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In Czech:

BOB DYLAN, by Clinton Heylin, Votobia 1994, hardback, 406 pages (Behind The Shades)

BOB DYLAN MILNÍKY, Editio Supraphon, Prague 1988 -8 Dylan songs translated in Czech, stapled, 41 pages [0709]

BOB DYLAN, DÍVÁM SE, JAK TECE REKA 1966-1975, by Paul Williams (Watching The River Flow), translated by Marek Stys, Pragma 1999, Prague, softcover 263 pages.

 BOB DYLAN ILLUSTROVANÁ BIOGRAFIE, by Chris Rushby, transation by Erika Starecka, Svojtka & Co 2011, 223 pages, Hardcover [1211]

BOB DYLAN MEZI OBRAZY, by Jakub Guziur, Volvox Globator 2016, 116 pages, hardcover. ISBN 978-80-7511-288-0. [0717]

 DYLAN 100 PISNI A FOTOGRAFII (100 Songs and Pictures), by Peter Doggett, translation Gita Zbavitelova, Volvox Globator, Prague 2010, 612 pages. Hardcover, first printing. ISBN 978-80-7207-788-5 [0811]

 same,  Volvox Globator 2016, second printing, ISBN 978-80-7511-304-7 [0717]

KDO JE TEN CHLAP? HLEDÁNÍ BOBA DYLANA, by David Dalton, translation Ladislav Senkyrik. 65. Pole 2014, 447 pages, hardcover with dusjacket. (Who Is That Man?). [1214]

KRONIKY DIL PRVNI, by Bob Dylan, translation by Jirí Popel, Argo 2005, Praha. 271 pages (Chronicles volume one)

LYRICS/TEXTY 1962-2001, English-Czech, translated by Michal Bystrov, Gita Zbavitelová 2005, 960 pages

MÝTUS BOBA DYLANA, by Jakub Guziur, 65. Pole 2014, 87 pages, hardcover.[1214]

REPERTOÁR MALÉ SCÉNY, (Small Stage Repertoire), by famous Czech rock guru Jiri Cerny, Rolling Stones, Jara Cimrman. Part of Rocnik serie, issue 12, vol. 5. Published by the Czechoslovak Ministry of Culture and Information and Orbis, 1967. Cover design by Valdemar Ungermann, 47 pages. no ISBN. [0917]

TARANTULE, by Bob Dylan, Argo 1997, 158 pages

 ŽIVOT BOBA DYLANA, DOWN THE HIGHWAY, by Howard Sounes, translation Michal Brystov, Galen 2010, 436 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket [0811]