Bob Dylan books In French language:

l annee prochaine a new york bob dylan book in french ANNÉE PROCHAINE À NEW YORK (L') -DYLAN AVANT DYLAN, by Antoine Billot, Arléa Editions 2017, collection La Rencontre, 321 pages. ISBN 9782363081414

another-freewheelin' jacques selles bob dylan book in French ANOTHER FREEWHEELIN' OF BOB DYLAN -LA LÉGENDE D'UN AUTHENTIQUE BARDE DU XXème SIÈCLE. ALBUM I: NEW YORK 1961-1964, SUR LES TRACES DE WOODY GUTHRIE. Text by Jacques Sellès, drawing by Hanif Emeric. Le Vagabond Contemplatif 2014, 56 pages.

la ballade de bob dylan epstein book in French BALLADE DE BOB DYLAN (LA), by Daniel Mark Epstein translated by Philippe Paringaux, Robert Laffont 2011, 537 pages (The Ballad Of Bob Dylan).  ISBN 978-2221125724

les parcours de bob dylan book in French BLOWIN' IN THE WIND -LES PARCOURS DE BOB DYLAN, by Michel Jacques, Botakap 2000, Quebec 423 pages

bob dylan scaduto book in French BOB DYLAN, by Anthony Scaduto, translation by Dashiell Hedayat, Union Générale d'Éditions, 10/18, 1973, 445 pages, (“An Intimate Biography”). No ISBN

bob dylan scaduto  bourgois book in French same, Christian Bourgois Éditeur 1983, 511 pages. ISBN 2-267-00350-3

bob dylan sylvain vanot book in French BOB DYLAN, by Silvain Vanot, Librio Musique 2001, 95 pages. ISBN 2-290-31438-2

same. This cover seems to be very rare, but definitely exists. ISBN 2-290-31438-2

bob dylan pablo francois kahn book in French front     back   BOB DYLAN, by François Kahn, 26 pages of illustrations by Pablo, with a preface by Philippe Manoeuvre. BDFolk 1961/1963, 2014, 44 pages, with 2 CDs (first album, Freewheelin' and some 1961-1962 radio broadcast). The biography by François Kahn is in French and English.  ISBN 2-84907-149-8, EAN 978-2849071496

same, 2015. ISBN 2374501493  EAN 978-2374501499

 front     back    same, 2016. The text by François Kahn is in French only, and there in only one CD: the first album with Mixed Uo Confusion and 9 tracks of 1962-1962 radio broadcasts. ISBN  978-2374504865.

bob dylan an delà du mythe book in French BOB DYLAN AU-DELÀ DU MYTHE, by Vincent Brunner, City 2011, 304 pages, softcover

bob dylan au fil des albums book in French BOB DYLAN AU FIL DES ALBUMS (1962-2001) by Anthony Varesi, Triptyque Editions 2006 Hardback (translation of  'The Bob Dylan Albums'). EAN 978-2890315747

bob dylan by greil marcus book in French BOB DYLAN BY GREIL MARCUS, translation Pierre-Richard Rouillon, Galaade Editions 2013, 640 pages.

bob dylan 100 chansons de légende book in French BOB DYLAN -100 CHANSONS DE LÉGENDE, PHOTOS, HISTOIRES, PARTITIONS, by Peter Dogett, White Star 2010, 496 pages.  

 BOB DYLAN -CHANSONS DE 1962 À 1985 TRADUITES EN FRANÇAIS, 2017, private publication, 104 pages. The translations come from this excellent site.

bob dylan dictionnaire book in French BOB DYLAN -DICTIONNAIRE, by Jérôme Pintout, Camion Blanc 2013, 307 pages, paperback.

bob dylan électrique book in French BOB DYLAN ÉLECTRIQUE -NEWPORT 1965, DU FOLK AU ROCK, HISTOIRE D'UN COUP D'ÉTAT, by Alijah Wald, translation by Emilen Bernard (Dylan Goes Electric). Rivage Rouge 2017, 378 pages, soft cover. ISBN 978-2-7436-3940-2

bob dylan épitaphes 11 koechlin book in French BOB DYLAN -ÉPITAPHES 11, BIOGRAPHIE, by Stéphane Koechlin, Pop Culture Flammarion 2004, 490 pages. ISBN 2-08-068507-4

bob dylan et le p'tit quinquin book in French *BOB DYLAN ET LE P'TIT QUINQUIN, by Noël Simsolo, L'Ecailler 2011, 181 pages. This is a dark novel set in the 60's in the North of France. 'Le P'tit Quinquin' is a popular character of this area. The hero meets a hitchhiker girl who sings Bob Dylan. ISBN-10 2364760011

bob dylan book et le rodeur de minuit in French BOB DYLAN ET LE RÔDEUR DE MINUIT, by Michel Embareck, Archipel 2018, 200 pages, softcover. ISBN 9782809823851

bob dylan et moi book in French BOB DYLAN ET MOI, by Jean-Jacques Astruc, Crazy Books 2013, 120 pages. ISBN 979-10-90279-06-3

bob dylan images de sa vie book in French BOB DYLAN -IMAGES DE SA VIE, Les Editions de L’Homme 2011, Quebec. Hardcover in slipcase, 256 pages. Cover and slipcase art are identical.

bob dylan l'album 1956-1966 book in French BOB DYLAN -L'ALBUM 1956-1966,  by Robert Santelli, translated by Laurence Milbred-Romance, Fayard 2005, 64 pages; hardback. (Bob Dylan Scrapbook).EAN 978-2213623436

bob dylan l'autre voix de l'amérique book in French BOB DYLAN -L'AUTRE VOIX DE L'AMÉRIQUE, Le Nouvel Observateur Box set, Diaphana Edition Video/Paramount 2012, includes a 48 page original book, with two DVDs: Martin Scorsese's No Direction Home, and Todd Haynes' I'm Not There. No ISBN.

bob dylan l'éternel dissident book in French BOB DYLAN L'ÉTERNEL DISSIDENT, by Stéphane Letourneur. Oslo Editions 2014, collection Osaka, 171 pages. EAN 978-2357541351

same, alternate cover: though being shown on several websites, this cover does not seem to exist, and is probably only a pre-publication image.

 same, Oskar Editeur 2015, collection Culture & Société, 184 pages. EAN 979-1021403826

with dust cover     bob dylan la totale margotin guesdon book in French without dust cover    
, by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon, Chêne E/P/A 2015, collection EPA Spectacle, 704 pages, hard cover. ISBN 9782851208255

same, 2016, '2 posters inclus'. New edition with 2 posters. ISBN 9782851208736

bob dylan le country le rock book in French BOB DYLAN, LE COUNTRY ROCK ET AUTRES AMÉRIQUES, by François Ducray, Castor Astral June 2011, 206 pages. EAN 978-2859208448

bob dylan le personnage sa musique son mythe book in French BOB DYLAN -LE PERSONNAGE - SA MUSIQUE - SON MYTHE,  by Nigel Williamson, translation by Frédéric Valion, Tournon 2009, 326 pages, 16,5 x 16,5 cm. ISBN 9782351440957. 

bob dylan le troubadour incandescent book in French BOB DYLAN -LE TROUBADOUR INCANDESCENT, by Alain Wodrascka, Editions Didier Carpentier (25 June 2015), Collection Bio, Anecdotes et Confidences. ISBN-10: 2841679500 ISBN-13: 978-2841679508  

bob dylan 1962-69 l'intégrale des années 60 book in French BOB DYLAN 1962-69 -L'INTÉGRALE DES ANNÉES 60 -LES SECRETS DE TOUTES SES CHANSONS, by Andy Gill, Editions Hors Collection 1999, 144 pages, softcover. ("My Back Pages") ISBN 2-258-05088-X

bob dylan music in review book in French BOB DYLAN, MUSIC IN REVIEW, by Jeff Perkins, Edgehill Publishing Ltd 2007; Hardcover: 74 pages, French text, with a DVD "Music In Review 1975-1980" (some songs from Renaldo & Clara, Hard Rain... and interviews of Rock critics). ISBN 978-1-905954-79-7

bob dylan poete de sa vie book in French     bob dylan book in French BOB DYLAN -POÈTE DE SA VIE, by Jean-Dominique Brierre, L'Archipel 2016, softcover with obi, 386 pages. ISBN 9782809819038

bob dylan real moments de barry feinstein book in French BOB DYLAN -REAL MOMENTS DE BARRY FEINSTEIN, PRÉFACE DE BOB NEUWIRTH, translation Victoire Meglioli, Editions du Lac 2011, 157 pages, softcover.

bob dylan 13 chansons en bande dessinées book in French BOB DYLAN REVISITED -13 CHANSONS EN BANDE DESSINÉES (comics book: 13 songs illustrated by 13 cartoonists). Delcourt 2008, 104 pages. EAN 978-2756008806

same, with the Nobel Prize obi

bob dylan sa vie sa musique book in French BOB DYLAN -SA VIE ET SA MUSIQUE -“LIKE A ROLLING STONE”, by Robert Shelton, Albin Michel 1987, 566 pages, (“No Direction Home”). ISBN 2-226-02885-4

bob dylan 13 à table book in French BOB DYLAN -13 À TABLE by Christian Ravasco, Camion Blanc 2012, 275 pages. EAN 978-2357792135

bob dylan book in French   bob dylan trois visions souterraines book in French BOB DYLAN -TROIS VISIONS SOUTERRAINES, by Lionel Bourg and Pierre Sève. Edition Le Bousquet-La Barthe 2009, 5 folded pages of thick paper 'Arches', 41 copies only (!) each one numbered and signed by the authors. This is an authentic œuvre d'art: each copy is decorated with original paintings by Pierre Sève. Inside are the English lyrics of Visions Of Johanna, Subterranean Homesick Blues  and Blind Willie McTell and two translations in French: one by the poet Lionel Bourg, the other by the painter Pierre Sève. Enclosed is a CD featuring Visions Of Johanna sung by Pierre Sève, with Patrick Roy (editor of the book) on guitar and Anne Texier on cello. No ISBN

bob dylan un génie en liberté book in French BOB DYLAN -UN GÉNIE EN LIBERTÉ, by Julien Gautier, Publibook 2010, 162 pages. EAN 978-2748352955

bob dylan une biographie francois bon book in French BOB DYLAN -UNE BIOGRAPHIE, by François Bon, Albin Michel 2007, 485 pages. EAN 978-2226179364

same, 'épreuves non corrigées' (uncorrected proof) Albin Michel, Edition Spéciale libraires. This proof was read before publication by at least one French collector who pointed out some big mistakes, but they were unfortunately not corrected in the final publication.

 same, Le Livre de Poche 2009, 475 pages, paperback with a 'Postface inédite de l'auteur'. EAN 978-2253125792

les chemins de bob dylan rémond 1971 book in French CHEMINS DE BOB DYLAN (LES), by Alain Rémond, preface by Michel Lancelot, Epi 1971, 190 pages. No ISBN

chroniques fayard 2005 bob dylan book in French   CHRONIQUES -VOLUME 1, by Bob Dylan, Fayard 2005,  316 pages (Chronicles volume 1). Jean-Luc Pinigre, the translator, has added a 7 pages glossary to explain some of the US terms to French readers. ISBN 2-213-62340-6
The double CD, sold separately, carries a sticker that says "THE SOUNDTRACK OF THE BOOK"; exclusive to Sony France, it offers 41 songs by 36 artists evocated by Dylan in Chronicles Volume 1. There are also 6 songs by Bob Dylan, including the demo of Dignity, first official release.

same; the blue strip around the book reads 'Special mention to Bob Dylan, Pulitzer Price 2008'

same, with the Nobel Prize obi  

bob dylan book in French   chroniques bob dylan galimard book in French same, Gallimard (Folio) 2010, with obi, 400 pages ISBN 978-2-07-041392-8

bob dylan book in French   same, Gallimard (Folio) Livre + CD: box set with the book and a 10 song unique compilation CD ("Une compilation CD inédite: ses meilleurs titres des années 60")

  bob dylan book in French same, Gallimard (Folio) 2016, 392 pages, with and without obi; 'Prix Nobel de Litterature' printed on the cover. EAN 9782070 413928

bob dylan book in French  les coffrets cultes fnac bob dylan book in French COFFRETS CULTES (LES), Fnac 2008 limited edition serie: "discover the universe of a cult artist". Large box (26 x 29 cm) including  an eight page booklet by Matthieu Remy, 20 large photographs, a CD (Highway 61 Revisited) and two DVDs (No Direction Home, by Martins Scorsese). ISBN 2-630031321560.

la complainte de l'empire burlesque bob dylan book in French *COMPLAINTE DE L' EMPIRE BURLESQUE (LA), (novel) by Jean-François Fidel, 166 pages. Got the 1987 "Prix Greenwich-Village" (obi).

d'où viens-tu dylan book in French D'OÙ VIENS-TU DYLAN?, by Louis Skorecki, Capricci 2012, Actualité Critique, 109 pages. ISBN978-2918040453

demain j'ai rendez-vous avec bob dylan book in French *DEMAIN, J'AI RENDEZ-VOUS AVEC BOB DYLAN, by Dora Breitman, Maurice Nadeau 2012, 224 pages. ISBN 978-2862312255.

dictionnaire-amoureux-du-rock de caunes 2017 *DICTIONNAIRE AMOUREUX ILLUSTRÉ DU ROCK, by Antoines de Caunes, Plon Gründ 2017, 280 pages. ISBN 232402036X

bob dylan discours à l'académie suédoise book in French DISCOURS A L'ACADÉMIE SUÉDOISE, by Bob Dylan, Fayard 2017, 40 pages. (The Nobel lecture). Translation Nicolas Richard. ISBN 978-2213706146

dix jours avec bob dylan book in French DIX JOURS AVEC BOB DYLAN, by Robert Martin, Ptyx 2018, 158 pages. This is about the trip Bob Dylan did in France, May 1975, when he came to meet the painter David Oppenheim. The author says he was there. ISBN 979-10-699-1412-4.

dix jours avec bob dylan book in French same, probably due to copyrights problems with the Desire photo (even upside down), the second 2018 edition came with a white cover; same ISBN 979-10-699-1412-4. [0918]

bob dylan ducray manoeuvre vassal book in French DYLAN, by François Ducray, Philippe Manoeuvre, Hervé Muller and Jacques Vassal, Albin Michel 1975, 192 pages. ISBN 2-226-00127-1

same, 2nd edition 1978, 192 pages

dylan music icon french english german book DYLAN ('BOB DYLAN' on spine), by Luke Crampton, Dafydd Rees and Wellesley Marsh, Music Icons, Taschen 2009, 192 pages. ISBN 978-3-8365-1126-1. Though Taschen is a German editor, this is an international publication: the text is in English, German and French, so this book is also listed in these other languages on the site. Another international edition exists with a text in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, listed in these three languages on the site. There is also an edition of this book in Japanese, English, and French, but being clearly from Japan, it is only listed on the Japanese page.

dylan by schatzberg book in French DYLAN BY SCHATZBERG, by Jerry Schatzberg (photograph), Skira 2018, hardcover, 262 pages. Text in French and Englisg. ISBN 978-2370740922 [0818]

dylan cover cuesta book in French DYLAN COVER, by Stan Cuesta, Le Layeur Editions (31 août 2017), collection Layeur Beau Liv, 160 pages, soft cover, ISBN 978-2915126334

dylan dilemna book in French DYLAN DILEMMA, by Stéphanie Benson, Syros 2017, 144 pages. Original way to teach French young people to read in English: the book starts in French, the dialogues are in English, then more English text is gradually added. ISBN 9782748523898.  

dylan faces book in French DYLAN FACES BOOK, by Gradimir Smudja, Zampano 2009, 76 pages of drawings and paintings of Bob Dylan's face! Hardcover. ISBN 978-2-915757-17-0

 bob dylan images d sa vie book in French slipcase       bob dylan book in French  DYLAN -IMAGES DE SA VIE, by Henri Shapiro, Hugo&Cie 2011. Hardcover with paper wrap-around, in slipcase, 256 pages. ISBN 9782755608700

bob dylan book in French   dylan intime book in French DYLAN INTIME, by Pierre-Jean Crittin and Frank Fatalot, Consart Editions 2012, 98 pages, with obi. ISBN 9782940464210. 

bob dylan l'authenticité et l'imprévu book in French DYLAN -L'AUTHENTICITÉ ET L'IMPRÉVU, by Thomas Karsenty-Ricard, L'Harmattan 2005, 104 pages. EAN 978-2747591515

dylan par dylan interviews 1962-2004 book in French DYLAN PAR DYLAN -INTERVIEWS 1962-2004, by Jonathan Cott, translation by Denis Griesmar, Bartillat 2007, 558 pages. ISBN 978-2-84100-417-1

same, with Nobel Prize obi

bob dylan portraits et témoignages book in French DYLAN -PORTRAITS ET TÉMOIGNAGES, Tournon 2006, 288 pages, hardcover (Visions, Portraits And Back Pages) 

bob dylan écrits et dessins book in French ÉCRITS ET DESSINS (BOB DYLAN), Éditions Seghers 1975, 431 pages, bilingual edition English-French (Writings & Drawings). Translations by Robert Louit and Didier Pemerle. No ISBN

et puis un jour j'ai entendu bob dylan book in French ET PUIS UN JOUR J'AI ENTENDU BOB DYLAN, by Alain Rémond, Hugo et Compagnie March 2011, 199 pages, softcover. EAN 978-2755607109

figures de bob dylan book in French FIGURES DE BOB DYLAN by Nicolas Rainaud, Le Mot Et Le Reste 2009, 207 pages. EAN 978-2915378849

 *FOLK (LE) -LA RÉVOLUTION TRANQUILLE, by Philippe Margotin, Chronique Thématique 2018, 256 pages, softcover. EAN 978-2366026146

le folk la révolution transuille bob dylan book in French GREATEST HITS (BOB DYLAN), 48 pages booklet with photos, includes the regular CD, Sony 1998, Hardcover.

un histoire illustrée bob dylan book in French HISTOIRE ILLUSTRÉE (UNE) (BOB DYLAN), by Michael Gross, translation by Marie Aufoure and Jacques-Emile Deschamps, Albin Michel 1980, 159 pages, softcover,(“An Illustrated History”). ISBN 2-226-00905-1

last waltz un film de martin scorsese bob dylan book in French   bob dylan book in French LAST WALTZ (THE) -UN FILM DE MARTIN SCORSESE, by Jérôme and Sophie Soligny, GM Editions 2017, Paris. Hardback with obi, 80 pages, glossy paper. Includes the film on DVD. This is part of 'Ciné Rock'n'Soul', a series of DVD/books presenting 18 films, milestones of the history of music. ISBN 978-2-3779-7009-4

bob dylan à la croisée des chemins book in French LIKE A ROLLING STONE -BOB DYLAN À LA CROISÉE DES CHEMINS, by Greil Marcus, translation by Thierry Pitel, Galaade Editions 2005, 312 pages. EAN 978-2351760031

bob-dulan-like-a-rolling-stone-marcus-paperback.jpg same, Point 2007, Pocket collection, paperback. ISBN 9782757803912 

bob-dylan-a la croisee-des chemins-2016.jpg     same, Point 2016. With obi and 'Prix Nobel de Litterature 2016 La Biographie' printed on the cover. ISBN  9782757803912  

bob dylan book in French LYRICS -CHANSONS 1962-2001, by Bob Dylan, translations by Robert Louit and Didier Pemerle, Fayard 2008, 462 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-2-213-62344-3

lyrics chansons bob dylan book in French    LYRICS / CHANSONS 1961-2012, by Bob Dylan, Fayard, November 2017. Bilingual English/French edition, translation by Robert Louit, Didier Pemerle and Jean-Luc Piningre. Softcover, 520 pages. The obi reads "The only complete bilingual edition of Bob Dylan songs". ISBN 2213705534.

la mort de bob dylan book in French *MORT DE BOB DYLAN (LA), novel by Nicolas Rainaud, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2016, 152 pages. ISBN 978-1535145633

n'avez vous rien à lire ? bob dylan book in French N'AVEZ VOUS RIEN À LIRE? (BOB DYLAN), compiled by Jean-Pierre Duclos, cover Jean Genard, 1981, 188 pages, private publication, no ISBN. The title ("Haven't you something to read?" is a reference to what Bob Dylan said to the booing audience in the Olympia Theater, Paris, on 24 May 1966, while he was taking a long time to tune his guitar.

n'avez vous rien à lire ? 2 bob dylan book in French N'AVEZ VOUS RIEN À LIRE ? N° 2, by Jean-Pierre Duclos, 104 pages. Private publication, no ISBN.

never ending tour bob dylan book in French NEVER ENDING TOUR (BOB DYLAN), by Alain-Pierre Pillet, Editions Rafaël de Surtis 2006, 36 pages, softcover. Limited edition of 200 numbered copies  ISBN 2-84672-075-4.

not dark yet chansons de bob dylan book in French NOT DARK YET -CHANSONS DE BOB DYLAN, by Nicolas Rainaud, Le Mot Et Le Reste 2015, 510 pages. ISBN 978-2360541485

playlist bob dylan book in French *PLAYLIST, by Charles Berberian, (comics), Naïve 2004, 200 pages. ISBN 978-2952183321

la poètique mysticale de bob dylan book in French POÉTIQUE MYTHICALE DE BOB DYLAN (LA), by J.Clemente (French language with parallel text in English) Charevill Press 1995

positively-4th-street-hadju-french-bob-dylan-book POSITIVELY 4th STREET -LES VIES DE JOAN BAEZ, BOB DYLAN, MIMI BAEZ FARIÑA ET RICHARD FARIÑA, by David Hadju, translated by Paul Simon Bouffartigue, Sonatine 2018, 180 pages, ISBN 9782355846892. [0918]

un printemps à new york bob dylan book in French *PRINTEMPS À NEW YORK (UN), by Marc Albert-Levin and Jean-Jacques Pauvert, Jean-Jacques Pauvert 1969, 92 pages. No ISBN

la république invisible greil marcus bob dylan book in French RÉPUBLIQUE INVISIBLE (LA) -BOB DYLAN ET L'AMÉRIQUE CLANDESTINE, by Greil Marcus, translation bt François Lasquin et Lise Dufaux, Denoël X-Trême 2001, 333 pages. ISBN 978-2207251522

rock dreams bob dylan book in French *ROCK DREAMS -BYE BYE, BYE BABY, BYE BYE, by Guy Peellaert & Nik Cohn, Albin Michel 1973, Softcover. English original texts with translation into French by Philippe Paringaux (4 pages at the end of the book).

same, alternate cover. [0818]

same, Albin Michel 1982, Hardcover. English original texts with translation into French by Philippe Paringaux (4 pages at the end of the book). ISBN 2-226-01537-X.

*ROCK DREAMS Taschen 2003, large format paperback (33,6 x 24,4 cm), translation by Wolfgang Frank, Elisabeth Peellaert and Philippe Paringaux, 230 pages. The text is in English, German and French, so this book is also listed in these other languages on the site. Note that the prices of the baked beans and the beans have changed on this edition. ISBN 978-3822826126

same alternate cover. ISBN 978-3822826126.

rolling thunder sur la route avec bob dylan book in French ROLLING THUNDER -SUR LA ROUTE AVEC BOB DYLAN, by Sam Shepard, translation by Bernard Cohen, Naïve 2005, 212 pages (On The Road With Bob Dylan). ISBN 978-2350210186

series of dreams bob dylan et le cinéma book in French SERIES OF DREAMS -BOB DYLAN ET LE CINEMA, by Simon Laperrière, Rouge Profond 2018, 142 pages. ISBN 979-1097309077 [0918]

series of dreams bob dylan et le cinéma book in French same, pre publication cover, digital picture, no real existence [0918]

si les chiens sont libres bob dylan book in French SI LES CHIENS SONT LIBRES..., by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Scott Campbell, translation by Philippe Margotin. Little–Urban 2017, 36 pages, hardcover. ISBN 978-2-3740-8089-5

coincée dans mobile bob dylan book in French STUCK INSIDE OF MOBILE (WITH A RHAPSODY FOR BOB DYLAN) / COINCÉE DANS MOBILE (AVEC UNE RHAPSODIE POUR DYLAN), by Claude-Angèle Boni, Z'éditions, Nice France 1993. The title and text are in English and French, so this book is also listed in the English S letter of the site. 78 pages. No ISBN.

sur la route avec bob dylan book in French SUR LA ROUTE AVEC BOB DYLAN, by Larry "Ratso" Sloman, translation by Nicolas Mesplède, Les Fondeurs de Briques 2015, 412 pages. (On The Road With Bob Dylan, Rolling With The Thunder) . ISBN 978-2-916749-38-9 

tarantula bourgois 1972 bob dylan book in French TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Christian Bourgois Editeur 1972, translation by Dashiell Hedayat, followed by a 10 page essay 'PORTAIT DE L'ARTISTE EN ROCK STAR' by Dashiell Hedayat, 116 pages. No ISBN

same, Union Générale d'Éditions, 10/18 1973, 187 pages. No ISBN

tarantula 10/18 bob dylan book in French same, 10/18 Domaine Etranger 1993, 187 pages. ISBN 2-264-00009-0

   TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, Hachette 2001, with obi, translation by Daniel Bismuth, 233 pages, text followed by some extracts from interviews, 1965-1985. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

 same, Hachette 2005. First version: glossy new sheet covering the 2001 edition cover. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

tarantula hachette bob dylan book in French same, Hachette 2005. Second version: new cover, dated 2005. ISBN 978-2-01-235582-8

tarantula fayard bob dylan book in French     same, Fayard 2018, softcover with obi ('The first book of the Nobel writer'), 249 pages. ISBN 978-2-213-70952-9

le temps des possibles bob dylan book in French TEMPS DES POSSIBLES (LE) -GREENWICH VILLAGE, LES ANNÉES 1960, by Suze Rotolo, translation by Raphaëlle Dedourge, Naïve 2009, 347 pages (A Freewheelin' Time). ISBN 978-2350211848

three songs three singers three nations marcus bob dylan book in French *THREE SONGS, THREE SINGERS, THREE NATIONS, by Greil Marcus, translation Guillaume Godard, Allia 2018, Moyenne Collect, 144 pages. ISBN 979-1030408614

33 révolutions par minute bob dylan book in French *33 RÉVOLUTIONS PAR MINUTE -UNE HISTOIRE DE LA CONTESTATION EN 33 CHANSONS -VOLUME UN, by Dorian Lynskey, translation Nicolas Guichard, Rivage Rouge 2012. ISBN 978-2743624088

une vie une oeuvre bob dylan à la poursuite d'une légende book in French UNE VIE, UNE OEUVRE -BOB DYLAN -À LA POURSUITE D'UNE LÉGENDE, 'Cinquante Ans de Métamorphoses', par Bruno Lesprit. Hors Série Le Monde 2011, 122 pages. No ISBN

same, 2016, 'Portrait de l'Artiste en Prix Nobel de Litterature', 122 pages. No ISBN

vagabondages bob dylan yves simon book in French *VAGABONDAGES -CHANSON -YVES SIMON -BOB DYLAN, Paris-Poète 1979, 136 pages. No ISBN

vie ey amour sur la route avec bob dylan book in French VIE ET AMOUR SUR LA ROUTE AVEC BOB DYLAN, by Britta Lee Shain, Balland Editions 2016, 280 pages, softcover. Almost same title as Larry Sloman's book, but this is about the 80's, and another kind of relationship! This is the French translation of SEEING THE REAL YOU AT LAST. ISBN 978-2940556380

visions de bob dylan book in French VISIONS DE BOB DYLAN, by Zéno Bianu, Le Castor Astral 2014. 103 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-2859209889

vivre à plein bourre bob dylan book in French VIVRE À PLEIN (BOB DYLAN), by Jean-Paul Bourre, Les Editions Du Cerf 1986, 150 pages. ISBN 2-204-02501-1.

watching the river flow sur les pas de bob dylan book in French WATCHING THE RIVER FLOW -SUR LES PAS DE BOB DYLAN, by Lionel Bourg, La Passe du Vent 2017, Collection Récit. Illustrations by Olivier Fischer. 144 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-2845623057

we enjoyed playing for you jean pierre duclos bob dylan book in French WE ENJOYED PLAYING FOR YOU (BOB DYLAN)-TOULOUSE 21.6.81, by Jean-Pierre Duclos, 21 pages, private publication. No ISBN

woodstock dreams bob dylan book in French *WOODSTOCK DREAM, by Elliott Landy, Acte Sud/Motta 2000, 397 pages. Mostly a book of photos of the 'Beat Generation', with many of Bob Dylan in his Woodstock house, later re published in a larger format. Translation of the Italian text by Anne Bresson-Lucas. ISBN 2-7427-2673-X