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In Turkish:

Thanks to Gökalp Baykal, author of three of these books,  for the scans & translation of the titles.

Gökalp is a musician: visit his nice site and listen to good music!


BOB DYLAN by Gökalp Baykal, 504 pages, paperback, Everest Yayincilik 2003

 BOB DYLAN: CEVABI ESEN RUZGARDA, by Kivanc Bilgin, Ariya Edition 2007, 104 pages, paperback. The title means 'Blowin' In The Wind' [0707]

 BOB DYLAN VA ALLEN GINSBERG' IN AMERIKASI, by Sean Wilentz, Sub Yayinlari 2016, paperback. ISBN-10: 6058359759 ISBN-13: 978-6058359758 [0217]

 CENETIN KAPISINDA, by Berk Kuruçay, Destek Yayinlari 2016, 96 pages, 9786059670227 [0217]

 HIGHWAY 61, by Mark Polizotti, translated by Burcu Uguz. Kara Plak Yayinlari 2016, 192 pages 9786056640759 [0217]

 KAYITLAR -BIRINCI CILT, Kara Plak Nisan 2017, Istanbul. Chronicles Volume One, translated into Turkish by Taciser Belge, Nergis Percinel, and Ipek Ruhnaz Üstüner, softcover,  271 pages. With the mention of the Nobel Prize. ISBN 978-605-66407-8-0 [0617].

 KIS HASADI, BOB DYLAN'DAN MEVLÂNÂ'YA, by Shems Friedlander, Eufi Kitap 2014, Istambul, 241 pages. [0616]

SARKI IRMAGI (Bir), BOB DYLAN by Gökalp Baykal, Imge 1985, Istanbul, paperback, 160 pages. The title means 'A River Of Song'

SIIRLER, (Poems), by Mustafa Yilmazer and Fahri Oz, Ayrac 1996, 112 pages.

SONSUZA DEK GENÇ, by Gökalp Baykal, E Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1990, 96 pages. The title means 'Forever Young'

 TARANTULA, by Bob Dylan, translation by Cenk Gultekin, Özgür Yayinlari 2009, 136 pages, paperback [0109]