Bob Dylan books In English language, P letter:

PASSING THROUGH -BOB DYLAN'S 2000 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraight, Two Riders Production 2001, 60 pages

 PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID, by Rudolph Wurlitzer, The New American Library 1973, 130 pages

 PERFORMANCES (BOB DYLAN) -A KONSEPT, by Rob van Estrik, Underground Publication, 1980 Arnhem, 48 pages

PERFORMED LITERATURE -WORDS AND MUSIC BY BOB DYLAN, by Betsy Bowden, Indiana University Press 1982, 239 pages, HARDCOVER

 same, second edition, University Press Of America 2001, USA, 263 pages

PERFORMING ARTIST -THE MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN -VOLUME ONE, 1960-1973, by Paul Williams, Underwood Miller, Novato, Ca. 1990, paperback 305 pages. Advanced Reading Copy. It has an Index but comes with a slip of paper (also pink in colour) that advises that, to use the index, one must add 16 to the page numbers. No  ISBN. Thank you to Ian Woodward for the scan and information;

    slipcase   PERFORMING ARTIST -THE MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN -VOLUME ONE, 1960-1973, by Paul Williams, Underwood-Miller, Philadelphia, 1990. 310 pages, hardback. Limited edition of 250, signed by the author and presented in a maroon-coloured slipcase (information John Baldwin).ISBN 0-88733-090-8 

same, by Paul Williams, Underwood-Miller, Philadelphia, 1990. 310 pages, Hardcover ISBN 0-88733-089-4.

 same, paperback. ISBN 0-88733-101-7

PERFORMING ARTIST (BOB DYLAN) -BOOK ONE, 1960-1973, by Paul Williams, Xanadu 1991, London, 310 pages, hardback. ISBN 1-85480-039-8

same, paperback. ISBN 1-85480-044-2

 PERFORMING ARTIST (BOB DYLAN) -1960-1973 -THE EARLY YEARS by Paul Williams, Omnibus 1994, London, 310 pages, paperback ISBN 0-7119-3554-8

   slipcase   PERFORMING ARTIST (BOB DYLAN) -THE MIDDLE YEARS: 1974-1986, by Paul Williams, Underwood Miller 1992, 334 pages, in green cloth slipcase; signed edition, limited to 100 copies. ISBN 0-88733-144-0  

same, hardcover. ISBN 0-88733-143-2

same, paperback. ISBN 0-88733-142-4

PERFORMING ARTIST (BOB DYLAN) 1974-1986 -THE MIDDLE YEARS by Paul Williams, Omnibus 1994, London, 334 pages, paperback. ISBN 0-7119-3555-6

 PERFORMING ARTIST -1986-1990 & BEYOND -MIND OUT OF TIME, by Paul Williams, Omnibus Press 2004, 384 pages, hardcover.  ISBN 1-84449-281-8

same, 2005, paperback. ISBN 1-84449-831-X

 *PEST CONTROL -A NOVEL, by Bill Fitzhugh, Arrow 1996. Novel: Bob Dillon is a down-on-his-luck exterminator from Queens who just wants to make a killing with his radical new environmentally friendly pest elimination technique. ISBN 978-0060815301 


   PICNIC AT BLACKBUSHE (THE), by Jerry Bloom, Wymer Publishing, UK, Oct 2017. A4 landscape deluxe book presented in a metal flight case! Hardcover, 128 pages. 'Earlybird subscribers who ordered by the 30th September 2017 have their name printed within a dedicated page in the book'. ISBN 978-1-908724-79-3.

  PICNIC SURPRISE (A) -BOB DYLAN & THE ROAD TO BLACKBUSHE, by Derek Barker, Isis 2015, 82 pages. 

PLANTING STORIES IN THE PRESS -A BIBLIOGRAPHY [IN FACT, IT’S ONLY A BEGINNING], by Harald Müller, Bensheim 1981, 10 photocopied pages.

 PLAY A SONG FOR ME, by Kathy Thompson, Archway Publishing 2014, 24 pages

 POEM TO JOANIE (BOB DYLAN), "intro by A.J. Weberman", Aloes Seloa 1971, London,  "This is an edition of 300". The poem was first printed as liner notes to 'Joan Baez in Concert Part 2', TFL 6035 on Fontana", stappled card cover, 20 pages

same, alternate colour.

same, Amalthea Tearway,18 pages

POEM TO JOANIE (DYLAN), Booklegger 1972, UK reprint, 20 pages

same, Booklegger, 1972, London,  stapled  cover, 33 pages. Reprint, no 30p. on front cover.

*POETRY OF ROCK (THE) -THE GOLDEN YEARS, by David Pichaske. The Ellis Press 1981, Peoria, Ill., 173 pages (26 on Dylan), softcover.

 POLITICAL ART OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by David Boucher and Gary Browning, Palgrave Macmillan 2004, Hardback

 same, paperback (information eBay)

 same, Imprint Academic 2009, 2nd edition, paperback

*POLITICAL FOLK MUSIC IN AMERICA FROM ITS ORIGINS TO BOB DYLAN, by Lawrence J. Epstein, spring/summer 2010 McFarland, 204 pages, soft cover.


POSITIVELY BOB DYLAN -A THIRTY-YEAR DISCOGRAPHY, CONCERT & RECORDING SESSION GUIDE, 1960-1991, by Michael Krogsgaard, Popular Culture, Ink 1991, 498 pages. This is the 2nd updated version of  TWENTY YEARS OF RECORDINGS -THE BOB DYLAN REFERENCE BOOK.

same, subtitled BOB DYLAN -STOLEN MOMENTS -THE ULTIMATE REFERENCE BOOK, no information (working document?) 

POSITIVELY DYLAN -THE COMPLETE BOB DYLAN DISCOGRAPHY, by Mitch Barth, 29 pages. Last entry : Renaldo & Clara 1978

POSITIVELY 4th STREET -THE LIVES AND TIMES OF JOAN BAEZ, BOB DYLAN, MIMI BAEZ FARIÑA & RICHARD FARIÑA, by David Hajdu, Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2001, New York, hardback. 328 pages. ISBN 0-374-28199-8

same, New York, softcover, 2001, 47 pages excerpt. ISBN 0-374-28199-8.

same, 2nd printing, North Point Press (a division of NY Farrar, Straus and Giroux) 2001.

 same, Picador, USA,  2011, 'Tenth Anniversary Edition', 328 pages, softcover

same, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, proof copy with similar front cover but with different colouring, back marked “Uncorrected Proof / Not For Sale" with other tentative information about the book, different spine. 318 pages. No ISBN.

same, Farrar, Straus and Giroux. This is a 47-page promotional paperback containing two excerpts from the book. There is a note at the start explaining where these two excerpts fit in the chronology of the narrative. On the rear cover, at the bottom of the page, is printed, "Excerpt from Positively 4th Street - Not for sale". information & scan Ian Woodward. ISBN 0-374-28199-8.

same, Bloomsbury 2001, London, hardback. 328 pages

same, Bloomsbury 2002, London, paperback 328 pages

POSITIVELY MAIN STREET -AN UNORTHODOX VIEW OF BOB DYLAN, by Toby Thompson, Coward McCann & Geoghegan Inc, 1971, hardback, 181 pages

POSITIVELY MAIN STREET -AN UNORTHODOX VIEW OF BOB DYLAN, by Toby Thompson New English Library 1972, 158 pages

same, Warner Paperback NY 1972, 206 pages

 POSITIVELY MAIN STREET -BOB DYLAN'S MINNESOTA -BONUS TRACK: INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR, by Toby Thompson, University of Minnesota Press 2008, paperback, 192 pages.

POSITIVELY TIE DREAM, Ashes & Sand 1979, 36 pages

 same, alternate cover  

PRAXIS:ONE -EXISTENCE, MEN AND REALITIES, by Stephen Pickering, 1971, 154 pages

same, reproduction in A4 size, Desolation Row Promotions, 1996

 PRECIOUS MEMORIES - BOB DYLAN ON TOUR IN EUROPE SUMMER 1992, by Froggie & Miss Mouse, Froggie and Miss Mouse Books, Kiel and Hannover 1993, limited edition to 140 copies. Newspaper articles, set lists, tickets, photographs & cue sheets... Larger scan required.

 same, 2nd edition, 204 pages (English, French, German, Italian language). Thanks to Juergen Wasser for  the scans of these two rare booklets .

PRESSING ON (BOB DYLAN), by Gerhard Jansen, 1980, 56 pages

 same, alternate cover and binding 

same, alternate colour

same, alternate colour

PRESSING ON (BOB DYLAN) -PHOTOGRAPHS & MORE 1979-1981, Sony Music 2017. Hardcover, 122 pages. Included in the deLuxe box set Trouble No More, The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 /1979-1981.

*PRICE OF TWICE (THE), by Hedley Lewis. Privately published booklet of Dylan-inspired poetry, 1985

 PRIVATE MAN, MUSIC LEGEND (BOB DYLAN). Mango Media / Associated Press Editions 2015, paperback, 158 pages. A collection of stories and photographs by the professional journalists of the Associated Press. ISBN 978-1-63353-103-1

 same, alternate cover. ISBN 978-1-63353-103-1

 *PRODUCER (THE) -JOHN HAMMOND AND THE SOUL OF AMERICAN MUSIC, by Dunstan Prial, Picador 2007, 347 pages, paperback

with plastic cover   without plastic cover  *PROOF, by Jim Marshall, Chronicles Books 2004, 132 pages, hardback.

PROPHECY IN THE CHRISTIAN ERA, by Jenny Ledeen, USA, Peaceberry Press of Webster Groves 1995, 241 pages

 PROPHET MYSTIC POET (BOB DYLAN), by Seth Rogovoy, Scribner 2009, 331 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-4165-5915-3 

same, softcover. ISBN 978-1-4165-5916-0.