Portuguese is a Western Romance language originating in the Iberian Peninsula. It is the sole official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, and São Tomé and Príncipe. It also has co-official language status in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau in China.
  With approximately 215 to 220 million native speakers and 250 million total speakers, Portuguese is usually listed as the sixth most natively spoken language in the world, the third-most spoken European language in the world in terms of native speakers, and the most spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere.


 a balada de bob dylan un retrato musical BALADA DE BOB DYLAN (A) -UN RETRATO MUSICAL, by Daniel Mark Epstein, Brazil, Zahar 2011, 513 pages.

bob Dylan jesus ordovas Livraria Paisagem 1973 book in Portuguese BOB DYLAN, by Jesús Ordovas, Livraria Paisagem 1973, Porto, Portugal. paperback,194 pages. Portuguese version of book originally published in Spanish.

bob dylan compiled by Helena Nunes, Ponto-M 2016 book in Portuguese BOB DYLAN, compiled by Helena Nunes, Ponto-M 2016, 72 pages, hardcover. Each page has a quote from a Bob Dylan song (in Portuguese). ISBN 978-989-764-252-4

bob dylan discografia ilustrada cardoso book in Portuguese BOB DYLAN -DISCOGRAFIA ILUSTRADA, by JJ Cardoso, 1984 Brazil, 60 pages, A4 photocopy proof publication. 

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ravacoes commentadas & discografia completa hinton brian arousse Dylan book in Portuguese BOB DYLAN -GRAVAÇÕES COMENTADAS & DISCOGRAFIA COMPLETA by Brian Hinton, Larousse 2009, Brazil, 512 pages

bob Dylan por ele mismo book in Portuguese BOB DYLAN POR ELE MESMO, by Marcelo Fróes, Brazil. Editoria Martin Claret 1994, São Paulo, paperback, 176 pages.

bob dylan o genio da musica book in Portuguese BOB DYLAN-REVISTA ESPECIAL -O GÊNIO DA MÚSICA -FOTOS LINDAS, Edições Otlos 2009 (?), Brazil, 20 pages of photos on glossy paper. ISBN 1254563569854

bob dylan versoes brasileiras book in Portuguese BOB DYLAN: VERSÕES BRASILEIRAS DE 1968 A 2008 -COMO OS COMPOSITORES BRASILEIROS INTERPRETARAM UMA DAS MAIORES REFERÊNCIAS PARA A CANÇÃO CONTEMPORÂNEA, by Demirse Ruffato, Novas Edições Acadêmicas, 308 pages. Analysis of the Brasilian versions of Bob Dylan songs. ISBN 978-3-330-72782-3. 

cancoes 1 1962 1973 bob dylan book in Portuguese CANÇÕES -VOLUME 1 (1962-1973) Relogio d'Agua Editores 2006, Lisbon. Paperback, 664 pages  (Lyrics).

cancoes 2 1974-2001 bob dylan book in Portuguese CANÇÕES -VOLUME 2 (1974-2001) (BOB DYLAN) Relogio d'Agua Editores 2008, Lisbon. Paperback, 753 pages  (Lyrics).

crônicas volume 1 bob dylan book in Portuguese CRÔNICAS -VOLUME UM, by Bob Dylan, translation by Lúcia Brito and Eduardo Bueno, Editora Planeta Do Brasil Ltda 2005, 323 pages, São Paulo, Brasil.

crônicas volume 1 bob dylan book in Portuguese brazil same, 2016, 323 pages. Brasil. Softcover with fold over flaps, ISBN 978-85-422-0897-9

crônicas volume 1 bob dylan ulisseia 2005 book in Portuguese CRÓNICAS -VOLUME 1, by Bob Dylan, translation by Barbara Pinto Coelho 2005, Ulisseia, Lisboa, Portugal, 217 pages.

crônicas relegio d agua bob dylan book in Portuguese same, translated by  Bárbara Pinto Coelho, Relógio D’Água Editores 2016, Portugal, 253 pages. Softcover with fold over flaps, ISBN 978-989-641-671-3

dylan music icons 2009 italian portuguese spanish crampton luke taschen 2009  DYLAN ('BOB DYLAN' on spine),by Luke Crampton, Dafydd Rees and Wellesley Marsh, Music Icons Taschen 2009, 192 pages. This is an international publication: the text is in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, so this book is also listed in these other languages on the site. Another international edition exists with a text in English, German and French, listed in these three languages on the site. There is also an edition of this book in Japanese, English, and French, but being clearly from Japan, it is only listed on the Japanese page. ISBN 978-3-8365-1127-8

Dylan a biografia howard sounes Conrad Editora do Brasil Ltda book in Portuguese DYLAN -A BIOGRAFIA, by Howard Sounes, Brazil, São Paulo, Conrad Editora do Brasil Ltda., 2002, 471 pages

100 cancoes fotos bob dylan book in Portuguese DYLAN -100 CANÇÕES E FOTOS, by Peter Doggett, Madras Editora 2010 (Brazil), 688 pages, Hardback

bob dylan a estrada revisitada book in Portuguese ESTRADA REVISITADA (A) (BOB DYLAN), Organisado por Isabel Bing, (Brazil) Iglu Editora São Paulo 1992, text in English and Portuguese, 192 pages

forever young bob dylan paul rogers book in Portuguese FOREVER YOUNG, by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Paul Rogers, translated by Estela dos Santos Abreu. Martins Editora Livraria, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2009, 40 pages, hardcover

o guia do bob dylan book in Portuguese GUIA DO BOB DYLAN (O), by Nigel Williamson, Editora Aleph Ltda 2011 (Brazil), translation by Henrique Szolnoky. Softcover, 303 pages   

letras 1961-1974 Companhia Das Letras 2017 Dylan book in Portuguese LETRAS (1961-1974), by Bob Dylan, translated by Caetano W. Galindo, Companhia Das Letras 2017, 648 pages, softcover with foldover flaps. ISBN 978-85-359-2873-0

like a rolling stone bob dylan na encruzilhada book in Portuguese LIKE A ROLLING STONE -BOB DYLAN NA ENCRUZILHADA, by Greil Marcus, Companhia Das Letras 2010, Brazil, translated by Celso Mauro Paciornik, 256 pages

a vida e a musica de bob dylan book in Portuguese NO DIRECTION HOME -A VIDA E A MÚSICA DE BOB DYLAN, by Robert Shelton (revised edition), Larousse do Brazil 2011, 768 pages, Hardcover

no vento que passa bob dylan book in Portuguese NO VENTO QUE PASSA -BOB DYLAN POEMAS 1, translation by Graça Nazaré, Portugal, Collecçao Rock On 9, Fora do Texto Centelha 1993, Coimbra, 96 pages. Also published as 'POEMAS 1' (see below).

o homem deu nome a todos o bichos Dylan book in Portuguese O HOMEM DEU NOME A TODOS OS BICHOS, (Man Gave Names To All The Animals), by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Jim Arnosky, translation by Ivan Justen Santana. Editora Nossa Cultura Ltda 2012, 32 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. This books comes with a CD of the original version of the song by Bob Dylan.

poemas 1 bob dylan book in Portuguese POEMAS 1 (BOB DYLAN), Centelha 1985, later published as NO VENTO QUE PASSA (see above).

poesia e politica nas cancoes de bob dylan e chico buarque 1993 book in Portuguese *POESIA E POLÍTICA NAS CANÇÕES DE BOB DYLAN E CHICO BUARQUE, by Ligia Vieira Cesar, Brazil, Universidade Federal De São Carlos 1993, paperback, 136 pages

poesia e politica nas cancoes de bob dylan e chico buarque 2007 book in Portuguese same, Novera 2007, São Paulo, Brasil, softcover, 207 pages

tarântula bob dylan book in Portuguese TARÂNTULA, by Bob Dylan, Brazil, Editora Brasiliense 1971

tarântula bob dylan book in Portuguese 2007 same, Portugal, translation by Vasco Gato, Quasi Edições 2007, Vila Nova de Famalicão, 147 pages, paperback.

tarântula bob dylan book in Portuguese 2016 same, Portugal, translation by Vasco Gato, Relogio d'Agua 2016, 120 pages. ISBN 9789896416720.

tarântula bob dylan book in Portuguese 2017 same, Portugal, translation by Rogério W. Galindo, TusQuets Editores 2017, 136 pages. Softcover with foldover flaps. ISBN 978-85-422-0936-5