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COME WRITERS AND CRITICS is a non commercial site, and I have no connection with any book shop; I find my contacts on the Internet, and usually everything goes well, but sometimes not... Due to too many problems, I cannot recommend the site called "BOOKS IN GREEK" for buying your Greek books.


APPROXIMATELY COMPLETE WORKS, foreword in greek letters (7 pages); song lyrics in alphabetical order from 'Absolutely Sweet Marie' to 'You Angel You'; index of first lines (7 pages). D. Arvanitis (?) 1977 (?), 288 pages

BOB DYLAN 100 TRAGONDIA, by Bironas Kritsas, Patakis 2016, 292 pages, Softcover with fold over flaps. ISBN 978-960-16-7184-0 [0317]

BOB DYLAN, HIS SONGS, Greek translations by Markos Pigos, Barbounakis 1980, 262 pages

   H ZOI MOU, by Bob Dylan, Metaixmio, Athens 2005. Greek translation by Niki Prodropidou; 380 pages, softcover with dustjacket. This is quite an interesting version of CHRONICLES: not only the title has been changed, it means MY LIFE, but the dustjacket has a completely different photo, showing young Bob Dylan walking in a NYC (?) street.

H ZOI MOU, Imerologio 2005, 80 pages. Extracts of the Greek Chronicles before its publication by Metaixmo, with photos and discography. [0315]

ENA OXHMA, Greece 1981, 235 pages

MPOMP NTYLAN, by Maria Progoulaki, Cigareta 1999, Athens, 167 pages.

MPOMP NTYLAN, TZO XILL, GOUNTY GKATRY by Umberto Fiori, Greece 1981, 194 pages

  TA PROLLA PROSOTTA, by Maria Markouli, Ta Nea 200?, ('The Many Faces of a Great Songmaker'), Comes with an unique 8 songs CD of covers.129 pages.[0208]

TA TRAGONDIA TOU MPOMP NTYLAN, IBC Hellas 1973, 253 pages, ("Words To His Songs")

same, Exantas 1987, 253 pages

TO PHAINOMENO BOB DYLAN, by Giorgos-Ikaros Bambasakis, Metaiximio 2016, hardback with dustcover, 192 pages. ISBN. 618-03-0998-1 [0217]

 TRAGONDIA 1962-2001 LYRICS, by Bob Dylan, Ianos 2006 389 pages [0709]

*TROUBADOURI, by Giorgos-Ikaros Bambasakis, Ianos 2006, one chapter about Bob Dylan, paperback [0616]

TO LEIKOMA TOI BOB DYLAN 1956-1966 (Bob Dylan Scrapbook), by Robert Santelli, translation into Greek by Hilda Papadimitriou and Niki Prodromidou, Metaixmio Editions Oct 2005. ISBN. 960-375-830-2  [0112]