BOB DYLAN BARALHO DE CARTAS. Set of playing cards; each card has a quote from a Bob Dylan song (in Portuguese). ISBN 978-989-764-253-1

 Part of a deck that featured a plethora of pop culture -movie stars, pop music, television stars, sports figures, politicians, etc...

   1991 NME poker game

2005 poker game

Rock'n Roll poker card

Poker game, 54 cards, Argentina

50 cards, Argentina

Trading card from a Board Game released in Canada in the 1990s showing famous faces.

1993, from a set of 8 Pop-cards by Peter Pollmann 

Picture card from a board game called Hoopla

2005, trivia pop/rock music card >#56

Italy, #17, from the Raro! magazine

#4, Rock Street! series

Tarot card by Chris Paradis, 500 ex only

no information.

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