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In Czech:

BOB DYLAN, by Clinton Heylin, Votobia 1994, hardback, 406 pages (Behind The Shades)

BOB DYLAN MILNÍKY, Editio Supraphon, Prague 1988 -8 Dylan songs translated in Czech, stapled, 41 pages [0709]

BOB DYLAN, DÍVÁM SE, JAK TECE REKA 1966-1975, by Paul Williams (Watching The River Flow), translated by Marek Stys, Pragma 1999, Prague, softcover 263 pages.

 BOB DYLAN ILLUSTROVANÁ BIOGRAFIE, by Chris Rushby, transation by Erika Starecka, Svojtka & Co 2011, 223 pages, Hardcover [1211]

BOB DYLAN MEZI OBRAZY, by Jakub Guziur, Volvox Globator 2016, 116 pages, hardcover. ISBN 978-80-7511-288-0. [0717]

 DYLAN 100 PISNI A FOTOGRAFII (100 Songs and Pictures), by Peter Doggett, translation Gita Zbavitelova, Volvox Globator, Prague 2010, 612 pages. Hardcover, first printing. ISBN 978-80-7207-788-5 [0811]

 same,  Volvox Globator 2016, second printing, ISBN 978-80-7511-304-7 [0717]

KDO JE TEN CHLAP? HLEDÁNÍ BOBA DYLANA, by David Dalton, translation Ladislav Senkyrik. 65. Pole 2014, 447 pages, hardcover with dusjacket. (Who Is That Man?). [1214]

KRONIKY DIL PRVNI, by Bob Dylan, translation by Jirí Popel, Argo 2005, Praha. 271 pages (Chronicles volume one)

LYRICS/TEXTY 1962-2001, English-Czech, translated by Michal Bystrov, Gita Zbavitelová 2005, 960 pages

MÝTUS BOBA DYLANA, by Jakub Guziur, 65. Pole 2014, 87 pages, hardcover.[1214]

TARANTULE, by Bob Dylan, Argo 1997, 158 pages

 ŽIVOT BOBA DYLANA, DOWN THE HIGHWAY, by Howard Sounes, translation Michal Brystov, Galen 2010, 436 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket [0811]