The stamps below were part of a project Catherine did as a design student a couple of years ago. The assignment was to create a series of stamps that fit within a theme of her choice, and as a big Bob Dylan fan, she decided to illustrate some Dylan song titles through hand lettering.
The stamps are not real postage stamps and they are unique pieces.
The book is not real either: the pages shown are page layouts designed to fit into another book as a mock-up, with the cover designed as a dust jacket. However, the text is something Catherine actually wrote herself about the stamps, which also incorporates a bit of Dylan history.
As for the envelopes, the stamps are drawings which were printed onto them, not pasted on, but also not drawn directly on the envelope.The LP is actually just a print pasted on covering a different album. The portrait drawings in the fourth image are the back sides of the postcards; they are laying on the open LP, which has pockets inside to fit the information cards.

Catherine Jackson is a professional graphic designer who works independently as a designer and illustrator and runs her own online shop called Nice Heart Press. You can contact her there if you are interested in buying these unique pieces.