1965 Columbia Records press kit, promoting the release of his "new" single, "Like A Rolling Stone," from the archive of Ralph J. Gleason, the legendary music critic, co-founder of Rolling Stone Magazine, and early friend and supporter of Dylan (he wrote many early articles on Dylan, as well as conducting the famous 1965 San Francisco Press Conference.) The kit has a custom cover, made of black coated paper with a drawing of Dylan pasted on the front (this is the drawing from the Australian '65 tour program.) Inside is an 8" x 10" promo photo of Dylan, with credits for Albert Grossman's management company. A 3 page Columbia Records press release titled "The Tambourine Man" analyzes Dylan's success and the reasons behind it, and touts the "new Columbia single "Like A Rolling Stone" quoting the lyrics, of which it says "only the soulful accents of rhythim and blues can deliver full force and meaning." And last but certainly not least, there is a 5 page bio, titled simply "Bob Dylan" and dated July, 1965. On page 4, Pete Seeger is quoted as saying of Dylan "He'll be America's greatest troubador," adding "if he doesnt' explode." (from [1111] 

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