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 Bob Dylan books In Spanish, the Loving Tongue:

Most of these items are from Spain, except where noted; great thanks to Antonio Iriarte and his friends!

Gracias amigos, y un saludo especial para Sergio Mariano Romay, del otro lado del Atlántico!...


 1305 SONIAT ST., NEW ORLEANS, LA -(LAS CANCIONES DE OH, MERCY), translation of the lyrics of Oh Mercy by Francisco García, The Masked Tortilla Productions Inc., 1995, 20 pages, CD booklet size.

 *ADIÓS A DYLAN, by Alejandro Carrillo, Literatura Random House 2013, 264 pages. ISBN 6073150458 (ISBN13: 9786073150453 [0217]

 AÑOS DE JUVENTUD (BOB DYLAN), by Paul Williams, Manon Troppo 2004, 300 pages (Performing Artist). ISBN 84-96222-33-0. This book and the two others of the series are gathered in a box published in 2006.

 AÑOS DE MADUREZ (BOB DYLAN), by Paul Williams, Manon Troppo 2005, 318 pages. ISBN 84-96222-39-X This book and the two others of the series are gathered in a box published in 2006.

 AÑOS DE LUCES Y SOMBRAS (BOB DYLAN), by Paul Williams, translated by Eduardo Hojman,  Ediciones Robinbook 2005, Barcelona, 380 pages, softcover. ISBN 84-96222-34-9.  This book and the two others of the series are gathered in a box published in 2006.

 APUNTES SOBRE LA OBRA DE BOB DYLAN, by Antonio Curado, 20/20 Visions, Ediciones Covarrubias 2007, Toledo, 145 pages, softcover [1107]

 BAJO EL CIELO ROJO (BOB DYLAN), translation of the lyrics of Under The Red Sky and notes by Antonio J. Iriarte, The Masked Tortilla Productions Inc., 1997, 21 pages, CD booklet size.

 BIBLIOGRAFÍA (BOB DYLAN), by Vincente Escudero, Vincente Escudero Lumbreras May 1998, 75 pages. Lists all the books that have ever been written by or about Bob Dylan in every country at the date of publication -just like Come Writers And Critics! [0314]

BIOGRAFÍA DE BOB DYLAN (LA), by Anthony Scaduto, Ediciones Júcar 1975, ("An Intimate Biography") paperback, 267 pages

BLUES DE LA NOSTALGIA SUBTERRÁNEA (EL), -BOB DYLAN, INFIERNOS Y PARAISOS, by Jaime Pontones, Editorial Posada 1988, Mexico, 329 pages. ISBN 968-433-270-X [0217]

BOB DYLAN, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra & Jordi Bianciotto, Biografias Vivas ABC 2005, 222 pages, hardcover

   BOB DYLAN, by Jesús Ordovas, 1st ed, Ediciones Júcar 1972, Coleccion Los Juglares, hardcover, 242 pages. One of the strangest and most beautiful Dylan books ever: cover and spine golden embossed, gilt-edged, it really looks like a religious book! [1214]

 same, 1972, 238 pages.

 same, 1972, 240 pages. [0115]

same, 1979, 239 pages.

BOB DYLAN 2, by Mariano Antonin Rato, Ediciones Júcar 1975, 254 pages

BOB DYLAN 3, by Danny Faux, Ediciones Júcar 1982, 242 pages

BOB DYLAN 4, by Vicente Escudero, Júcar 1992, 167 pages. The white stripe on the top is not an artefact.

 BOB DYLAN, by Luis Martín, Ediciones Catedra SA 1991, 264 pages

BOB DYLAN, by Alberto Manzano, Salvat Editores 1991, 127 pages. Booklet included in the "Hard To Handle" video tape slipcase.

BOB DYLAN, Ediciones Primera Plana S.A. serie, 2007, hardcover, 40 pages. These 27 books, each one including 2 CDs, present the Bob Dylan almost complete discography till 2006 in more or less chronological order. The text is "Crónicas, Volumen I ", Spanish translation for "Chronicles, Vol. I", divided on the 27 volumes, and the lyrics of the songs in English and Spanish from "Letras 1962-2001". Translations into Spanish by Miquel Izquierdo. ISBN (complete serie) 978-84-611-9537-4. The full set (front and back cover) can be seen here.

 BOB DYLAN -1941-1979, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Musica De Nuestro Tiempo 1979, 231 pages

 BOB DYLAN -99 RAZONES PARA AMARLO (O NO), by Jordi Sierra I Fabra, Destino Infantil & Juvenil 2017, Collection Crossbooks, 192 pages. ISBN-10: 8408167553 ISBN-13: 978-8408167556 [0317]

 BOB DYLAN -DESDE BOB DYLAN HASTA NASHVILLE SKYLINE, by Andy Gill, Blume 2016, 208 pages. ISBN: 978-84-8076-976-1 [0317]

 BOB DYLAN: DIOS Y JESUCRISTO -¿UNA PROVOCACIÓN?, by Javier Ledesma Saúco, Ediciones C&G 2006, 190 pages [1206]

BOB DYLAN DISCO A DISCO 1961-1996 -CANCIONES PARA DESPUÉS DEL DILUVIO, by Josep Ramon Jové, Editorial Milenio 1997, 198 pages

 BOB DYLAN EL ÁLBUM 1956-1966, by Robert Santelli, translated by Carlos Abreu Fetter, Barcelona, Global Rhythm Press, S.L. 2005, 64 pages, Hardcover. (Bob Dylan Scrapbook)

BOB DYLAN EN ESPAÑA, MAPAS DE CARRETERA PARA EL ALMA, by Francisco García, Editorial Milenio 2001, 229 pages

BOB DYLAN EN LA PRENSA ESPAÑOLA (1980-1993), by Vicente Escudero, Ediciones Júcar 1995, Madrid, paperback, 168 pages

 BOB DYLAN EN SU EDAD DE ORO (1997-2007), by Francisco García, Guías efe eme 2006 (freebie with Oct 2006 magazine), 96 pages  [1006]

BOB DYLAN -ESCRITOS, CANCIONES Y DIBUJOS, TOMO 1, Ediciones Castilla S.A., 197?,  (part of "Writings & Drawings" English/Spanish)

BOB DYLAN -ESCRITOS, CANCIONES Y DIBUJOS, TOMO 2, Ediciones Castilla S.A., 1975, 415 pages, (part of "Writings & Drawings" English/Spanish)

  with obi '50 AÑOS DE UN MITO'  BOB DYLAN -HOMBRE, MÚSICO, POETA, MITO (this subtitle is only noted on the first page), by Vicente Escudero, Editorial Lumen 1991, 126 pages.

   BOB DYLAN -GEORGE JACKSON Y OTRAS CANCIONES, Alberto Corazón Editor 1972, collection Visor de Poesía. Selection and translation by Antonio Resines, 142 pages [0214]

   same. Second edition, slightly larger than the first one, with a different back cover, 144 pages. [0214]

same, 1996, 138 pages

BOB DYLAN -LA BIOGRAFÍA, by Howard Sounes, translation by Marta Aguile, "Reservoir Books" Mondadori, Barcelona 2002, 608 pages ("Down The Highway")

 same, Debos!llo Editorial Sudamericana S.A. 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 606 pages, softcover. ISBN 987-566-166-X [0811]

same, Debos!llo Barcelona 2003, translation by Marta Aguile, 608 pages, softcover. ISBN 84-9759-883-0 [0417]

same, Reservoir Books 2016, enlarged edition, 656 pages, Spain. ISBN 978 8416709588

 same, Reservoir Books 2017, enlarged edition, 656 pages, Argentina. ISBN 978 9873818400 [0417]

BOB DYLAN -LA HISTORIA INTERMINABLE, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra, El Círculo de Lectores 1986. Part of the series Mitos Musicales, this book was included in the 1986 2LP box set 'Musical Legends', available from the Spanish mail order company El Círculo de Lectores with Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits (CBS S 62847, UK tracklist) and Empire Burlesque (CBS S 86313). 106 pages. Information [0115]

   spine   BOB DYLAN -LA OBRA DEFINITIVA SOBRE BOB DYLAN, by Paul Williams. His three books: AÑOS DE JUVENTUD, AÑOS DE MADUREZ, AÑOS DE LUCES Y SOMBRAS gathered in a slipcase, Manon Troppo 2006. ISBN 84-96222-62-4. [0417]

 BOB DYLAN -LA TRILOGÍA DEL TIEMPO Y EL AMOR, by  Eduardo Izquierdo, 66 rpm 2014, 176 pages. [1214]

 BOB DYLAN -LETRAS 1962-2001, by Bob Dylan, bilingual edition, translated by Miquel Izquierdo and Jose Moreno, Global Rhythm Press and Santilana Ediciones 2007, 1264 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN 978-84-934487-9-0. [1107]

BOB DYLAN -LETRAS 1962-2001, by Bob Dylan, bilingual edition, translated by Miquel Izquierdo and José Moreno, Global Rhythm Press 2011, 1264 pages. Hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN 978-84-96879-63-8. [0417]

, by Bob Dylan, came in three different colours. Translation Miquel Izquierdo, José Moreno and Bernardo Domínguez Reyes. Malpaso 2016, 1440 pages, ISBN-10: 8416665591  ISBN-13: 978-8416665594. [0217]

 BOB DYLAN -LETRAS -EL PROFETA DE LOS OJOS TRISTES, 34 Dylan songs translated into Spanish, 10 page biography, Softcover, Editora AC, Buenos Aires 2008, Argentina. 157 pages [0709]

 BOB DYLAN REVISITED -13 CANCIONES ADAPTADAS AL COMIC, Norma Editorial 2010, 104 pages [0910]

 BOB DYLAN -SE BUSCA, by John Bauldie, 181 pages (In Search Of Bob Dylan) Celeste 1995

BOB DYLAN -THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT CELEBRATION, translation by Alberto Mánzano, Celeste Ediciones, 1993.

 BOB DYLAN -THE 60TH ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE, MADRID 24.05.2001, 8 pages booklet [0214]

 BOB DYLAN -TODAS SUS CANCIONES -LA HISTORIA DETRÁS DE SUS 492 TEMAS, by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon, Blume 2015, 704 pages, hardcover. [0116]

     BOB DYLAN -TOUR BOOK 2004 -BOOK OF SPANISH LEATHER, edited by Alejandro Garcia and Luis Ponce, Valencia, 2005, 91 pages. A CD-R of the Spanish radio show POP-GRAMA (TVE) 14/7/78 is included.

BOB DYLAN -UNA INTRODUCCIÓN, by Darío Vico, Editoriál La Máscara 2000, Collection ‘Imagenes de Rock’ #108, 64 pages.

 same, came with the magazine "Efe Eme" March 2005. Grupo Midons, Valencia 2005, 96 pages.

 BOB DYLAN -VIDA, CANCIONES, COMPROMISO, CONCIERTOS CLAVE Y DISCOGRAFÍA, by Manuel López Poy. Mitos del Rock & Roll, Ma Non Troppo, Barcelona, paperback, 236 pages. [0816]

same, with Nobel Prize obi [0217]

BOB DYLAN Y JOHN LENNON, DOS TROVADORES DEL SIGLO XX, by Gabriel Jimenez  Eman, Cuadernos de Difusión, Serie Breves/17, 1978, Caracas, Venezuela, softcover. [0517]

 same, Fundarte 1991, 2nd edition, Caracas, 54 pages, softcover. ISBN 980-253-094-8 [1217]

 same, Fondo Editorial Fundarte 2010, softcover, 49 pages [1213]

BOB DYLAN Y LEONARD COHEN -POETAS DEL ROCK AND ROLL by David Boucher, translated by Tanya B. Almada Ugalde. Ediciones B, Mexico, 2017. 348 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-607-529-189-5. [1217]

BOB DYLAN'S GREATEST HITS VOLUME 3, UNPLUGGED, translation of the lyrics by Alberto Mánzano, Celeste Editiones 1995, 160 (unnumbered!) pages.

 BUSCANDO A BOB, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra, Grupo Anaya 2005, Madrid, softcover, 203 pages

CAMINOS DE BOB DYLAN (LOS), by Alain Rémond, Ediciones Sigueme 1973, Salamanca, paperback, 171 pages ("Les Chemins De Bob Dylan").

CANCIONES (BOB DYLAN), Alberto Corazon Ed Seleccion 1971. Translation and preface by Aduardo Chamorro. Collection Visor de Poesia, 1stedution, 54 pages [1214] 

CANCIONES (LAS) (BOB DYLAN), by Vicente Escudero, Ediciones Júcar 1996, 210 pages  

CANCIONES 1 (BOB DYLAN), by Bob Dylan, Espiral/Fundamentos June 1984. This is part of a series called 'Canciones' (Songs), publishing Spanish -no translator's name- and English lyrics of selected songs from various artists; two volumes are dedicated to Bob Dylan: Canciones 1 is #96 (on spine), Canciones 2 is #97. 165 pages [0415]

 same, 2nd edition. Editions subsequent to the first (June 1984) had the edition numbers displayed on the cover. [0415]

 same, 163 pages, 6th edition, 2003. ISBN 84-245-0400-3 [0118]

same, 8th edition, 2008 [0217]

same, 9th edition, 2012 [0217]

 same, 10th edition [0317)

CANCIONES 2 (BOB DYLAN), by Bob Dylan, Espiral/Fundamentos 1985. Spanish -no translator's name- and English lyrics of selected songs, see above. 165 pages

same, 6th edition, 2007. Editions subsequent to the first (1985) had the edition numbers displayed on the cover. As of 2016, there had been 8 editions. Thanks to John Baldwin for these precisions. [0415]

same, 7th edition.

same, 8th edition [0217]

CANCIONES (1962-1970) (BOB DYLAN), by Bob Dylan, translated by César Panza. Fundarte 2017, Caracas, Venezuela; 196 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-980-253-695-5. [1217]

 CRÓNICAS -VOLUMEN 1, by Bob Dylan, Chronicles -Volume 1 Spanish translation by Miquel Izquierdo, Global Rhythm Press 2005, Barcelona. Hardcover with dustjacket, 300 pages.

same, Barcelona 2007, 320 pages, softcover [1107]

In 2007-2008 the Spanish newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya  released  the “Discografía Oficial Complete”, a series of 27 books including 2 official CDs. Each book contains an excerpt from “Chronicles Vol.1”, all 27 forming the complete CRÓNICAS VOLUMEN 1. Every book also has the lyrics from “Lyrics 1962-2001” in English and Spanish. See the complete set here.

 CRóNICAS 1 -MEMORIAS, by Bob Dylan, Malpaso Ediciones 2017, 288 pages. ISBN: 9788416665655. [0217]

*COBIJO CONTRA LA TORMENTA, by Benjamín Prado, Poesía Hiperión 1999, 50 pages (the cover drawing is the main Dylan connection)

DEL HURACÁN A LAS TIERRAS ALTAS (BOB DYLAN) -ESCRITOS Y CANCIONES 1975-1997, translation by Antonio Iriarte and Francisco García, The Masked Tortilla Productions Inc., 1999, 210 pages

DISCOGRAFÍA NO OFICIAL (BOB DYLAN), by Vicente Escudero, private edition 1997 [0217]

 DISCOGRAFÍA NO OFICIAL VOL. 2 (BOB DYLAN), by Vicente Escudero, private edition 199x, 277 pages

DISCOS (LOS) (BOB DYLAN), by Vicente Escudero, Ediciones Júcar 1996, 252 pages

 DYLAN ('BOB DYLAN' on spine),by Luke Crampton, Dafydd Rees and Wellesley Marsh, Music Icons Taschen 2009, 192 pages.This is an international publication: the text is in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, so this book is also listed in these other languages on the site. Another international edition exists with a text in English, German and French, listed in these three languages on the site. There is also an edition of this book in Japanese, English, and French, but being clearly from Japan, it is only listed on the Japanese page. ISBN 978-3-8365-1127-8 [0409]

DYLAN -HISTORIAS, CANCIONES Y POESÍA, with preface by Bono, translated by Gemma Gallart Alvarez, Scyla Editores, Barcelona 2009; 288 pages, hardcover with dustjacket [0509]

 DYLAN POETA -VISIONES DEL PECADO, by Christopher Ricks, Langre 2007, 576 pages. (Visions Of Sin) [0208]

DYLAN SEGÚN LA PRENSA -GIRA ESPAÑOLA 1995, by Quino Castro, Grupo Dylaniano Del Sur De España 1995

 DYLAN SOBRE DYLAN -31 ENTREVISTAS MEMORABLES,  by Jonathan Cott, Editorial: Global Rhythm Press 2008, 472 pages. [0608]

DYLAN, UN LIBRO DE AU (APUNTES UNIVERSITARIOS), Editorial Fundamentos, 1974, Madrid

 ESCUCHANDO A DYLAN, by  Juan J. Vicedo, Circulo Rojo 2013, 216 pages [1213]

 FOTORRETÓRICA DE HOLLYWOOD -EL MANUSCRITO PERDIDO, by Bob Dylan and Barry Feinstein, translation by Miquel Izquierdo, Global Rhythm 2009, 141 pages, hardcover with dustjacket [0110]

 HIGHWAY 61 INTERACTIVE (BOB DYLAN) -ALBUMS - COVERS - LYRICS, by Vicente Escudero, 334 pages, softcover. [0118]

 HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED, by Mark Polizzotti, translation by Jorge Isusi, Libros Crudos 2010, collection 33 1/3, 176 pages [1010]

 *HIJOS DE BOB DYLAN (LOS), by Gordon E. McNeer, Valparaíso Ediciones 2015, Granada, Spain, paperback, 150 pages. Poems influenced by Dylan lyrics by McNeer translated into Spanish by Elvira Sastre. English on one page with Spanish on opposite.

 JOVEN PARA SIEMPRE, Forever Young lyrics by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Paul Rogers, Blume 2009, hardcover, unnumbered pages. [0410]

 LIKE A ROLLING STONE -BOB DYLAN EN LA ENCRUCIJADA, by Greil Marcus, (Bob Dylan at The Crossroad), translated by Mario Santana, Global Rhythm 2010, 208 pages [0310]

LUCES Y SOMBRAS (Dylan), by Vicente Escudero, Editorial La Mascara 1993, Valencia, hardback, 176 pages

*MOLINO DE BOB DYLAN (EL), by Samaj Manuel Moreno Carles-Tolrá, Editorial Círculo Rojo. Edición 1 (October 2014), paperback, 156 pages. A novel of a dystopian future society where the population are controlled to a mode of thinking that isn’t too remote from the “teachings” of Dylan himself. Information: John Baldwin. [0115]

 MUNDO POÉTICO DE BOB DYLAN (EL) -EL PORQUÉ DE UN PREMIO NOBEL, by Vicente Araguas, Ensayo Pigmalión 2017, 296 pages, soft cover. ISBN 9788416447978. Gracias Antonio! [0417]

NUEVA POESIA U.S.A. -DE EZRA POUND A BOB DYLAN, selection and prologue Marcelo Covián, Ediciones De la Flor 1970, Buenos Aires, 197 pages. [1111]

same, 1976, 200 pages. [0615]

ONCE UPON A TIME... -365 DÍAS EN LA VIDA DE BOB DYLAN, by Pachi Becerril Zúñiga, Uno Editorial 2017, softcover, 345 pages. ISBN 9788417256326. Special thank you to Antonio Iriarte for this book. [0218]

PALABRAS (LAS) (BOB DYLAN), by Vicente Escudero, Ediciones Júcar 1996, 204 pages

 POEMAS Y CANCIONES EN HOMENAJE A BOB DYLAN, by Juan Caballero Torinos, Institucion Cultural 'El Brocense" Excma. Diputación Provincial de Caseres 1990, 55 pages

ROLLING THUNDER: CON BOB DYLAN EN LA CARRETERA, by Sam Shepard, Editorial Anagrama 2006, 238 pages

 STREET LEGAL -CANCIONES DE AMOR Y REDENCIÓN (BOB DYLAN), translation of the lyrics by Antonio J. Iriarte, The Masked Tortilla Productions Inc., 1998, 20 pages, CD booklet size.

TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Granica Editor 1973, collection Libertad Y Cambio, Argentina. Translation by Gabriel Zadunaisky, 160 pages [0215]

same, translated by Horacio Quinto, Star Books, Producciones Editotiales  S.A. 1976, 142 pages

same, translated by Ignacio Renom, Los Juglares, Ediciones Júcar 1996, 165 pages

same, translated by Alberto Manzano, Global Rythm Press S.L. 2007, 148 pages, Hardcover. EAN: 9788496879010 [0807]

TARÁNTULA, by Bob Dylan, Océano 2013, collection Hotel de las Letras, Hispanoamerica (except Puerto Rico), 144 pages [0115]

TARÁNTULA, by Bob Dylan, Malpaso Ediciones 2017, bilingual edition, 224 pages, hardcover. ISBN: 9788416665662 [0217]


 TIEMPO INMEMORIAL (BOB DYLAN), translation of the lyrics of Time Out Of Mind  by Antonio J. Iriarte and Francisco García, The Masqued Tortilla Productions Inc., 1997, 20 pages, CD booklet size.

*UNA CANCIÓN DE BOB DYLAN EN LA AGENDA DE MI MADRE, by Sergio Galarza,  Candaya 2017, 160 pages. ISBN 9788415934332 [0417]

 VERY BEST OF BOB DYLAN (THE), Hardcover book with CD (18 tracks). Prisanoticias/Sony Music Entertainment España 2017, 52 pages (English lyrics of the songs with their Spanish translations by Ignacio Juliá). ISBN 8425536002427. [1217] Special thanks to Antonio Iriarte for this item.

 VISTO POR SÍ MISMO (BOB DYLAN), by Barry Miles ("In His Own Words"), Ediciones Júcar 1983, Madrid, paperback, 128 pages

 WORLD GONE WRONG (BOB DYLAN) -(EL MUNDO POR MAL CAMINO), translation of the lyrics by Francisco García, The Masked Tortilla Productions Inc., 1994, 10 pages, CD booklet size.

 *Y UNA VOZ PARA CANTAR, by Joan Baez, Seix Barral 1988 (Argentina) [0215]