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 Bob Dylan books In Korean language:

beatles-versus-bob-dylan-korea BEATLES VS BOB DYLAN, by Han Dae-soo, Book Sumbisori 2005, softcover with flapovers, 149 pages (68 pages Beatles, 72 pages Bob Dylan). The 2016 edition has the same cover: ISBN 979-11-87738-00-8 

   BOB DYLAN -THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN', (unknown author) 2016, with and without obi. No information. 

 BOB DYLAN ROCK SPIRIT -ROKKU NO SEIREI, by Manabu Yuasa, AK Communications Inc., 2017, hardcover, 344 pages. This is the Korean translation of the Japanese book BOB DYLAN ROCK NO SEIREI (Spirits Of Rock). ISBN 979-11-274-0642-4. 

    CHIMES OF FREEDOM -THE POLITICS OF BOB DYLAN'S ART, by Mike Marqusee. Translated by Silcheonmunhak, Best Literary & Rights Agency 2016, 334 pages, hardcover with dustjacket and OBI. ISBN 978-89-392-0598-7

dylan-chronicles-korea-obi   dylan-chronicles-korea  CHRONICLES -VOLUME 1, by Bob Dylan, with and without obi, KCC (Korea Copyright Center Inc.), Seoul, 2016, paperback. ISBN 978-89-7075-492-5  03840

    LYRICS 1961-2012 (THE), by Bob Dylan, 2016. Munhakdongne Publishing Corp. 2016, 1567 pages, hardcover with dustjacket and OBI. ISBN 978-89-546-4372-6.

NO DIRECTION HOME (BOB DYLAN), by Robert Shelton, Crown Publishing 2017, 508 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN 978-89-406-3463-9.

POP SONG POETRY, Naver 2016, 111 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-89-93620-57-3 

 tarantula-dylan-korea     TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan. With and without obi. Munhaksdongne Publishing Corp. 2016, hardcover, 238 pages. ISBN 978-89-546-4372-6  03600