Special thanks to Hanns-Peter Buschoff who sent a lot of bookmarks scans from his impressive collection.  

THE BOB DYLAN BOOKMARKS presented here are promotional or bonus items that usually come with a book, but not only: they are also made to promote an album, an event, a shop... There are also (see bottom of the page) some home-made bookmarks, made for fun or for $ale...

See below the bookmarks for the Books, the Albums, the Special Events, the Shops, Others and even Home Made bookmarks...



Song And Dance Man III (Michael Gray) -front -back

Omnibus Press -front                                   -back   

The Dylan Albums (Anthony Varesi)

Dylan: Behind Close Doors by Clinton Heylin: -front  -back                             

Genesis Publications for 'Bob Dylan In Woodstock'

China (2017): THE LYRICS 1961-2012, 'The Potato Chip 'bags: -see here for more about this very special item-




France: Les Parcours de Bob Dylan (Michel Jacques)

France: D'Oý Viens-tu Dylan? (Louis Skorecki)

France: Playlist (Charles Berberian)

Greece: Lyrics 1962-2001

Poland: Duszny Craj

Romania: Humanitas fiction for Suflare in V‚nt

Spain: La Biografia (Howard Sounes) -front         -back

Spain: Petando Nas Puertas de Dylan (Galician book) [0412]             

Spain, 2012: Vols Tornar A Ser Lliure? (Catalan book) [0612]

Spain: Ediciones Robinbook -front (with Jim Morrison on back)  

Spain: Ediciones Malpaso (Catalan language)  



France (2005): Sony Musique for exclusive CD -front            -back   

Modern Times (2006):

front                          back #1                     back #2

I'm Not There (2007) original soundtrack -front  -back

Together Through Life (2009) -front                             -back  

Trouble No More, Sony Germany (2017) -front             -back  



Germany, 1997 Tribute Concert -front       -back    

 The Bridge School 18th Annual Concerts (2004)  -front                  -back  

Live Nation.com, 2007 concert          

Ch‚tillon, Italy, 18 June 2008 concert

The Brazil Series (2010), Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark:

front           back #1        back #2



 Rolling Tomes #1                  #2                                     #3 

-front         -back   Japan: Disk Union (a chain of stores) offered you this 'gift' item when you bought something in their book shop in Autumn 2012. It is a 13,5 cm x 4,5 cm Bob Dylan bookmark, made from glossy thick card. The two pics are: Record Collectorís Magazine, issue October 2012 and CD Tempest, Japanese limited edition (Sony SICP 3663). The bookmark was released seperate from the Tempest CDs, itís just a gift. Thanks to Wil Gielen for the scan and info.[1012]



Hibbing Public Library -front                         -back   



Oil pastel and sharpie on doubled cardstock, leather tassel and beads (glass and metal) from craft store, covered with plastic wrap to protect the drawing. (eBay information) [0712]

Blonde On Blonde (probably sacrilegious cut-out of the LP cover!).