These strange booklets were handled at some Dylan concerts, in the USA and Europe; the publisher is a religious group called Twelve Tribes. Somebody there must be a Dylan fan.


front      back.      Given at the Nürnberg concert, 7 Nov 2011, 8 pages, A5. The title means, 'Dear Bob, what happened to our dream?' Thanks to Wiebke.  

Given at the Uncasville, Connecticut, concert, 8 Sept 2012; 14 pages, A4. Thanks to Jim Rogers.  

Given at the Paris Nov. 2013 concerts, Messianic interpretations of various Dylan lyrics; I Shall Be Released  is mis-dated 1961... 16 pages. Text in French; the title means 'What are you thinking about?' 

other booklet, 7 pages, text in German. 

other booklet, no information.