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In Farsi (the language spoken in Iran):

BLOWING IN THE WIND, by Bob Dylan, translation by Mohammad Sadegh Raisee. Soolar Publication 2016, Theran. 110 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-600-7718-61-2. Thanks to Peter Oudejans for this scan and information. [0417]

   Farsi side (spine on the right)

 English side (spine on the left)  LIKE A ROLLING STONE -THE MOST IMPRESSIVE LYRICS, by Bob Dylan, lyrics translation by Babak Zamani. Koolehposhti Book Publication 2016, Tehran. 144 pages, softcover with obi. Bilingual Farsi/English: the back cover looks like a classic English book with the lyrics of several songs, but the pages must be turned from left to righ. ISBN 978-600-8211-64-8. Thanks to Peter Oudejans for this scan and information. [0417]

LYRICS OF BOB DYLAN, by Bob Dylan, translation by Rizvan Sidqi Nizhad. Golazin Publication 2016, Tehran. 376 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-600-6414-34-8. Thanks to Peter Oudejans for this scan and information. [0417]  

SORODEHA BOB DYLAN, Sokhan 1999, Tehran, 350 pages. The titles means Poems-Songs Of Bob Dylan. The book includes 49 Dylan songs in English and in Farsi - from  Song To Woody to Emotionally Yours, and some of Dylan´s drawings from Writings & Drawing. The songs are translated by M. Azad and Saeid Tavakoli Parsian; there is a short introduction in Farsi. The front cover drawing is by Nemat Laleei. 5500 copies were made. Information and scan: Lars M. Banke & Peter Oudejans. [0417]

CHRONICLES, by Bob Dylan, Donya-ye Eqtesad 2017, translation by Mohammad-Ali Borqei. Thanks to Juergen Wasser for the information. [0317]