songs from this performance came into circulation among collectors some years ago. Five additional songs appeared in December 2004 and a further two (‘Talking Merchant Marine’ and ‘Talking New York’) turned up in May, 2008. Seven songs are still uncirculating among collectors.


Pretty Peggy-O

In the Pines  

Gospel Plow  

1913 Massacre  

Backwater Blues  

A Long Time A-Growin'  

Fixin' to Die  

San Francisco Bay Blues (uncirculating)

Riding In My Car  (uncirculating)

Talkin' Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues  

Man On The Street  

Sally Girl  (uncirculating)

This Land Is Your Land  

Talking Merchant Marine (Talking Sailor)  

Black Cross  

He Was A Friend Of Mine  (uncirculating)

Pretty Polly (uncirculating)

House of the Rising Sun  (uncirculating)

The Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird (uncirculating)

Freight Train Blues  

Song To Woody  

Talkin' New York