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 Bob Dylan books In English language, C letter:

 CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO BOB DYLAN (THE), by Kevin JH Dettmar, Cambridge University Press, Feb 2009, 185 pages, hardvover. ISBN 978-0-521-88694-9 [0109]

same, softcover. ISBN 978-0-521-71494-5 [0517]

CAPTAIN'S TOWER (THE) -SEVENTY POETS CELEBRATE BOB DYLAN AT SEVENTY, by Phil Bowen, Seren Books 2011, 132 pages [0611]

 same, Seren Books 2011. Pre-release cover [0811]

 CARRIBEAN WINDS -OUTFIDELS AND OTHER SHOTS OF LOVE, by Randy Carpenter. Private edition. Lyrics of 13 songs, 26 pages [0109]

 CDA AND TRANSLATION: A CASE STUDY ON BOB DYLAN'S POETRY, by Fariba Liaghati Lambert Academic Publishing 2014, 140 pages. ISBN-13: 978-3-659-74744-1 ISBN-10:3659747440 [0217]


CHIMES OF FREEDOM -THE POLITICS OF BOB DYLAN'S ART, by Mike Marqusee, The New Press, New York  London 2003, 328 pages, Hardback

 same, paperback uncorrected proof, 2003. 296 pages (collection Arie de Reus)

 same, subtitled -BOB DYLAN AND THE 60's, Seagull Books 2005, Calcutta, India, 378 pages, paperback. [0807]

 CHRONICLES -VOLUME ONE, by Bob Dylan, Simon & Schuster 2004, New York, 293 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. The hardcover of this US edition is white with the title Chronicles carved on it, and the inner is black. ISBN 978-0-7432-2815-2.

same, London, 293 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. The hardcover of this UK edition is black and the inner is white. ISBN 0-7432-3076-0 [0517]

same, USA "The National Bestseller", first paperback edition 2005, 293 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-0-7432-4458-9.

same, USA "The National Bestseller", first paperback export edition 2005. ISBN 978-0-7432-8472-1

same, USA, 2016, with mention 'Winner Of The Nobel Prize in Literature' [0317]

 same, UK, “The Book Of The Year”, Pocket Books 2005, softcover, ISBN  0-7434-7864-9

same, UK 2016, softcover. Has 'Winner Of The Nobel Prize in Literature' printed on the front cover, mention 'Book Of The Year' removed from front cover. ISBN 978-0-7434-7864-9

same, "New York Times Bestseller", Thorndike Press, Waterville. 2005, large print edition, hardcover, 415 pages. ISBN 0-7862-7341-0

CHRONICLES INDEXED -AN INDEX FOR BOB DYLAN'S CHRONICLES, VOLUME ONE, by Paula Radice, A Silvio Publication 2006, limited edition, 24 pages [1006]

CIRCUS IS IN TOWN (THE) -ENGLAND 1965, by Chris Cooper and Keith Marsh, Dangerous Brothers Production, 52 pages


same, Carlton 1998, hardcover.  ISBN 9781858684819.

same, Edition Olms 1998, AG Zurich for Austria, Germany and Switzerland, paperback, 144 pages. ISBN 3-283-00358-0. [0717]

CLEAR FOCUSED ALL AROUND -BOB DYLAN IN EUROPE 1984-1998 by John Hume, Bulletproof Books 2000, 72 pages 

COLLECTED POEMS -DESOLATION ROW, 42 pages, illustrated by Jeany, around 1970. The 'poems' are: My Life In A Stolen Moment, written for the October 1963 concert in Carnegie Hall, A Message From Bob Dylan, sent to the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee after Dylan received the Tom Paine Award at the Bill of Rights dinner on December 13, 1963, Blowin' in the wind, published in Hootenanny, December 1963 (not the songlyrics!). Also the poem published on the LP 'In the Wind' by Peter, Paul & Mary, December 1963,  A Letter From Bob Dylan for Sis and Gordon and all broads of good sizes in January 1964, the poem published on the LP 'Joan Baez in Concert', part 2'. 1964,  Eleven Outlined Epitaphs, partly publised of the LP The Times They Are a-Changin', January 1964, Off The Top Of My Head, published in the program of the Newport Folkfestival 1965 and A Night With Bob Dylan, published in The Tribune, December 12 1965. Thanks to Simon Blokker for the scan and information [0412]

same, alternate cover.

COLLECTED SINGLE SLEEVES (THE), included in TELL TALE SIGNS, THE BOOTLEG SERIES VOL. 8, 3-CDs box set (2008). There is a hole in the front cover, showing the title as if it was the label of a 7". The 3 CDs are presented in another 58 pages hardcover book with liner notes by Larry 'Ratso' Sloman. [1113]

 COLUMBIA RECORDS, HOME OF MARXIST MINSTRELS by David A. Noebel. This booklet. "measures 6-3/8" X 7-3/4", folded in half to form 3-3/8" X 7-3/4" brochure, 14 pp including covers, 3 b&w cartoons by Al Capp (creator of the syndicated comic strip" L'il Abner -- it is not clear if Capp granted permission for use of his illustrations in this format). This brochure was written by ultra-conservative author David A. Noebel for the ultra-right Christian Crusade of Tulsa, OK. The date of printing indicated on page 2 is 4/67. This was a cheaply made brochure (according to the inside front cover, "Additional copies available 10 cents each. . .), and is geared towards tearing down the reputation of Columbia Records, as well as that of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs and Malvina Reynolds (neither Joan nor Phil recorded for Columbia, although this brochure claims that Joan did, and includes Phil because Joan liked Phil Ochs ...). The brochure protests the type of music performed and written by these singers, and presents them in the worst possible light". [0113]

 COME YE MASTERS OF WAR -THE BOB DYLAN CONSPIRACY, by Robert O'Brian, New York City Publishers 2013. 130 pages, softback. ISBN 978-1493661251 [0114]

same, alternate cover. ISBN 978-1-304-58938-5[1114]

 COMPLETE ALBUM COLLECTION VOL. ONE (THE) (BOB DYLAN) included in the 47-CDs 2013 box set. 268 pages, hardback. [1113]

 COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN (THE), by Patrick Humphries Omnibus Press 1995, 152 pages

 same, in a "collector's package", with a picture-disc CD "exclusive" interview (Cynthia Gooding 11 March 1962), USA 1997

CONCERTED EFFORTS, by Robert Van Estrik & Arie de Reus, 1982, 57 pages

CONCERTS CHARTS (THE), by Dave Percival, X-Asity, 32 pages

CONCISE SYNOPSIS OF BOB DYLAN'S MASTERPIECE (A), by Jonas Dergoth (on Renaldo & Clara)

same, alternate colour [0517]

CONCLUSIONS ON THE WALL -NEW ESSAYS ON BOB DYLAN, Edited by Elisabeth Thomson, Thin Man 1980, 108 pages

same, limited edition which acted as the program for "Dylan Revisited '80" convention, held by Thin Man  in Manchester; a few extra pages concerning the Convention .

CONFESSIONS OF A DYLANOMANIAC, by Paul Marcel Levesque, Trafford 2006, 472 pages

 CONSTANT OF EVOLUTION AND BOB DYLAN (THE), by Ian Beardsley, Lulu Press, 2010, softcover, ISBN 978-0-557-32153-7.

 COUNTING DOWN BOB DYLAN -HIS 100 FINEST SONGS, by Jim Beviglia, Rowman & Littlefield June 2013, 236 pages [0213]

CRACKED BELLS (THE): A GUIDE TO TARANTULA, by Robin Witting, UK 1994, 138 pages


CRASH COURSE ON READING TARANTULA (A), by Robin Witting, 2012, 72 pages [0312]

same, REVISED EDITION, Exploding Rooster Books 2013, 86 pages, ISBN 978-0952004363. [0617]

CUTTING EDGE (THE),  BOB DYLAN 1965-1966 -THE BOOTLEG SERIES VOL.12 includes three very interesting books:

 1) untitled, 56 pages, soft cover, 12" size, included in the 3 LPs version: The Best of The Cutting Edge. Photos, text and listing of the tracks of the LPs.

2) MIXING UP THE MEDICINE 1965-1966, 166 pages, hardcover. Included in The Cutting Edge, DeLuxe Edition (16 CDs box set). Photos, clippings and handwritings.

3) BOB DYLAN'S 1965-1966, THE CUTTING EDGE COLLECTOR'S EDITION, 72 pages, hardcover. Included in The Cutting Edge, DeLuxe Edition (16 CDs box set). Detailed listing of the recordings on the 16 CDs.