Bob Dylan books In English language, D letter:

DARKER SHADE OF PALE (A) -A BACKDROP TO BOB DYLAN, by Wilfrid Mellers, Faber & Faber 1984, 255 pages, softcover, ISBN 0-571-13345-2

same, Oxford University Press USA, 1985, 255 pages, softcover, Advance Proof, ISBN 0-571-13345-2

same, Oxford University Press USA, 1985, 255 pages, softcover. ISBN 0-19-503622-0

same, Travis & Emery 2010. 255 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-84955-101-4. (Note that the title has dropped the "A", and is now just "Darker Shade of Pale")

DAY I WAS THERE (THE), (BOB DYLAN), by Neil Cossar, This Day In Music 2018, 384 pages. ISBN 978-1911346418. This book was initially advertised and pre sold under the title I WAS THERE 1958-1969 (see below). [0518]

same, pre publication cover, with the initial title I WAS THERE 1958-1969

DEAD STRAIGHT GUIDE TO BOB DYLAN (THE), -HIS LIFE AND MUSIC IN ONE ESSENTIAL BOOK, by Nigel Williamson, Red Planet Publishing 2015, 352 pages, paperback. Update to THE ROUGH GUIDE TO BOB DYLAN (2004)

    same, pre-publication covers, (digital picture only, no real existence), advertised as Clarksdale and Ovolo Books Limited which are part of the same group as Red Planet Publishing. Thanks to John Baldwin for the investigation. 

 DEAR BOB DYLAN -JUST THOUGHT I WOULD WRITE TO SAY HELLO..., by Lisa Zaran, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014. 214 pages. Letters to Bob Dylan in the form of poems.

 DELAPLAINE BOB DYLAN (THE) -"HIS ESSENTIAL QUOTATIONS", editor Andrew Delaplaine, illustrator Renee Delaplaine, Gramercy Park Press 2016, 58 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-781537-023564

DESIRE -SONGS OF REDEMPTION, by Robin Witting, Exploding Rooster Books 2002, 321 pages

DEVIL AND BOB DYLAN (THE), by Alan Jules Weberman, CreateSpace 2011, 512 pages

*DEVIL SENT THE RAIN -MUSIC AND WRITING IN DESPERATE AMERICA, by Tom Piazza, HarperCollins Publishers Inc 2011, 304 pages, paperback. ISBN 9780062008220.

DIARY OF A BOBCAT, by John Bauldie, Wanted Man 1995, 90 pages.

 DISCOGRAPHY OF BOB DYLAN (A), compiled by Sandy Gant.

 DISCOGRAPHY OF BOB DYLAN (A), "Researched and compiled by Geoff Styche", Aug 1974, 24 pages, with a further 4 pages of errata/addenda. Lists all circulating tapes at the date of publication, and some others non circulating -such as Paris 1966.

DO YOU MR JONES? -BOB DYLAN WITH THE POETS AND PROFESSORS, edited by Neil Corcoran, Chatto & Windus, London 2002, 378 pages, Hardback

same, 'A Chatto & Windus uncorrected proof', 2002, softcover, 371 pages

 same, Pimlico 2003, paperback

 same, Vintage (5 Oct 2017), 384 pages, ISBN 978-1784706807

 *DOCTOR (THE) & MR. DYLAN, by Rick Novak (novel). Pegasusbooks 2014, 290 pages, paperback.

DR. G’s BOB DYLAN SINGLE & EP COLLECTION 1962-2009, by Ulf Gyllenspetz, 100 pages, hardcover. This is the second edition of BOB DYLAN, SINGLE AND EP COLLECTION.

 DR. G’s BOB DYLAN SINGLE & EP COLLECTION 1962-2010, by Ulf Gyllenspetz, 100 pages, hardcover. This is the third edition of BOB DYLAN, SINGLE AND EP COLLECTION

*DOCUMENTARY FILM CLASSICS, by William Rothman, Cambridge University Press 1997, paperback; 218 pages. 66-page chapter on “Dont Look Back”.

 DONT LOOK BACK -A FILM AND BOOK BY D.A. PENNEBAKER (BOB DYLAN), Ballantine Book 1968, catalogue number U7089,160 pages

same, edited version -catalogue number U7089T

 same, New Video Group 2006, NYC, included in BOB DYLAN DONT LOOK BACK, 65 TOUR DE LUXE EDITION 2 DVDs box set 2007 edition, "with a new forward by D.A. Pennebaker" (5 lines!) , printed in China

DONT LOOK BACK -A FILM BY D.A. PENNEBAKER -SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES, flip book featuring the cue card video for 'Subterranean Homesick Blues', New Video Group 2006, NYC, 100 pages; included in BOB DYLAN DONT LOOK BACK, 65 TOUR DE LUXE EDITION 2 DVDs box set 2007 edition, printed in China.

don-t-look-back-promo-flip-book same, "Limited Edition flip book featuring the cue card video for 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'. This book is a promotional item for the documentary film about Bob Dylan, 'Dont Look Back' and was distributed ONLY within the entertainment industry. Limited run of 1000. 100 pages". (information eBay)

 DONT LOOK BACK, by Keith Beattie, BFI Film Classics, British Film Institute, 2016, 88 pages, paperback.

DON'T LOOK SIDEWAYS (THE LIFE & TIMES OF BOB WORDSWORTH), by Paul Murphy, 2000. 112 (?) unnumbered pages.

 same, revised edition, Angel3 Publishing 2015, softback, 138 unnumbered pages. ISBN 978-1511537278


DOWN A DIRTY ROAD -BOB DYLAN'S 2017 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Two Riders Production 2018, 64 pages [0718]

 *DOWN AND IN -LIFE IN THE UNDERGROUND, by Ronald Sukenick, Collier Books 1988, 288 pages.

DOWN THE HIGHWAY -BOB DYLAN'S 1993 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Wanted Man 1994, 54 pages

DOWN THE HIGHWAY -THE LIFE OF BOB DYLAN, by Howard Sounes, Grove Press, NY 2001, 527 pages, Hardcover

 same, uncorrected proof

same, Doubleday 2001, UK, 527 pages, hardcover with dust jacket

 same, paperback, Groove 2002, 527 pages

same, Black Swan 2002, new edition, 624 pages

 same, 'NOW UPDATED', Doubleday, London 2011, 566 pages, softcover

 same, 'UPDATED EDITION', Grove Press, USA 2011, 566 pages, softcover

same, -THE LIFE OF BOB DYLAN -'THE CLASSIC BIOGRAPHY, NOW REVISED AND UPDATED', Grove Press May 2011, 560 pages, paperback. This is a pre-publication cover (digital picture only, no real existence).

 DOWN THE ROAD -BOB DYLAN'S 1999 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Two Riders Production 2000, 66 pages.

DRAWN BLANK, by Bob Dylan, Random House, New York 1994, hardback. NOTE: this is a book published before the various exhibitions of Bob Dylan's paintings took place. All the items concerning these exhibitions are gathered in the ODDS & ENDS section of the site. Though quite interesting, the paintings and ironworks of  Bob Dylan stay for us very secondary compared to his work as a musician and songwriter.

DRAWN BLANK SERIES (BOB DYLAN) -A PRIVATE COLLECTION. Rarecoolstuff 2010, private publication of 100 numbered copies. 96 pages with 92 full page reproductions of a private collection of the original artwork.

DUST OF RUMOUR (THE), by Dave Percival, X-asity 1985, 160 pages

same, 2nd printing.

 DYLAN ('BOB DYLAN' on spine), by Luke Crampton, Dafydd Rees and Wellesley Marsh, Music Icons, Taschen 2009, 192 pages. ISBN 978-3-8365-1126-1. Though Taschen is a German editor, this is an international publication: the text is in English, German and French, so this book is also listed in these other languages on the site. Another international edition exists with a text in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, listed in these three languages on the site. There is also an edition of this book in Japanese, English, and French, but being clearly from Japan, it is only listed on the Japanese page.

DYLAN, by Jonathan Cott, Vermilion 1984, 246 pages, hardback

same, Dolphin Doubleday/Rolling Stone 1985, large format softback

DYLAN, by Steve Matteo, foreword by Judy Collins, MetroBooks 1998, 120 pages, hardback

DYLAN -A BIOGRAPHY, by Bob Spitz, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company 1989, 639 pages, hardback

same, Michael Joseph 1989

 same, uncorrected proof, 630 pages. No page numbers to contents, no index or photos

  same, W. W. Norton & Company (New York - London) 1991, paperback, 664 pages

DYLAN -A COMMEMORATION, by Stephen Pickering, June 1971, 63 pages, printed for Stephan Pickering by Nowels Publications, and sold for $1.00...'quarter-fold format' (first printing)

same, July 1971, 64 pages (second printing). Printed by Nowels Publications, distributed by Book People, and sold  for $2.00. Inside front cover has a lengthy statement not in first printing, and 2nd printing deletes the 12 May 1971 PEANUTS cartoon about Bob turning 30. Upper part of page 64 lists address for Book People in Berkley for retail, wholesale, and library distribution, and bottom of page reads: 'coming: Dylan; Existence, Men and Realities'

same, January 1972 (third printing), same as 2nd printing, but page 64 top reads: [LINE ONE] 'Dylan A Comemoration -- A No Limit Publication edited by Stephen Pickering',  [LINE TWO] 'Printed in the U.S. by -- Nowels Publications, Roble Ave. Menlo Park, Calif.' [LINE THREE] 'Editorial Correspondence 214 Lincoln Street, Santa Cruz, California, 95060'. Bottom of page 64 reads: 'Also available from No Limit Publications Praxis I ; Existence, Men & Realities'. The precisions about the three printings of 'DYLAN A COMMEMORATION' are given by Stephan (sic) Pickering himself; thanks to him!

same, reprint in A4 size (same cover), Desolation Row Promotions 1995.

 DYLAN -A MAN CALLED ALIAS, by Richard Williams, UK, Bloomsbury 1992, 192 pages, large hardback. ISBN 0-7475-1084-9.

 same, softcover, the cover has the mention: 'requested reading for any Bobaholic'  Sunday Telegraph. ISBN 0-7475-1825-4.

same, Henry Holt, US, 1992, 192 pages, Large hardcover with dustjacket. ISBN 0-8050-2255-4

DYLAN & COHEN -POETS OF ROCK AND ROLL, by David Boucher, Continuum 2004, paperback, 261 pages. ISBN-13 978-0826459817

DYLAN & THE FRUCHT -THE TWO WITS AND OTHER INSPIRED JEWISH WRITERS, by Ronnie Keohane, Ornery Pr 2000, paperback, 251 pages. ISBN 9780970267207

DYLAN & THE GRATEFUL DEAD -A TALE OF TWISTED FATE, by Howard F. Weiner, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 1, 2017), paperback, 286 pages. ISBN-10 1547190590, ISBN-13 978-1547190591.

DYLAN AT NEWPORT 1965 -MUSIC, MYTH, AND UN-MEANING,  by Edward Renehan. New Street Communications, LLC, Rhode Island, 2015. 60 pages.

   same, pre-publication covers (digital pictures only, no real existence)

 DYLAN AT PLAY, edited by Nick Smart and Nina Goss, "selection of writings that can challenge and engross readers eager for new ways to meet the singularity of Bob Dylan’s work", 2011

DYLAN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS -THE RECORDING SESSIONS [1960-1994], by Clinton Heylin, with a 12 pages appendice, UK, Penguin 1996.


 DYLAN BY WEBERMAN by John Roberts, Private publication 1995, wirebound, 363 pages.

 DYLAN, CASH, AND THE NASHVILLE CATS -A NEW MUSIC CITY, CMF Press 2015, Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum exhibition book, 112 pages.

DYLAN COMPANION (THE), by Elizabeth Thomson & David Gutman, MacMillan Limited 1990, 335 pages, hardback.

 same, Papermac 1990, paperback.

same, Delta 1991, softcover

same, Da Capo Press 2001

"DYLAN: CONTRABAND" -WHAT EVERY FAN WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT BOB DYLAN'S BOOTLEG CDs, "A Critique by Trevor Midgley", Desolation Row Promotions Ltd 1998, 410 pages. Very complete at the date of publication; one can only regret the absence of pictures of the CDs discussed.

 DYLAN DISC BY DISC, by John Bream, Voyageur Press 2015, 240 pages, hardcover. ISBN 978-0760346594

 same, Edition Olms Zurich 2017, 252 pages, hardcover. Authorized and updated original English Edition for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ISBN 978-3-283-01266-3

 DYLAN GOES ELECTRIC! -NEWPORT, SEEGER, DYLAN AND THE NIGHT THAT SPLIT THE SIXTIES, by Elijah Wald, Dey Street Books (July 14, 2015), hardcover with dustjacket, 354 pages. ISBN 978-0-06-236668-9

 same, uncorrected proof

 DYLAN GOES ELECTRIC! -NEWPORT, SEEGER, DYLAN AND THE NIGHT THAT SPLIT THE SIXTIES, by Elijah Wald, Dey Street Books 2016, paperback, 354 pages. ISBN 978-0-06-236669-6

 DYLAN -HIS LIFE IN PICTURES, by Harry Shapiro, Chartwell Books, Inc. 2011, 256 pages. ISBN 978-0785827801

 slipcase       same, rare version in a slipcase, published by Green Media Ltd, 2012. Hardcover with dustjacket, 256 pages. ISBN 978-1-5526-7583-0.
There is also a French version with a slipcaseThanks to Wiebke for the information.

 DYLAN -100 SONGS AND PICTURES, by Peter Doggett, compiled by Chris Charlesworth, Omnibus Press 2009, 496 pages

  book      slipcase   DYLAN IN WOODSTOCK, by Elliott Landy, Genesis publication 1999 (on subscription). Hardcover in slipcase, signed by Elliott Landy, 144 pages

photo from Genesis leaflet: this does not seam to really exist.

same, Deluxe copy. 'Bound in full brown suede leather, to match the same brown suede coat that Bob wore in the cover photographs of three albums, Blonde On Blonde, John Wesley Harding and Nashville Skyline.' Includes 'an original signed and numbered Elliott Landy photographic print featuring an image of Bob Dylan.' Photo and text from Genesis leaflet.

 DYLAN JUNKIE, by Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, Makaro Press (5 May 2017), Wellington, New Zealand, 56 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0994137838

 DYLAN ON DYLAN, by Jonathan Cott, Hodder & Stoughton 2006, UK, hardback with dustjacket, 464 pages. Published in the US by Wenner Books as THE ESSENTIAL INTERVIEWS.  ISBN  0-340-92312-1

same, softcover. ISBN 0-340-92313 X

same, Hodder & Stoughton 2007, 445 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0-340-92314-6  .

 DYLAN ON DYLAN -INTERVIEWS AND ENCOUNTERS, edited by Jeff Burger, Chicago Review Press (May 1, 2018), hardcover, 560 pages. Even if Jeff Burger is the editor of 'Springsteen on Springsteen', 'Lennon on Lennon', and 'Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen', why use the same title as Jonathan Cott's book for this new item? ISBN 978-0912777429 [0518]

DYLAN REDEEMED -FROM HIGHWAY 61 TO SAVED, by Stephen H. Webb, Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd. NY 2006, hardcover without dustjacket;

 same, softcover, 2006, 206 pages

 DYLAN -75 YEARS, by Glenn Dunks, Vic. Wilkinson Publishing 2016, Melbourne, WP Collectors serie. ? pages. ISBN:  9781925265088 

same, probably pre-publication cover (digital picture only, no real existence).   

DYLAN SONGS -A-LISTIN', by Dave Percival, X-Asity 1990, 64 pages

DYLAN SONGS -A-LISTIN' REVISITED, by Dave Percival, X-Asity 1990, 116 pages

 DYLAN -THE BIOGRAPHY, by Dennis McDougal, Turner Publishing Company/Wiley General Trade 2014, 555 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. ISBN 978-0-470-63623-7. 

same, softcover. ISBN 978-1-63026-068-2

same, uncorrected proof without bibliography, acknowledgements or index; with different colour and design of spine to regular edition. Paperback, 494 pages. (information John Baldwin)

 DYLAN -THE 5 MINUTE VISUAL BOB-OGRAPHY, by Roy Fox, Blue Q 2008, 72 pages


 DYLAN TO ENGLISH DICTIONARY BY A.J. WEBERMAN (DYLANOLOGIST), Booksurge and Yippie Museum Press 2005, 536 pages

  DYLAN -VISIONS, PORTRAITS, AND BACK PAGES, Mark Blake Ed, DK Publishing, USA,  2005, Hardback with dustjacket, 288 pages, ISBN 0-7566-1718-9

same, Mark Blake Ed., Dorling Kindersley 2006, Hardcover with dustjacket, 288 pages  ISBN 1-4053-1686-1

same, Mark Blake Ed, DK Publishing USA, 2008, 288 pages, Softcover, ISBN 978-0-7566-3725-5

 DYLAN'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A VOCATION -A READING OF THE LYRICS 1965-1967, by Louis A. Renza. Bloomsbury Academic (October 19, 2017), 224 pages. ISBN 978-1501328527

 *DYLAN'S DAEMON LOVER -THE TANGLED TALE OF A 450-YEAR OLD POP BALLAD, by Clinton Heylin. Helter Skelter 1999, 224 pages. Hardcover (About the song House Carpenter).

same, softcover 

DYLAN'S VISIONS OF SIN, by Christopher Ricks, Viking 2003, Hardcover with dust jacket, 517 pages  ISBN 9780670801336

same, Harper Collins, New York, paperback, 2003.  517 pages, uncorrected proof

 same, Ecco/HarperCollins, N.Y., 2004, Hardcover with dust jacket, 517 pages

 same, Penguin Books, London 2005, 517 pages, paperback

 same, Ecco 2005, New York, paperback, 517 pages

 same, Canongate Books, UK 2011, 527 pages, softcover


DYLANOLOGY, by A.J. Weberman, Whitepress Corp 1969, 25 pages


DYLANOLOGISTS (THE) -ADVENTURES IN THE LAND OF BOB, by David Kinney. Simon & Schuster 2014, 241 pages, hard cover with dustjacket. 

 same, Simon & Schuster 2015, paperback.