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 JEWS, RACE AND POPULAR MUSIC, by Jon Stratton, Ashgate Pub Co 2009, 210 pages, hardcover [0312]

JEWELS & BINOCULARS, by Phil Bowen, Stride/Westwords 1993, 92 pages

 JEWHOOING THE SIXTIES, AMERICAN CELEBRITIES AND JEWISH IDENTITY, by David E. Kaufman, Breindeis 2012, 360 pages, hardback and paperback with the same cover. [0213]

JOKERMAN, READING THE LYRICS OF BOB DYLAN, by Aidan Day, Basil Blackwell 1988, hardback. ISBN 0-631-15873-1

same, Basil Blackwell 1989, 193 pages, softcover, ISBN 0-631-17245-9 [0517]


 JUDAS! FROM FOREST HILLS TO THE FREE TRADE HALL, A HISTORICAL VIEW OF THE BIG BOO, by Clinton Heylin, Oct 2016, pre publication cover. [0916]

JUST A PERSONAL TENDENCY, by Dave Percival, X-asity 1986, 168 pages

JUST LIKE BOB ZIMMERMAN'S BLUES, DYLAN IN MINNESOTA, by Dave Engel, River City Memoirs-Mesabi 1997, 220 pages .

 KEEP THE FUCK OUTA MY GODDAM GARBAGE, by A. J. Weberman, A3, 22 pages [0214]

 *KEEPING TIME, THE UNSEEN ARCHIVES OF COLUMBIA RECORDS, THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF DON HUNSTEIN, text by Jon Pareles, edited by Leo Sacks, foreword by Art Garfunkel, Insight 2013, 224 pages [1013]

 KEN REGAN, MAY - JUNE 2011, MORRISON HOTEL GALLERY EXHIBITION, RollingThunder 1975 photos exhibition folio. 12 x12 hardback, 24 pages. [1113]

 *KENSINGTON GARDENS, by Rodrigo Fresán, Translated by Natasha Wimmer, Faber and Faber 2005, London. Large stiff cards in dust wrapper, 415 pages. [0615]

 same, 2006 revised edition, ISBN 978-0571222810 [0615]

 KEY IS IN THE TITLE (THE), OR SOME OTHER KIND OF STORIES, by Lars Hols, G.O.R. Productions 1996, 48 pages [0214]

 KEYS TO THE RAIN -THE DEFINITIVE BOB DYLAN ENCYCLOPEDIA, by Oliver Trager, Billboard Books 2004, 724 pages. ISBN  0-8230-7974-0

same, 126 pages. Unedited portion, “For sales purposes only” .Softcover. ISBN  0-8230-7974-0 [0517]

KNOCKIN' ON DYLAN'S DOOR -ON THE ROAD IN '74 , Pocket Books, Rolling Stone NY 1974, 137 pages

same, Canadian edition. Same inside as the US edition, including the "Printed in the U.S.A." on page 4, but the cover has the maple leaf on the front and "Printed in Canada" on the back. Looks like the book's inside was printed in the USA  and stuck inside a Canadian cover. (Information Ian Woodward).  [0806]

same, Dempsey/Cassell London 1975, 137 pages, hardback, with different photos