BOB DYLAN BARALHO DE CARTAS. Set of playing cards; each card has a quote from a Bob Dylan song (in Portuguese). ISBN 978-989-764-253-1 [1217]

 Part of a deck that featured a plethora of pop culture -movie stars, pop music, television stars, sports figures, politicians, etc... [0312]

   1991 NME poker game [0312]

2005 poker game [0312]

Rock'n Roll poker card [0312]

Poker game, 54 cards, Argentina [0312]

50 cards, Argentina [0412]

Trading card from a Board Game released in Canada in the 1990s showing famous faces. [0412]

1993, from a set of 8 Pop-cards by Peter Pollmann [0412]

Picture card from a board game called Hoopla [0412]

2005, trivia pop/rock music card >#56 [0412]

Italy, #17, from the Raro! magazine [0412]

#4, Rock Street! series [0412]

Tarot card by Chris Paradis, 500 ex only [0412]

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