Special thanks to Hanns-Peter Bushoff who sent a lot of bookmarks scans from his impressive collection.  

THE BOB DYLAN BOOKMARKS presented here are promotional or bonus items that usually come with a book, but not only: they are also made to promote an album, an event, a shop... There are also (see bottom of the page) some home-made bookmarks, made for fun or for $ale...

See below the bookmarks for the Books, the Albums, the Special Events, the Shops, Others and even Home Made bookmarks...



Song And Dance Man III (Michael Gray) -front -back

Omnibus Press -front                                   -back   

The Dylan Albums (Anthony Varesi)

Dylan: Behind Close Doors by Clinton Heylin: -front  -back                             

Genesis Publications for 'Bob Dylan In Woodstock'

China (2017): THE LYRICS 1961-2012, 'The Potato Chip 'bags: -see here for more about this very special item-




France: Les Parcours de Bob Dylan (Michel Jacques)

France: D'Oý Viens-tu Dylan? (Louis Skorecki)

France: Playlist (Charles Berberian)

Greece: Lyrics 1962-2001

Poland: Duszny Craj

Romania: Humanitas fiction for Suflare in V‚nt

Spain: La Biografia (Howard Sounes) -front         -back

Spain: Petando Nas Puertas de Dylan (Galician book)              

Spain, 2012: Vols Tornar A Ser Lliure? (Catalan book)

Spain: Ediciones Robinbook -front (with Jim Morrison on back)  

Spain: Ediciones Malpaso (Catalan language)  



France (2005): Sony Musique for exclusive CD -front            -back   

Modern Times (2006):

front                          back #1                     back #2

I'm Not There (2007) original soundtrack -front  -back

Together Through Life (2009) -front                             -back  

Trouble No More, Sony Germany (2017) -front             -back  



Germany, 1997 Tribute Concert -front       -back    

 The Bridge School 18th Annual Concerts (2004)  -front                  -back  

Live Nation.com, 2007 concert          

Ch‚tillon, Italy, 18 June 2008 concert

The Brazil Series (2010), Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark:

front           back #1        back #2



 Rolling Tomes #1                  #2                                     #3 

-front         -back   Japan: Disk Union (a chain of stores) offered you this 'gift' item when you bought something in their book shop in Autumn 2012. It is a 13,5 cm x 4,5 cm Bob Dylan bookmark, made from glossy thick card. The two pics are: Record Collectorís Magazine, issue October 2012 and CD Tempest, Japanese limited edition (Sony SICP 3663). The bookmark was released seperate from the Tempest CDs, itís just a gift. Thanks to Wil Gielen for the scan and information.



Hibbing Public Library -front                         -back   



Oil pastel and sharpie on doubled cardstock, leather tassel and beads (glass and metal) from craft store, covered with plastic wrap to protect the drawing. (eBay information) 

Blonde On Blonde (probably sacrilegious cut-out of the LP cover!).