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 Bob Dylan books In Japanese language:

    *300 ROCK ALBUMS IN 20th CENTURY -TIME HAS CHANGED WITH BOB DYLAN, unknown author, Junpo-sha 2000, 383 pages ISBN 9784845106332

ART OF FOLKIES (THE), by Tatsu Susuki, Ontomo Mook 1998, softback; listing of  “folk” albums with content and review, with large Dylan content. ISBN 978-4-276-96046-0

BAND & BOB DYLAN (THE), The Dig Special Edition 50th Anniversary, Shinko Music Mook 2012, 224 pages. ISBN 978-4-401-63717-1 

   BEATLES AND BOB DYLAN (THE), by Yasuki Nakayama, Kobunsha 2010,  235 pages, softcover with dust jacket and obi. ISBN 978- 4-334-03565-5

    BLOWING IN BOB DYLAN'S LYRICS, by Kazunari Suzumura, Sauryusha, 2017, paperback with wrap-around cover and obi, 180 pages. ISBN 978-4-7791-2301-6

   BOB DYLAN, by Anthony Scaduto, (An Intimate Biography) Japanese translation arranged through Charles E. Tuttle Company 1971, 424 pages in Japanese + 22 pages in English , hardback with dustjacket + paper wrap-around cover and Obi. No ISBN. Thanks to Wil Gielen and John Baldwin for the information.

  BOB DYLAN, various Japanese writers, Kawade Shobo Shinsha Publishers 2002, 200 pages. ISBN 978-4-309-97632-8 

 BOB DYLAN, by Yasuki Nakayama, P-Rythm Paperbacks 2008, 165 pages, ISBN 978-4-904231-04-3. .

BOB DYLAN & THE BAND -THE BASEMENT TAPES, The Dig Special edition, Shinko Music Mook 17 Nov 2014, 196 pages. ISBN 978-4-401-64083-6 

    BOB DYLAN ARCHIVES - Rolling Stone Special Issue, Inforest Mook 2010, 224 pages, softcover with dustjacket and OBI. ISBN 978-4-86190-576-6  

    BOB DYLAN BY DANIEL KRAMER  -A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST'S EARLY YEARS, by Daniel Kramer, Blues Interactions, Inc. 1994, large size hardbackwith paper wrap-around cover and Obi.Front and rear cover illustration by Jun Miura, 162 pages. ISBN 4-938339-14-5

   BOB DYLAN DAIHYAKKA TOLEN , by Clinton Heylin, (Stolen Moments) translation by Heckel Sugano, CBS Sony Publishing Inc.1990, with obi, 318 pages.ISBN 978-4-78-0553-6 

 BOB DYLAN DISC GUIDE, March 2010, Record Collector's special, softcover.

BOB DYLAN DOKUHON (CD Journal Mook) by Heckel Sugano, Ongaku Shappansha Co., 2012 -information from seems to be a "50 year celebration of Dylan", with timelines and discographies. 159 pages. Softback. ISBN 978-4-86171-089-6

BOB DYLAN IN HIS OWN WORDS, by Barry Miles, Japanese translation, Stardom Books. Quick Fox, Tokyo 1978, paperback, 156 pages.

   BOB DYLAN IN HIS OWN WORDS, by Chris Williams, Stardom Books, Kinema Junpo Sha 1994, paperback with paper wrap-around cover and obi, 240 pages . ISBN 4-87376-077-1

    same, 2007 Hardcover, 178 pages. ISBN 978-4-87257-769-3 

   BOB DYLAN IN THE 60's, by Mihashi Kazuo, Shinko Music Pub. Co Ltd 1991, Tokyo paperback with paper wrap-around cover, 253 pages ISBN 401-61338-4 

   BOB DYLAN KAITAI-SHINSYO, by Yasuki Nakayama, Koseido Shuppan 2014, softcover with dustjacket and OBI, 254 pages. ISBN 978-4331-51791-8 

 BOB DYLAN -MY BACK PAGES Kawade dream Mook statement of the arts supplement, Kawade Mook 2016, paperback, 191 pages. ISBN 978-4309979083

   BOB DYLAN NO KISEKI (A Locus of Bob Dylan), by Mituhashi Kazuo,  Shufu To Seikatu-Sha 1972, Rock Music Library. Paperback with Obi, 227 numbered pages in Japanese, 23 numbered pages in English. No ISBN.

BOB DYLAN NO SHI NO WADASHI, by Heckel Sugano. 'Shi no Wadachi' is the Japanese title of "Blood On The Tracks", so the title of the book means "Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks", U Books. 1978, paperback, 240 pages. No ISBN

    BOB DYLAN NO TENKOU WA NAZE JIKEN DATTA NO KA ? by Mutsumi Ota. The title means Why Was Bob Dylan’s Change Of Direction A Scandal ? The obi is about Newport and the Hippy movement. Ronshousha 2011 (?), 197 pages with dustjacket and obi. ISBN 978-4-8460-0928-1 

    BOB DYLAN ROCK NO SEIREI (Spirits Of Rock), by Manabu Yuasa, Iwanami Shoten 2013, softcover with dustjacket and OBI. 262 pages. ISBN 978-4-00-431453-0 

 BOB DYLAN SCRAPBOOK 1956-1966 (THE),  by Robert Santelli, Soft Bank Publishing, Japan 2005. Hardback book with dustjacket, housed in a thick card storage box, 64 pages. Includes an interview CD and a 36 page booklet in Japanese. The CD has 14 tracks : 1.Oscar Brand Interview 29/10/61 (1:08), 2.Cynthia Gooding Interview 13/01/62 (4:18), 3. Allen Stone Interview 24/10/65 (6:19), 3. Martin Bronstein Interview 20/02/66 (9:50), 5 to 14. Interviews taken from the Martin Scorsese film "No Direction Home”. ISBN 4-7973-3071-6. Thanks to Wil for the information.

BOB DYLAN THE CUTTING EDGE 1965-1966, The Dig Special Edition, Shinko Music Mook 11 Nov 2015, 192 pages. ISBN 978-4-401-64236-6 

   no obi but a plastic sleeve    BOB DYLAN -THE LIFE STORY, by Keita Konishi, Media Factory Inc 1992, hardback, 131 pages. ISBN  4-88991-266-5.

   BOB DYLAN'S GREATEST HITS VOLUME 3, by Akio Miyazawa, Shinchosha, 2011, hardback with obi, 230 pages. ISBN 9784103974048  

    BOB DYLAN: WANTED MAN "IN SEARCH OF BOB DYLAN", by John Bauldie, Japanese translation by Heckel Sugano, Shinko Music Pub. Co Ltd 1993, Tokyo, paperback with paper wrap-around cover, 302 pages. ISBN 978-4-401-61355-4

     CHO BOB DYLAN NYOMOU, by Yasuki Nakayama, Ongaku-no-tomo-Sha 2003, Tokyo. 182 pages, with obi, paperback. The title means 'The Complete Bob Dylan study, How to listen to Dylan. (Thank you to Hanns Peter Bushoff for this information). ISBN 978-4-276-23433-6 

    CHRONICLES -VOLUME 1, by Bob Dylan, SoftBank Publishing 2005, 365 pages, hardback with dustjacket, paper wrap-around cover and obi. ISBN 978-4-7973-3070-8  

   CLASSIC BOB DYLAN, by Andy Gill, (My Back Pages) Japanese translation by Tadd Igarashi, Shinko Music Pub.2001, 256 pages, hardcover with dustjacket and obi ISBN 978-4-401-61671-5

   COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN, (THE), by Patrick Humphries, translation by Kiyohiko Nishitome,  Shinko Music Pub. Co Ltd  1996, 219 pages, paperback with paper wrap-around cover and obi. ISBN 978-4-401-70121-6 

 *DISAPPEARENCE -CAUGHT BOB DYLAN (FUSO MYSTERY), by Philip Ross, Fusosha 1989, paperback, 344 pages. This is an American novel (1985), its original title is Blue Heron.

    DOWN THE HIGHWAY, by Howard Sounes, Japanese translation arranged with Grove / Atlantic Inc., Kawade Shobo Shinsha Publishers 2002, 477 pages, Hardcover with obi. ISBN 978-4-309-26614-2

   same, Kawade 2016, hardcover with dustjacket and obi, 486 pages. ISBN: 978-4-309-27792-9

 DYLAN ('BOB DYLAN' on spine), by Luke Crampton, Dafydd Rees and Wellesley Marsh, Music Icons, Taschen 2011. Text in English, Japanese and French, 192 pages, paperback. There are two other editions of this book: one with the text in English, French, German, and one in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. ISBN 978-4-88783-405-7

    DYLAN A MAN CALLED ALIAS, by Richard Williams, Japanese translation by Daiei Shuppan. Bloomsbury (Japan UNI Agency), Tokyo 1993. Hardback with paper wrap-around cover, 206 pages. ISBN 978-4-88682-553-2

    DYLAN GOROKU , by Toru Mitui, (means "The Saying of Bob Dylan"), Bronz Co 1973, softcover with dustjacket and obi. 149 numbered pages in Japanese, 53 numbered pages in English.

 DYLAN MANIAX, Gold Wax/Mania Vol.2 1998 Booklet of Dylan bootlegs. No ISBN 

DYLAN NI HAJIMARU, by Satoru Hamano.The title means 'It Starts With Dylan', Shobun Sha Publisher 1978, Tokyo, hardback, 296 pages. No ISBN

    green obi   red obi  DYLAN WOKIKE !! / LISTEN TO DYLAN !! by Yasuki Nakayama, Kodan-Sya 2000. The title means Listen to Dylan!! Collection of the author's comment of every Dylan track (thanks to Masato), 528 pages, paperback with paper wrap-around cover and obi; the obi reads: "An introduction to all 513 songs" 

    same,  Kodan-Sya 2004, softcover and obi ("An introduction to all 582 songs"), 606 pages. ISBN 978-4-06-274850-9 

   DYLAN'S BEAT -MY BACK PAGES, by Katsu Suzuki, Shinko Music 1997, 430 pages, hardcover book with paper wrap-around cover & obi. ISBN 978-4-401-71105-X 

     DYLAN'S SONG, Ele-king books, 2014, 384 pages, paperback with obi ISBN 978-4-907276-18-8 

 *ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAPANESE EDITIONROCK SINGLES & EP’s, (AN), Paperback book with paper wrap-around cover and Japanese obi; Fusosha 1 December 1999, 323 pages. Contains 4760 colour miniature front sleeve photos of Japanese 7” singles and Japanese EP’s from various artists, in English and Japanese.  3 Pages show 58 miniature photos of Japanese Bob Dylan 7” & EP sleeves, all in colour. There is also an artist index with two pages dedicated to Bob Dylan, describing the 58 Japanese 7” singles & EP’s (A-side, B-side, record company, catalogue number and year of release). Thanks to Wil for scan and information

EVERY GRAIN OF SAND -DYLAN WHAT HAPPENED ?, by Paul Williams, Playguide Journal Sha Pub., 1981, Osaka, paperback, 214 pages

FOLK-ROCK -THE BOB DYLAN STORY , by Sy and Barbara Ribakove, Dell Publishing Co, Inc. 1966, 182 pages, paperback

   same, Japanese translation arranged through Japan UNI Agency inc., Kadakowa Shoten 1974, 190 pages, paperback with paper wrap-around cover. No ISBN

   FOREVER YOUNG, by Bob Dylan, illustrated by Paul Rogers. Iwasaki 2010, hardcover with dustjacket and obi, 40 pages. ISBN 978-4-265-06819-7 

   FREEWHEELIN' TIME -A MEMOIR OF GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE SIXTIES, by  Suze Rotolo, IKawade DTP Works 2008, 433 pages, hardcover with dustjacket and OBI

 GREAT BOB DYLAN, by Katsu Suzuki, Heckel Sugano, Kazuhiro Uda and Shinishiro Tatsumi, Yamaha Music Media Corporation 2009, 176 pages.

    HOLLYWOOD FOTO RHETORIC -THE LOST MANUSCRIPT, text by Bob Dylan, photographs by Barry Feinstein. English and Japanese text, commentary by Heckel Sugano, 143 pages, 2011, hardback with obi. ISBN 978-4-7917-6552-2 

   100 SONGS PICTURES & COMMENTS (BOB DYLAN), Toho Publ.2009, translated by Heckel Sugano, 496 pages, softcover with dustjacket and obi. ISBN 978-4-809-40802-1 

IF YOU SEE MR DYLAN, SAY HELLO, CBS/Sony Publishing 1975, 56 pages. No ISBN

    LIKE A ROLLING STONE -BOB DYLAN AT THE CROSSROADS, by Greil Marcus, Byakuya Shobo Ltd 2005, softcover with dustjacket and OBI, 239 pages. ISBN 978-4-86191-156-7 

      storage book with its obi      LYRICS 1962-1985, by Bob Dylan, Japanese translation by Yuzuru Katagiri and Yoh Nakayama, Shobun-sha Publisher 1993, Tokyo. Two books: one in Japanese (546 pages), one in English (508  pages) stored in a thick cardboard box. The storage box has an obi, not the two books individually. Thanks to Will Gielen and Hanns Peter Bushoff for scans and information.

    box front and spine without obi

    box front and spine with obi     LYRICS 1962-2001, Softbank Creative 2006, two volumes in a carton slipcase: one volume in English, 610 pages, one in Japanese, 693 pages. The 2 books have blank white covers with an imprint. ISBN 978-4-7973-3072-4. Thank you to Peter Oudejans for the scans and information.

    no obi but a plastic cover    MAN IN ME (THE), by Masato Tomobe, Japan 1992, hardback with plastic cover, 188 pages

   MIURA JUN MAGAZINE VOL.1, DYLAN GA ROCK -FEATURE: BOB DYLAN, by Jun Miura. Byakuya-Shobo Co.,Ltd. 2006, more a book than a magazine. 113 pages (all about Dylan). Softcover with obi. ISBN 978-4-86191-169-9

    MORE FOLKIES -BLOWIN IN THE DYLAN, by Katzu Suzuki, Vivid Books-VSPB-661, 2000, 246 pages, softcover with dustjacket and OBI. ISBN 0- 4-540399006611

    PAPERBACK BUNKO, Kobunsha 2017, paperback with wrap-around cover and obi, 268 pages. ISBN 978-4-334-78715-8

  PERFORMING ARTIST (BOB DYLAN) -BOOK ONE 1960-1973, by Paul Williams, Japanese translation by Akiko Sugano, Tomo Music Enterprise Co 1992, Tokyo, hardback with paper wrap-around cover, 366 pages. ISBN 978-4-276-23431-X

    PERFORMING ARTIST (BOB DYLAN) -BOOK TWO 1974-1986, by Paul Williams, Japanese translation by Akiko Sugano, Tomo Music Enterprise Co 1992, Tokyo, hardback with paper wrap-around cover and obi, 422 pages . ISBN 978-4-276-23432-8

   REAL MOMENTS -BOB DYLAN BY BARRY FEINSTEIN, text in Japanese, P-Vine Books / Blues Interactions, Ltd., 2008. Hardback with dustjacket + paper wrap-around cover + obi., 160 pages. This is a limited ‘premium’ edition, 3000 Japanese copies were made. There is a fold-out poster attached to the book, a set of 5 postcards is included too, loose inside the book, not attached. Thanks to Wil for the information. ISBN 978-4-86020-315-3.

   same, regular version: This one has the poster but not the 5 postcards. Thanks to Peter for the information. ISBN 978-4-86020-284-2.

 REVUE DE LA PENSÉE D'AUJOURD'HUI Vol. 38-6, 2009, 294 pages, softcover. The subtitle is in French (means Review of To Day's Thought), but the book is Japanese. ISBN 978-4-7917-1212-0 

    ROLLING THUNDER LOGBOOK, by Sam Shepard, Japanese translation arranged through Charles E. Tuttle Company. -SanRio. 192 pages, 1978 paperback with paper wrap-around cover and obi.

    same, Kawaide-Shobo-Shinsha 1993, Tokyo, paperback, 340 pages for this version. ISBN 978-4-309-46128-x

   ROOTS MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN, by Katsu Suzuki, Byakuya-Shobu Co. Ltd., 2010, paperback with wrap-around cover and obi, 311 pages. ISBN 978-4-86191-613-7

   same, Ritter Music 2017, 328 pages, softcover with obi. ISBN 978-4-8456-3058-5

SONG AND DANCE MAN -THE ART OF BOB DYLAN, by Michael Gray, Shobun-Sha 1973, Tokyo, 484 pages, hardcover with paper wrap-around cover.

*TAKARAJIMA, by various authors,  JICC Publishers 1977, 242 pages (108 on Bob Dylan), softcover, no ISBN.

   TALKIN' ABOUT BOB DYLAN, by Naoki Urasawa & Koji Wakui 2007, Shogakukan, softback with wrap around cover and obi. ISBN 978-4-09-359202-4 

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Kadakowa Shoten 1974, 246 pages, hardcover with paper wrap-around cover. No ISBN.

   TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, translated by Yoshio Kataoka, Kadokawa Shoten 2014, hardcover with dustjacket and OBI, 238 pages. ISBN 978-4-04-731918-9 

    21st CENTURY OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Manabu Yuasa, Gagaku shuppansha 2016, paperback with wrap-around cover and obi, 192 pages. ISBN 978-4-8617-1160-2

   VOICE WITHOUT RESTRAINT, by John Herdman, Japanese translation arranged through Tuttle-Mori Agency, CBS-Sony 1983, 286 pages, paperback with paper wrap-around cover and obi. ISBN 978-4-7897-0122-0  .

    WHO IS THAT MAN? (BOB DYLAN) by David Dalton, translation by Heckel Sugano, Shinko Music Entertainment Co. Ltd., Japan 2013. 437 pages, hardback with dustjacket and obi. ISBN 978-4-401-63721-8

Japanese book                       English book

slipcase   WORDS BY BOB DYLAN, Shobunsha 1974. Two paperback books housed in a cardboard slipcase: one book in Japanese (366 pages), the other in English (312 pages). No ISBN.

WORDS OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Jo Yokomishi, Seven & I Publisher 2016, 192 pages, softcover with dustjacket. ISBN 978-4-86008-713-5