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                                                                      FREEDOM FOR TIBET  

 Bob Dylan books In Chinese language:

BOB DYLAN, Musicdoors 2006, 128 pages, hardcover, with DVD of Unplugged. ISBN 978-962-486-173-2 [1106]

 BOB DYLAN: A BIOGRAPHY, "by Sally Barber", Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (unknown date), translated by Jian Wang. This short eBook is a paper book in China: biligual version, Chinese/English. This book actually seems to be just a compilation of well known information easily available on the web, on Wikipedia for example. As often for this kind of item, the author in totally unknown as a Dylan book writer, it is probably just a name on the cover. Thank you to Martin Feng for scan and information. [0717]

 BOB DYLAN POČTE DE SA VIE, by Jean-Dominique Brierre, Hunan Art Publishing House, paperback, 2017. 366 pages. ISBN 978-7-5404-7926-8

   BOB DYLAN POETRY COLLECTION (1961-2012), by Bob Dylan, Guangxi Normal University Press 2017, ISBN 9787549597048. Series of eight booklets, translations of Bob Dylan’s lyrics, packaged in potato chip bags! All details are here. [0617]

BOB DYLAN, THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE, Taiwan, carton cover, 50 pages. Discography of Dylan LPs; last entry Hard Rain, so probably 1976 or 1977. [0217]

same, hard linen cover [0417]

 BOB DYLAN -THE ULTIMATE MUSIC GUIDE Uncut, 2016, large format paperback, 136 pages, comes with large (35 x 50 cm) folded poster of Dylan, as seen on the Chinese Chronicles below. ISBN 978-7-5502-7296-5 [0217]

CHRONICLES -VOLUME ONE, by Bob Dylan, Chinese translation by Xu Zhen Feng and Wu Hong Kai, Tiang Su People Publishing House, Nanjing 2006, People's Republic of China; 283 pages. ISBN 978-7-214-04198-7

 same, 2nd print, 2007. ISBN 978-7-214-04198-2.[0811]

CHRONICLES -VOLUME ONE, by Bob Dylan, Locus Publishing Co 2006, Taiwan. Softcover, 343 pages. ISBN 978-986-7059-54-3.. Thanks to Juergen Wasser for that scan and Peter Oudejans for the information.  [1006]

 without obi      with obi  CHRONICLES -VOLUME ONE, by Bob Dylan, Henan University Press 2014, 294 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN  978-7-5649-1758-6 [1016]

 DOWN THE HIGHWAY -THE LIFE OF BOB DYLAN, by Howard Sounes, Njup Com 2012, China; softcover with dustjacket, 541 pages. ISBN 978-7-305-10009-3 [1213]

 FREEWHEELIN' TIME (A) -A MEMOIR OF GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE SIXTIES, BOB DYLAN AND ME, by Suze Rotolo, Satori 2011, softcover, 287 pages [1213]

 NO DIRECTION HOME -THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN, by Robert Shelton. Chong Qing University Press, 2016, paperback with wrap around cover and obi, 451 pages. ISBN 978-7-5689-0304-2

OLD, WEIRD AMERICA (THE), by Ge Lei Er Ma Ku Si (Greil Marcus), Nanjing University Press 1991, 1st edition. [0615]

same, NJUP 2007, paperback with a separate cover. 'Simplified' version, 226 pages. ISBN 978-7-305-05231-6 [0811]

 ONCE UPON A TIME -THE LIVES OF BOB DYLAN, by Ian Bell, Chinese translation published by China Remnin University Press, 2016, hardback with dustcover, 580 pages. ISBN 978-7-300-23808-1

 TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Amy, Working People China 2016, paperback, 295 pages. ISBN 978-7-5008-6571-1

 WHO IS THAT MAN? -IN SEARCH OF THE REAL BOB DYLAN, by David Dalton, Guangxi Normal University Press 2015, 414 pages, softcover ISBN 978-7-5495-6538-2. [1016]