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 Bob Dylan books In English language, A letter:

A. J. WEBERMAN, DYLANOLOGIST, by John Roberts, 1995, 110 pages, A4. [0214]

same, alternate colour. [0417]

ABSOLUTELY DYLAN -AN ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY, by Patrick Humphries & John Bauldie, Viking Studio Books 1991, 240 pages (US version of OH NO! NOT ANOTHER BOB DYLAN BOOK)

ACOUSTIC BOB DYLAN (THE) -HIS MUSIC STYLES AND GUITAR TECHNIQUES, by Joel S. Gilbert, Happy Dog Books 1990, 140 pages

AIN'T GONNA HANG NO PIXEL -AN ARTIST STOPS PAINTING WITH PAINT, by  Kevin Slattery, self published, no date; 10 pages, paperback ( [0513]

 ALIAS ANYTHING YOU PLEASE (BOB DYLAN), by Ty Silkman, Rex Collections, Reynolds & Hearn Ltd 2008, hardcover 176 pages. 978-1-905287-50-5 [0217]

 same, softcover, 176 pages. 978-1-905287-83-3 [0717]

same, Titan Books, London 2011, hardcover with dustjacket, 176 pages. ISBN 978-0-857685568 [1211]

ALIAS BOB DYLAN, by Stephen Scobie, Red Deer College Press 1991, 192 pages

ALIAS BOB DYLAN REVISITED, by Stephen Scobie, Red Deer College Press 2002, 256 pages

ALL ACROSS THE TELEGRAPH -A BOB DYLAN HANDBOOK, by Michael Gray and John Bauldie, Sidgwick and Jackson 1987, 290 pages, hardback

 same, Futura 1988, UK

"ALL BECAUSE HIS FACE WAS BROWN..." -ASPECTS OF RACISM IN BOB DYLAN'S EARLY LYRICS, by Tobias Gabel, Scholary Paper, Grin Verlag 2005, Munich; stapled, 14 pages [0709]

same, alternate cover.[0217]

  ALL THE SONGS (BOB DYLAN) -THE STORY BEHIND EVERY TRACK, by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon, Black Dog & Leventhal Oct 2015, 704 pages. [0515]

same,  pre-publication cover (digital picture only, no real existence). [1015]

ALL THE WAY DOWN TO ITALY -BOB DYLAN IN ITALY 1963-1991, by Paolo Vites, Rolling Thunder Production, Italy 1992, 65 pages. Rolling Thunder is the name of an Italian fanzine.

ALL THE WAY DOWN TO ITALY -BOB DYLAN IN ITALY 1963-1992, by Paolo Vites, Rolling Thunder Production, Italy, 2nd edition, 1993.

 ALL THESE PEOPLE -100 CHARACTERS WHO INSPIRED BOB DYLAN TO CREATE HIS COLORFUL SONGS, by Jan Joos & Ivan Brackin, Boekscout 2012, 321 pages, paperback [0412]

 AMBIGUITY AND INTERTEXTUALITY IN BOB DYLAN'S 'LIKE A ROLLING STONE', by Felix Kästner, Grin Verlag 2015, 10 pages. [0116]

 *AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC, Stern Edition 1989, West Germany, 108 pages. This book (around 40 pages about Bob Dylan) was included in the first 1000 copies of a 5 Lp boxed set, called 'American Folk Music'. One of the Lps of the set was The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. [1215]

 AMERICAN POPULAR MUSIC -FOLK, by Richard Carlin, Checkmark Books 2007, 286 pages [0212]

*AND A VOICE TO SING WITH -HER OWN STORY, by Joan Baez, Arrow Books 1989, 497 pages, softcover. ISBN 0-09-960600-3 [0417]

*AND A VOICE TO SING WITH -A MEMOIR, by Joan Baez, Summit Books 1989, 378 pages, hardcover. ISBN-10: 0671400622,  ISBN-13: 9780671400620

*AND A VOICE TO SING WITH, -A MEMOIR, by Joan Baez, Simon & Schuster 2009, 400 pages. ISBN-10 1439169640, ISBN-13: 978-1439169643 [0417]

AND FORGET MY NAME -A SPECULATIVE BIOGRAPHY OF BOB DYLAN, by Stephen Scobie, Ekstasis Editions 1999, 78 pages

ANDY WARHOL'S "SUPERSTAR" EDIE SEGDWICK, THE TRUE HEROINE OF BOB DYLAN'S "BLONDE ON BLONDE"?, by Margarete Suppes. GRIN Verlag, Germany 2015; 16 pages, softcover. ISBN 978-3-656-984511. [0217]

 ANOTHER SIDE OF BOB DYLAN -A PERSONAL HISTORY ON THE ROAD AND OFF THE TRACKS, by Victor Maymudes, co-written and edited by Jacob Maymudes, St. Martin's Press 9 Sep 2014, 288 pages. ISBN 978-1-250-05530-9 [0314]

 same, St. Martin's Press, December 2014, 288 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-250-07377-8. [0517]

same,  'Advanced Reading Copy' (printed on front cover) in paperback format, 2014, 288 pages. Colour photograph insert not included. [0115]

 ANSWER IS BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (THE) -A BOB DYLAN LYRIC QUIZ, by John Fabian, FotoFabini 2008, softcover, 100 pages


same, Penguin Books  2002, 562 pages

 AROUND THE WORLD -BOB DYLAN'S 2008 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Two Riders 2009, 56 pages [0709]

 AS REVIEWED BY BOB DYLAN -YONDER COMES SIN, by Dr. A.T. Bradford, Templehouse-Publishing 2015, London. 590 pages, softcover. This book was already published in 2011 under the title OUT OF THE DARK WOODS -DYLAN, DEPRESSION AND FAITH.  [0216]

AS THE ISLAND SLOWLY SANK -BOB DYLAN & THE ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVALS,  by Derek Barker, Isis 2014, 80 pages. [0314]

ASTROLOGY AND NUMEROLOGY, by Geoffrey Saxby, Desolation Row Promotions 1997, 64 pages.