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 Bob Dylan books In Chinese language:

BOB DYLAN, Musicdoors 2006, 128 pages, hardcover, with DVD of Unplugged. ISBN 978-962-486-173-2 

 BOB DYLAN: A BIOGRAPHY, "by Sally Barber", Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (unknown date), translated by Jian Wang. This short eBook is a paper book in China: biligual version, Chinese/English. This book actually seems to be just a compilation of well known information easily available on the web, on Wikipedia for example. As often for this kind of item, the author in totally unknown as a Dylan book writer, it is probably just a name on the cover. Thank you to Martin Feng for scan and information.

 BOB DYLAN POČTE DE SA VIE, by Jean-Dominique Brierre, Hunan Art Publishing House, paperback, 2017. 366 pages. ISBN 978-7-5404-7926-8

   BOB DYLAN POETRY COLLECTION (1961-2012), by Bob Dylan, Guangxi Normal University Press 2017, ISBN 9787549597048. Series of eight booklets, translations of Bob Dylan’s lyrics, packaged in potato chip bags! All details are here.

BOB DYLAN, THE EYE OF THE HURRICANE, Taiwan, carton cover, 50 pages. Discography of Dylan LPs; last entry Hard Rain, so probably 1976 or 1977.

same, hard linen cover

 BOB DYLAN -THE ULTIMATE MUSIC GUIDE Uncut, 2016, large format paperback, 136 pages, comes with large (35 x 50 cm) folded poster of Dylan, as seen on the Chinese Chronicles below. ISBN 978-7-5502-7296-5

CHRONICLES -VOLUME ONE, by Bob Dylan, Chinese translation by Xu Zhen Feng and Wu Hong Kai, Tiang Su People Publishing House, Nanjing 2006, People's Republic of China; 283 pages. ISBN 978-7-214-04198-7

same, Locus Publishing Co 2006, Taiwan. Softcover, 343 pages. ISBN 978-986-7059-54-3.. Thanks to Juergen Wasser for that scan and Peter Oudejans for the information.  

 same, Chinese translation by Xu Zhen Feng and Wu Hong Kai, Tiang Su People Publishing House, Nanjing 2nd print, 2007, People's Republic of China; 283 pages. . ISBN 978-7-214-04198-2.

 without obi     with obi   same, Henan University Press 2014, People's Republic of China, 294 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN  978-7-5649-1758-6 

 same, Henan University Press 2017. ISBN 978-7-5649-2627-4

 DOWN THE HIGHWAY -THE LIFE OF BOB DYLAN, by Howard Sounes, Njup Com 2012, China; softcover with dustjacket, 541 pages. ISBN 978-7-305-10009-3 


 without obi     with obi   same -A MEMOIR OF GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE SIXTIES, Guangming 2017, 366 pages, hardcover with dustjacket and OBI. ISBN 978-7-5194-3242-3

 NO DIRECTION HOME -THE LIFE AND MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN, by Robert Shelton, translated by Teng Jimeng: see him talk about the translation here. Chong Qing University Press 2016, paperback with wrap around cover and obi, 451 pages. ISBN 978-7-5689-0304-2

OLD, WEIRD AMERICA (THE), by Ge Lei Er Ma Ku Si (Greil Marcus), Nanjing University Press 1991, 1st edition.

same, NJUP 2007, paperback with a separate cover. 'Simplified' version, 226 pages. ISBN 978-7-305-05231-6 

 ONCE UPON A TIME -THE LIVES OF BOB DYLAN, by Ian Bell, Chinese translation published by China Remnin University Press, 2016, hardback with dustcover, 580 pages. ISBN 978-7-300-23808-1

 TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' (THE) (BOB DYLAN), by Amy, Working People China 2016, paperback, 295 pages. ISBN 978-7-5008-6571-1

 WHO IS THAT MAN? -IN SEARCH OF THE REAL BOB DYLAN, by David Dalton, Guangxi Normal University Press 2015, 414 pages, softcover ISBN 978-7-5495-6538-2.